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Manufacturers of the Highest Grade
of Reed Organ.

TAYLOR'S MUSIC HOUSE of Springfield, Mass., handle T H E idea of a Protective Union for music traders is
the Steinway, Weber, Kroeger, and Haines pianos. This THE gaining, ground in London, England, where several
house has made great progress since its foundation four prominent manufacturers and dealers have suggested
years ago. Each music teacher in Springfield and the
neighborhood received from this popular firm a hand-
some New Year's gift in the shape of a leather music
Sterling Company, the desirability of forminga Music Trades Section of the
London Chamber of Commerce. The London Music
Trades Review, following the lead of the New York
Music TRADE REVIEW (the latter journal having been
the first to advocate a protective organization of the
WFIEN Mr. Dippel, formerly of the action-making
music trades), points out some of the advantages likely
firm of Dippel, Wheeler & Schmidt, entered the factory
to result from the putting of the idea into practice.
of-Wessell, Nickel & Gross as a journeyman, he was
considerably startled on seeing his former partners MR. GEORGE W. BEARDSLEY, for many years a lead-
Wheeler and Schmidt working in similar capacities at ing piano dealer in '* The Hub," has recently taken into
the next benches to his. This is a forcible illustration partnership Mr. Charles P. Cummings. Beardsley &
of the advantage of having a practical trade in one's Cummings occupy a handsome store at 158 Tremont
fingers. That these three gentlemen should manfully street, Boston. They handle the S. G. Chickering &
take up the tools after an unfortunate business exper- Co., Bluthner and the Kroeger pianos.
ience is highly creditable to them. REFERRING to a " horsev " item of news, Presto quotes
an old distich as follows :
MR. GEORGE F. HEDGE, who represents the Knabe
" The rich, the rich may ride in chaises,
pianos in Buffalo, sold twenty of the celebrated Balti-
But the poor, the poor must walk, be ."
more instruments between Dec. 20th and January n t h
The more generally accepted version, we are told,
and certainly the better rhyme, is :
T H E removal of John F. Stratton & Son from "Those who are rich can ride in chaises,
Maiden Lane to No. 43 Walker street is announced. Those who are poor may walk to blazes."
But, cheer up, thou poverty-stricken one! Regard
T H E agency of Steinway & Son's pianos in Spring- FACTORY: not the utterances of the short-visioned and misan-
field, Mas.. has been transferred from C. N. Stimpson thropic, but consider the possibilities as expressed he-
& Co. to Taylor's Music House. low :
New York Wareroom: 103 EAST 14th STREET. Sometimes the wealthy swiftly ride to blazes,
AN infant pianist. 5 years old, who plays Chopin
Chicago Wareroom:-179-181 WABASH AVENUE. And plodding, honest men buy up their chaises
wonderfully, and is named Raoul Koczalski, has ap-
peared in St. Petersburg. It is admitted by all that no piano evtr put upon Of human life two not uncommon phases.
the market has met with such success as THE Or, as that merry old bachelor and antiquarian Francis
A YOUNC piano tuner in Allegheny, Pa., has perfected STERLING, and thousands will testify 1o thHr supeii-
a system by which he has obtained some remarkable
ority of workmanship and durability. Why? Be- Compton Price was accustomed to say:
cause they are made just as perfect as a pi no can be ' Then think cf this maxim, and cast off all sorrow;
results. When working against time he has tuned made. The wretch of to-day may be happy to-morrow."
throughout a 7 1-3 octave three-string, upright piano of THE STERLING ORGAN has always taken the lead, Not unly " may," but must, if he adopts the policv of
a well known make in thirty-three minutes, the work and the improvements made this year puts its far T H E MUSIC TRADE REVIEW, and. given a fairfieldand
ahead of all others ^^~Send for Catalogue. no favor, manfully and discreetly exercises his powers
including a smooth, even temperature and correct oc-
tavesand unisons. Those persons who are accustomed in in the cause of truth and justice.
their homes to the endurance of a more prolonged ex- S. D SMITH, President. DECKER & SON'S piano is exclusively used at the
perience in the visits of the piano tuner would joyfu.ly H. W. SMITH, Vice-President. Springfield (111.) Conservatory of Music, one of the
welcome a similar celerity on the part of that useful but E. W. SMITH, Treasurer. most recently founded and most promising institutions
not over agreeable person. of its kind in the West. Principal Albert Gordon and
BOSTON, MASS. LOS DON, ENG. his talented and experienced staff speak in high terms
"WHISTLING J U G S " have recently been found in the
KANSAS CITY, MO. of this brilliant instrument.
ancient burial-places of Peru. Many of the whistles in
the mouths of these jugs produce sounds representing T H E Commercial Union, published in Chicago, 111.,
the notes of birds and animals. It is possible that the is an organ of much value to all who are interested in
saying " Wet his whistle" may have originated with I) advertising matters. Its utterances are marked by
the use of these quaint Peruvian vessels. good, sound sense, and have an honest, healthy ring,
MR. JOHN H. STECKER, proprietor of the West Side BEHNING & SON'S retail sales of last week outnum-
Music Store, Milwaukee, has been appointed agent for bered those of any preceeding week during many years.
the Decker & Son piano for that city and vicinity. ORGAN & PIANO Go, On Sunday evening last Mr. Henry Behning, Sr., left on
the vestibule train for Kansas City, where he will re-
W M . HEINEKAMP, SR., has decamped from the Balti- BOSTON. MASS. main until about March ist. The good name acquired
more house of Wm. Heinekamp & Son.
by the Behning piano in the great Western city augurs
A DEPARTMENT of piano case manufacture has been MANUFACTURERS O F well for the success of the branch business there estab-
opened by the Furniture Company of Leominster, Mass. lished by this reliable and in every way excellent firm.
GOVERNOR H I L I . has pardoned J. H. W. Cadby, for-
merly in the piano and organ business in Hudson, N.
Y., who two years ago was convicted of forgery and
sentenced to three years' imprisonment.
T H E new Tompkins avenue Congregational Chuich,
Brooklyn, N.Y., has an organ which cost $8,200
Pianos ail O n .
BEHR BROS.' Philadelphia branch, under the able
management of Mr. Fleming, has increased in business
and influence to a very satisfactory degree within the
past year.
AMONG the very numerous houses who report a sat-
isfactory trade for the year 1888 are the Waterloo
Organ Co. of Waterloo, N. Y. Their business records
SYDNEY, Australia, is soon to have the largest organ
CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED. for the past twelve months show an increase of twenty
in the world. It will cost $75,000.
per cent, over their operations for 1887. This firm will
SOME Washington ladies are anxious to learn the shortly bring out some new styles of organs in which
" Koto," or Japanese piano. The wife of the Japanese
Minister is the possessor of one of these instruments,
on which she is said to be a very clever performer.
THE SMITH AMERICAN the trade will be greatly interested.
W E have received the official report of the third an-
nual meeting of the Kansas State Music Teacher's As-
A CERTAIN piano tuner remarks that pianos frequently ORGAN & PIANO CO., sociation, which contains several valuable essays. Min-
deteriorate because they are allowed to become too dry. utes of the first and second annual meetings are incor-
Excessive dryness will also deteriorate the piano tuner. BOSTON, porated in the volume.


Hallet & Davis Pianos Indorsed by Liszt, Gottschalk,. Wehli, Bendel Straus, Soro Abt
Paulus, Titens, Hellbron and Germany's Greatest Masters.

Established Over Halt a Century. BOSTON, MASS.