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CSR PARTNERSHIP IN Making Art Bankable

I. Summary of the Case

The Center for Social Responsibility for Human Development

(CSRHD) of De La Salle Professional Schools (DLSPS) led by their
Director Mabel Gaite and her Dean Philip Juico was one of the
groups who received the information for competition funded by
World Bank and other development agencies. In this sense the, CSR
had boost their passion to help and absorb the aim of the DLSPS
and that is to help a group of talented but struggling artists in their
hometown. The Panibagong Paraan 2006 was a competition for
indigenous people, women, men or youth in advantaged situations,
the elderly, children, people living with HIV/aids, commercial-sex
workers, farmers and fisherfolk. From the said competition, It is
quite discouraging to the part of the artists because they are less
priority. Aside from being apart from the said competition, the
struggling artists have lot of burdens and one of the most difficult
challenges the artists face is making a living said by Manuel Gaite,
a husband of Mabel Gaite. There are lot of Hardship in terms of
financial status of the artist especially when it comes to their
passion as an artist. Their mind setting about artist is just as it is
without thinking the other way as business person. They know
about the separation of work or division of labor which end to idea
of artist is the one paint and the business person is the one who
sell the paintings and that is the aim of the DLSPS to stray that
idea and help the artist through Culture Cooperative for Rural
Artists and have the concept of culture cooperative stresses the
importance of artists helping other artists in collectively creative yet
disciplined way, generating cash and art savings as part of capital
information and making artistic work and cultural contributions
bankable and sustainable. By being economically secure, artists
could take on a more credible role in sociocultural conscientization.
It has a crucial part for the DLSPS to maintain the advocacy of
helping the artists in terms consistency of the resources, long-term
sustainability and stability of the group when it comes to
regeneration of fund that may be used for improving and
conservation of the group. In addition, the DLSPS will make
different strategy on how to make AGOS accessible in the
community and all people who inspired to continue their legacy and
have passion in the field of arts which in the long run might
encourage the future to dream more and expand their horizon not
just an artist-business person but beyond their expectation that
may remove the financial crisis and increase the value more than
the cost of arts.


How will DLSPS maintain the good partnership with AGOS despite
of the lack of business cognizance of the artists? What are the
proposal projects and strategies that may help the AGOS to boost
their art passion and make their output bankable and sustainable?


To give the importance of leadership, dedication and passion

to help;
To uplift the idea of artist only into artist-business person;
To make a standard in financial discipline and
To secure every member with sustainable and bankable


To expand the horizon of artist as a helpful agent in the

community, our mission is to continually develop the AGOS and
have a credible role in sociocultural conscientization to more
emphasize the value of artist and its arts than cost.


To be the worlds best school of inspiration and known for

sustainable humble artists.
A. External Environment Analysis (PESTLE Analysis)

Political Factors

The De La Salle Professional Schools has something to do with

artists especially in the group of AGOS. They are the one who help
the artist from AGOS to join the competition the Panibagong Paraan
2006 which the list is favorable to indigenous people, women, men
or youth in disadvantaged situations, the elderly, children, the
disabled, people living with HIV/AIDS, commercial-sex, workers,
farmers and fisher folk. There is a greater impact in the side of the
artist which in the first place they should be one of the lists not
only because theyre good in arts but this is their area of expertise
that may express their potentials and know who they are in the field
of ARTS. Aside from this discernment, the budget loan for artists
given by world bank is just minimal which is not suited to
abdominal pain experienced by artists and their family. It is quite
questionable to the part of artists to have a minimal budget which
is not relevant to the struggling artists who are aiming for high-
class master piece that may use as pride of the country and may
bring legacy to the society.

Economic Factors

The economic status of the country is driven the life of every

artist which really affect their financial status. Some artists deal
their life in small amount of paintings which led dangerous end
which the living is unregenerate, abused and insufficient. The
patronizing of artwork industry is lessening which most artist have
a perilous situation in terms of business field compare to other
industry. The artist doesnt know how to compete and levelling their
artworks as business and have way to success. They just paint it
and allow someone to put in a gallery and wait for the buyer. It is
quite embarrassing to the artists to wait for a living. It is hand to
mouth situation that when a buyer bought an artwork that is the
time they can feed and earn for a living.

Social Factors

The DLSPS is encountering the life of the artists wherein the

situation is not congruent to the artworks they painted. They are in
the stage of hand to mouth and low chance of living to the point
that they dont have any source to support in medication and food
which end to low commercial value of the paint and have cheap
price of the price less mater piece. This is the death-defying
situation of artist in terms of meeting the social needs of the
community. The social trend in the community is not favorable to
the artworks because only DLSPS who gave support to the AGOS
which mean the artworks in the community are not yet introduce
with enough identity as other famous industry. It entails the low
demands of art industry and the extreme status of artworks in
terms of marketing system.
Technological Factors

The Status of DLSPS in finding way to innovate the art is quite

challenging in terms of matching the needs of our partner
communities with strengths, interests and availability of the
volunteers. It is necessary to have strategy to make the art
successful not just faith-based perspective with workplace but with
community that observed sound business management practices in
light of ones stewardship role. Through the DLSPS, the Center for
Social Responsibility for Human Development try to involve all the
volunteers just to have more chances of improvements. But it takes
lot of strategy to fulfill all the requirements needed by the workers
and a sustainable income for the assurance of the workers. In the
end, the CSRHD encompasses all encounters and efforts to pursue
their aim and gain more experience on how to improve the small
community of art into most one.

Legal or Regulatory Factors

The DLSPS is trying to fit all the needs of the AGOS but there
is a rule for them to improve personally. The members of AGOS are
the authorized to claim the privileges and not for all individual.
Even the artist is good in painting as long as he is not a member of
AGOS he cannot avail the said privileges. Aside from the inside rule,
there is a rule that the prior to join the Panibagong Paraan 2006 are
only on the list. It is not jive to the aim of DLSPS which hard for
them to advocate the value of the art in the community. In this
sense, the AGOS artists have hindrance to their aim and motivation
to pursue their way for a living to point that their status would be
extreme as worst one.

Environmental Factors

The trend of society really depends of what environment you

have. In the art situation, it is uneasy among the artist to have a
famous gallery because the artworks depend on the society or
environment that deals with it. When the environment focuses in
the art gallery this is the only time you can sell and have a worth
living but if it is in the low demand it entails with hand to mouth
situation which ends to distressed artist. In addition, the artist is
separated into different group. Some of them are in the field of
AGOS, others are choosing to be solo and the rest are par time. It is
not healthy to a group to have separated members which in the
long run may not be produced harmonious one but isolated one.
B. Immediate environment Analysis (Porters Five Forces Model)

Figure 1 Porters Five Forces Model

Power of suppliers (moderate)

The artists are eager to give the best master piece. The more
commercial of artworks produce, and the more artists need for job,
the more potential the artists are because it encompasses the
market of efforts. The DLSPS is willing to give their hand to help
AGOS in improving the artists in their master piece and have
artworks with sustainability that may help from financial difficulties
and continue the aim of DLSPS and CSRHD in terms of empowering
the artist into workable one.
Power of Buyers (Strong)

It is a goal of DLSPS to help the AGOS to meet their needs.

But it is quite challenging on the part of artist to have a master
piece that may please the buyer. Its really hard to get the attention
of the buyer in terms of paintings and other images. It takes effort
and place to catch the attention of the buyer. That is why the
DLSPS try to improve the AGOS into a productive and more
advance in the field of ARTS not because they want to be known but
to help the artist to be artist-business person which in the long run
could align the ART industry as one of the best marketing products
and be a sustainable income for the artist.

Substitute Product (Strong)

It is helpful for the artist to have substitute in making a living.

It might be commercial art, streamer making, t-shirt designing, and
photography. It has a greater impact to the costumer to a variety of
substitute products that may use to improve the horizon of the
artist and not depend on the four corner of traditions. The
importance of the substitute on the artists masterpiece is to level
up his idea on the things that may expand to the best that he can
do for the ART industry.
Threat of New Entrants (moderate)

The Artist should stick on the things that he possessed and

must not affected to the other artist. Instead, the former artist like
AGOS must create more unique and one-of-a-kind masterpiece that
may increase the precepts of the buyer in the field of ART. Usually
the newly comers has something to do with former artist in terms of
business. The buyers always look for a new and cheapest one but it
is not a universal standard. The buyer is still focusing to the quality
that may portray by former one wherein all the buyer may
assimilate the newly one to the former one through comparison that
may end to the best one.

Rivalry of Competition

The conflict between the artists is their passion and motives

on business. It is quite alarming in the part of former one to
compete to the new one because it creates comparison that may
lead to buzzes and filth competition. Some of them will create
debauched images and will bring the competitors into unsafe ends
to the point that every artist may not stand because of muckiness.
That is why the DLSPS help the AGOS to know the direction of their
masterpiece and that is to be sustainable art workers without
wicked motives to the rest artists.
C. Internal Environment Analysis

Unique masterpiece Preserve the good
Legacy Trustworthy buyers
High standard output Chance to inspire people

Fairly original in market Trends
Deficiency of Period of CO-competitors
perfections multiplication
It will be common Buyers standard
among other artists

Figure 2 SWOT Analysis


Strength Opportunity Strategy

Long-term sustainability is the goal of DLSPS for AGOS

artists. In this sense, the DLSPS try to involve volunteers especially
in the field of ART which is crucial to maintain the improvement of
the artist and have a cognizance particular to the business that
may be used for sustaining their art even they are in the field of
ARTS. The DLSPS helps the not just an artist but an artist-business
minded person. It is key to sustain the needs and stray the common
situation of the artist and their family and to cope up from
unchanging trends. By helping the artist to be the best that he can
be, is a way to know that art and business can combine and form a
sustainable income and have chance to align to global industry that
may use for implementation of trends and support for the beginner
in ARTS.

Strength Threat Strategy

Changes is inevitable. Through the help of DLSPS, the

CSRHD partner with AGOS for improving the quality of arts and
use it as way of living with sustainability. The school already know
the situation of former artists where in majority of the art members
have a hand to mouth condition which lead to unsafe end. That is
why the school use the ART to be the source of income by
upgrading it into a progressive one. Art can be a business when you
deal the masterpiece into extravagant one and align this art from
famous products that may see by buyer with high class and
intense design. Art is just an art but if you see it with potential you
may think the best for it. DLSPS sees the AGOS as channel of
blessing to the artist because it opens their door to those volunteers
want to expand their horizon and not just an artist with sustainably
income but a steward of credible role in the society.
Weakness Opportunity Strategy

The DLSPS has passion to help the AGOS through the

CSRHD. It is quite challenging in the part of the school but through
the involvement of the volunteer and artists the AGOS may improve
into a better and sustainable group. Involvement of the artists may
lead the group to be accessible in getting their aim as productive

Weakness Threat Strategy

Partnering with the group of AGOS has significance in terms of

improving the community particular among the artist. It is not very
common to the school to help other group because we all know
school needs stakeholders to improve but here the school tries to
help the other group which in the long run may help not only the
community but the school as well.

II. Develop Alternate Courses of Actions

ACA 1: Encourage the artist to be more unique and have originality

Pros Cons
The Members make their arts Not all members will participate
with authenticity and provide because some of them has genre
more efforts just to show who that may not change unless
they are in the field of ARTS they want to upgrade it.
ACA 2: Make a Facebook or other social media. It helps the artists
to spread their passion.

Pros Cons
The social Media like Facebook The Social media may not be a
will help the artist to serious channel for art because
disseminate the info and be it may filth and change the
accessible in their art business authenticity and have a copy
and have easeful way for through printing and scanning.
volunteerism. It will be a subject for products

ACA 3: Invite more volunteers and sponsorship to enlarge the


Pros Cons
The group will increase in The group with many
numbers and have chance to volunteers and sponsorship
integrate more ideas and more may end to the so-called
person encountered that may crowded members with no
use for ideal artworks. enough monitoring and less
quality of artworks.
Simple operation 25% 23% 24% 25%
Saved value 30% 27% 26% 27%
Change and 25% 24% 21% 22%
Progress in the 20% 18% 19% 15%
next generation
TOTAL 100% 92% 90% 89%

Figure 3 Decision Criteria

III. Decision Criteria

The table represents the percentage of the every decision and

come up to with accurate strategy and ACA for the improvement to
get the aims. The Simple operation, Saved value, change and
improvement, progress in the next generation would absolutely
suitable in the decision criteria that are based in the alternative
courses of action and the aims. In our standpoint, ACA 1 has the
number of most appropriate action to support the group in the close
future. However, the remaining of the ACAs may confidently
support them.
IV. Recommendation

Through art business, it is seemingly challenge among the

artist. It is quite questionable but believable in terms of marketing
and putting in the business industry. As an artist you should not
stick on the idea of one direction but have an idea that open your
horizon and expand to the best that you can be. Even its
impossible but if you try and put all the artworks and output into
business with good motives eventually you will receive the fruit of
your perspiration. One thing may experience in breaking the old
one and that is innovation. Innovation in the sense that you will use
your resources and improve it to a better one which in the long run
could help you to have a credible role in the society with
sustainability with arts and masterpiece that have entrusted to you.

Inspire people through your artworks and make them as your

protge in dealing with hope and encouragement about the
innovation and good motives about the goodness of life and be part
of their progress before you pass and leave your legacy.

V. Gantt Chart

Activities Year 1 YEAR 2

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
1.Improve a Converse
approach. Have trainings
for improved commercial
statement administration
2. Have a freedom of
communication in line
with the precepts.
3. Inform the volunteers
and have systematic
4. make social media like
Facebook to inform the
new volunteers and the old
5. Encourage more
6. Create finest bond of
every volunteers
7. Assess the Businesss

Figure 4. Gantt Chart