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Crochet Candy Cottage Gingerbread House Tutorial Part 3

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Carolyn 26.11.2015

Happy Thanksgiving! Today we are ready for the third and final installment of the crochet Candy Cottage
Gingerbread House. It’s time to add the decorations—door with heart, candy stick doorposts, gumdrops and icicles.
I went pretty simple with this gingerbread house. My others, Gingerbread Cottage for example, are festooned with
lots of candies, peppermints, candy canes and more. I decided this time to go with a simple tan, pink and white
confection. OK so let’s go!

By Carolyn Christmas


Gauge: 4” x 4 rows sc = 1” Crochet terminology: This pattern is written in American terminology.Notes Finished house size: 9” tall x 10” wide x 8” deep Yarn: I used I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby in toasted almond. November 23: Part 2: Crocheting and affixing the gingerbread parts Thursday. pink. November 26: Part 3: This post—frosting and candy decorations [clickToTweet tweet=”Crochet Candy Cottage Gingerbread House tutorial part 3 (final) is live on Pink Mambo right now!” quote=”Crochet Candy Cottage Gingerbread House tutorial part 3 (final installment) is live on Pink Mambo 2/7 . Special Stitches How to crochet 2 sc together: Pull up a loop in each of next 2 sc. Posting schedule Thursday November 19: Part 1: Gathering materials and making the chipboard support structure Monday. soft pink and white. yo and pull through all 3 lps on hook.

sl st together forming roof peak center. following this pattern for 11 icicles: #4 medium #5 short #6 medium #7 short #8 long #9 medium #10 short #11 medium Do not fasten off or turn. do not turn. Add the following: #12 short #13 long Work row of sc across top edge as before. (6 sc) Icicle #2 (short length): Ch 5. Front and back icicle strips (make 2) Begin and make same as roof peak piece.right now!”] Instructions Icicles Side icicle strip (make 2) Icicle #1 (medium length): With white. Piece will curl and twist. Fasten off. long. Roof peak icicle strip (make 2) Begin and work 11 icicles same as side icicles. Work a row of sc evenly across top edge of icicles. sc in second ch from hook and in each ch across. medium. continuing pattern of (medium. (8 sc) Continue to make icicles in this manner. Work sc row across top as before. short. and working through back lps only of both thicknesses. (4 sc) Icicle #3 (long length): Ch 9. sc in second ch from hook and in each ch across. do not turn. ch 7. do not turn. Door 3/7 . Joining two roof peak strips together Holding sc rows wrong sides together. don’t worry about this. sc in second ch from hook and in each ch across. short) across until you have 25 icicles.

remove hook from lp. 4 dc in fourth ch from hook. Fasten off leaving 4” tail. ch 5. sc in second ch form hook and in each ch across. Border row Join soft pink at bottom right corner of door. Gumdrops (make 14 pink and 12 light pink) Ch 4. skip first sc.Row 1: With light pink. sc last 2 sc together. sc in end of each row and in each sc across. Trim so that ends recede inside gumdrop. Bring yarn tails to inside of gumdrop and out top. across top and down remaining side to left bottom corner. Doorjamb and corner candy sticks Chains (make 5 pink and 5 white) Ch 20. ch 1. join with sl st in first sc. 8 sc in ring. sc. Repeat for remaining pair. sc in next sc. (13. insert hook in top of ch 4. Fasten off. 5 dc in next st. sc in next 2 sts. (8 sc) Rnd 2: Ch 1. Door frame Join with with sl st in first st in border row. Fasten off. (15) Rows 2-10: Ch 1. turn. Door post candy sticks Chains (make 2 pink and 2 light pink) Ch 12. 5 dc in next st. Assembly 4/7 . sc) in next st. 7 sc) Fasten off after last row. Fasten off. sl st in each st of border row. 9. ch 1. (sc. sc in each st across. ch 1. 11. Fasten off leaving 4” tail. ch 16. Heart for door Rnd 1: With pink. sl st in next st. (15) Rows 11-14 (decrease rows): Ch 1. turn. pull dropped lp through. Tie yarn tails together in square knot to create rounded shape. Doorknob For doorknob. join with sl st in first sc. working up side. Repeat for remaining pairs. Tie yarn tails of one pink and one light pink chain together with square knot at each end of chain. Fasten off. Tie yarn tails of one pink and one white chain together with square knot at each end of chain. turn. embroider French knot with white at doorknob position on right side of door. sc in first 2 sts. ch 1. sc in each sc across to last 2 sc. join with sl st in first ch to form ring (or make a magic ring).

run a line of glue across bottom of door. Be sure to glue remaining square knot securely. Thread tapestry needle and take yarn ends to inside crochet for a short distance. Door Glue door to center front of house with bottom edge of door even with bottom edge of house. For doorpost candy sticks. trim so yarn ends recede behind crochet. use shorter pairs of chains. apply in same manner as previous candy sticks vertically about ½-3/4” on each side of door. Press twisted candy stick into glue. apply in same manner as door jamb along each corner of the house. Twist chains to form candy stick.Note: Allow glue a moment to cool and set after each bit of gluing. For door jamb. Glue heart at center top of door. 5/7 . glue one square knot of one pair of chains securely to one bottom corner of door. Remaining candy sticks For house corner candy sticks. Let glue cool completely.

Smooth icicles down as before and glue in place one by one. glue the sc row of one side icicle strip up under overhang of roof. Then glue sides of sc row along slope under overhang. but if you want 6/7 . The way the roof slopes this stretching is necessary to get random icicle lengths on front and back of house. beginning with pink at front of roof peak.Icicles Step 1: Using hot glue gun and glue sticks. Step 3: Locate center icicle of back of house icicle strip. Glue center of sc strip in place up under point of roof. uncurl icicles so they lie flat and place a dot of glue on underside of tip of icicle. Then smooth icicles down as before and glue in place one by one on each side. Repeat across until all icicles are glued in place along side. I used a chopstick to poke this up into the corner. glue gumdrops at roof peak and between overhanging shells on front slopes of roof. One at a time. press in place. glue center of roof peak icicle strip to center of roof peak. glue one light pink gumdrop at top of each. I’ve ended my decorations here preferring to keep it rather understated as gingerbread houses go. Door posts: Glue one pink gumdrop at bottom of each door post. Gumdrops Roof peak: Alternating colors. Step 2: Stretching crochet slightly if needed. stretching strip slightly if needed. You can use a popsicle stick or something similar for this step if needed so you won’t burn your fingers. Repeat for remaining side piece. Repeat for back of house. stretching icicles as needed to make them random lengths. one side at a time. Repeat for front of house. There are 9 gumdrops on front of roof.

more decorations you can glue alternating gumdrops along roof peak. are on sale 40% off through December 10 exclusively on Ravelry and Etsy! See this post for details. And that’s it! I hope it’s been fun for you and hope you will enjoy having this as a Christmas decoration this year! Until next time! Carolyn xo PS My Gourmet Crochet Christmas patterns. add more short candy sticks and gumdrops to sides and back of house. You can even add alternating gumdrops all around bottom edge of house. 7/7 . including two of my previous gingerbread house patterns here and here. and make some kind of candy dot to go above door.