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How to use QWAYA

a simple way

What is QWAYA?
A self service Facebook
advertising tools for
Marketers,Agencies and e-
commerce companies
Please refer to its features 4
And more 5
Qwaya offers 3 pricing plans but you 6

can start free and upgrade later

It works to different browsers
Type Qwaya.com to your search bar
This will appear 9
Click this 10
You will directed here Sign Up to 11

start a free trial


Fill the necessary


Type your name


Your last
name here

Your preferred
email address

Create a strong

Re type your

Provide a
name here

Type your
company website

Specify your
country here

Your phone

Your current

Click here to
create an

Once your
done click on
A pop up may show this 25
Check your email sent by Qwaya 26

and get the code to paste here

And click this to activate account 27

Then you will be ask

to connect your
facebook account
Click thisConnect Facebook 29

Click on continue 30
And click OK 31
Finally your Qwaya ads dashboard 32
Here you will be able to see the added account on 33
the left side and facebook users on the right side
If you want to Add more Accounts 34

click here

Or you can also do that in settings

Come up to Facebook connection 36
You will be able to see your connected 37
facebook accounts/Pages/Apps & Users
You can do add or remove 38

facebook accounts here

Or Reconnect accounts 39
In Qwaya you can invite 40

colleagues and friends to work with

In settings click on Qwaya users 41
Here you will be able to see all facebook users 42
and you may Add/Remove accounts
To add new user just type their name and 43
email and click add user

In order to get google

analytics data into Qwaya
On your Dashboard click this 45
and you will be ask to connect 46

your google account here

Provide your google account password
Then click allow
You can do that too in settings 49

select google analytics

This will appear 50
Here you will be able to see the 51

connected account

To get started working in Qwaya

,on top left corner click on Qwaya icon 53
to go back on your dashboard
Select accounts that you want to 54

be able to work with

You will be directed to Ad account overview 55
On top of navigation bar you will be able to see
create ad/target/and publishtasks 56
Click here to create Ads 57
Here on the left side bar you have 58

Pages and custom destination

Choose a pages you want to create ads 59
On the left side bar you will be able 60

to see different types of Ads format

Choose a format you want to use 61

in my case I select link ad format

It will bring you here 62
Select your objective for this ads 63
Type the display link here 64
For the call to action click on the 65

arrow down
Select your Call to Action 66
Click on the + sign button and 67

type the link of your site

Type the post you want to the ads 68

campaign here
Type your catchy Headline text here 69
Here you can type the description 70

of your adsscroll down

You may Add images here 71
This will appear click here to choose files
You may select an image from your 73

computer then click open

Select placement here 74
Click on save as for a template 75
Or click here to create 76
It should be look like this from top 77
To the bottom of this field 78
Click this create 79
Then a preview will show this 80
Here you may see the placement button such 81
as right column/desktop feed/mobile
Hover over the mouse to see mobile preview 82
same with desktop if you want
You may click on here to set the 83

target audiences
This will appear here you can do 84

remove ads/add a folder

To remove ads select the items you 85

want to remove and click this

At the left corner bottom click here 86
to add this in a folder
Click on New target 87
Type target location here 88
You may split here to target the 89

specific audience
Type languages here 90
Their age range 91
You can split every__?th of the year 92
Select their gender 93
And split on 94
Include people who match any of 95
the following here
Connect with your audience here 96
Customize audience here 97
You can choose Save as for template98
Or click use 99
Click here to generate the ads 100
And it will bring you here 101

You may type the

company name

To place this in a
folder click here
A pop up will show this you may 104

type the folder name here


Then click ok

Type the campaign


Click here when to

start the ads

Select date and time


Click this for the end

date of the ads

Provide budget of
this ads

This ads optimize for

Page likes

and Pay for impression


Maximum bid

Click here for tracking


Google analytics may track

the ads performance

Click on custom to
add key and value

Click here to
generate ads
If you are happy to your ads campaign118
click here to publish on facebook
A pop up may show this just click ok 119
In Publish queue you will be able to see your 120
campaign ads and you can do remove ads too
In a check box select the ads you want to 121
remove and click here

Lets proceed to My Campaign task bar

Click here 123
On the left side bar click one of the 124
campaign folder
Select the ads above and the bottom 125
tool bar will show this
In basic statistics you can compare different 126
metrics and performance with graphical report
You may edit Name/Time/budget 127

here and click update

You can copy and edit your specific 128
target audience with Targeting
If you have any changes for 129

bidding just select update

In Scheduling you can change the specific time 130
period on specific days to run ads campaign
and click save for any changes made
Here in Ad set rules you may automatically 131
pause your ads based on predefined rules
and saved
Same in ad set rules you can do edit 132

your campaign in Ad rules

You can automatically rotate your multiple ads to
different days with Ad Rotation to combat ad fatique
and develop good impression to audience.
If you want to have a copy for 134

reports you may download it here

To log out this account click settings 135
And select log out 136
NO one lives long enough to learn everything they 137
need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful
we absolutely positively have to find people who
have already paid the price to learn the things that
we need to achieve our goals.

-Brian Tracy
Thank you! 138

This presentation is created by

Janice Jorquin
A Filipino Virtual Assistant