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JUNE - JULY 2017


DOC has held hearings on the revision to the Tongariro National park management Plan final decision awaited.
Destination and Value Proposition Project this project has now been successfully completed and tested with the
Destination, marketing and value proposition.
Thought Leadership Group. The Lead Team will be briefed at its August meeting. The key decisions are now about
Manawatu Gorge Cycle Trail. implementation of the report findings.
TOURISM AND Mountains to Sea Cycle Trail. Government announced $1.3 million of infrastructure funding to support tourism infrastructure in the region.
VISITOR SERVICES Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Tourism numbers for the region have been growing strongly with year on year growth (to March 2017) of 7% and otal
Local Infrastructure. spend of $951 million.
Commissionable Products and Services. Ruapehu Alpine Lifts has opened new chairlift facilities at Whakapapa

Further meetings have been held with Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP). RMPP is keen to roll out its work across regions
and is gearing up to do so. This will take it some time. In preparation the primary sector team is identifying farmer business
groups across the M/W region.
Stockwater reticulation workshops have been held across the region from 18 21 July.
MPI is supporting a programme to provide targeted extension services in the Ruapehu area to farm managers and new
farm owners and Maori incorporations. The business case has been signed-off and the programme will be run through
the Ruapehu Ag A25 group.
A farm business mentoring project is in the process of being established in conjunction with the Primary Sector Reference
Information sharing to support land use Group and CEDA.
decision making. Horizons is commencing an assessment of water resources in the region that aligns with the priority opportunities
Stock water reticulation. identified in the Accelerate25 Implementation programme.
Water availability. The Whanganui Rural Enterprise Group is focussed on opportunities around high value crops and is working through a
LAND USE range of opportunities.
OPTIMISATION High margin/low volume specialist and
innovative crops and products. RDC and its community continue to progress the Tutaenui water study.
Advancing Agritech development and

Mnuka honey - regulatory standard. Consultation on the Proposed general export requirements for bee products is currently underway by MPI.
Land suitable for use for Mnuka plants. Consultation closes on 23 May. Further information can be found at https://www.mpi.govt.nz/news-and-
resources/consultations/proposed-general-export-requirements-for-bee-products/ ..
Sustainability benefits of Mnuka planting.
A number of Regional Councils and other organisations have released The Manuka and Kanuka Plantation
MNUKA HONEY Other current Government Mnuka honey commitments. Guide. This is available via the Accelerate25 webpage http://www.horizons.govt.nz/about-our-region-and-
Regional Plan treatment of land management for Mnuka council/regional-growth.
Mnuka honey production (Link: Skills and Talent Enabler).

QUALITY CARE AND Create a Master Plan Project to develop the Master plan is now well underway. An update will be provided to the Lead Team at its
LIFESTYLE FOR OLDER Training programmes suited to Quality Care and Lifestyle for August meeting.
PEOPLE Older People

A new call centre recently opened in Palmerston North with 12 staff and plans to grow its workforce by
BUSINESS PROCESS Customer lead generation around 20 FTEs this year.
CALL CENTRES Grow talent pool There is demand for around an additional150 FTEs a year in order to keep the region competitive for new
centres as well as supplying the increasing demand form existing centres

Client exemplar The FoodHQ Board met with the Accelerate 25 Lead Team in June.
BUSINESS PROCESS Improve market penetration Recruitment of Exec director underway
FOODHQ Leadership and specialist resources New independent Food HQ Chair appointed
Refreshed strategic plan

Pilot market development programme A growers international market visit is proposed to educate local producers and build market relationships.

There are a number of opportunities that already involve iwi / Maori e.g. Tourism, Primary Sector,
Tourism (boutique) Whanganui Port and Manuka honey.
Land and Water use optimisation The Te Pae Tawhiti team has met and is working out next steps.
TE PAE TAWHITI Mnuka honey Hui with southern iwi identified key projects to be advanced and the next steps surf clams, land use
Skills, training and work experience optimisation, tuna (eels) and potentially tourism
Growing Business A25 first follow will be on will be surf clams

Mnuka honey production

Pathways for students to connect from education to Business case for roll out of work ready passport around the region completed
employment Work ready passport launched in Manawatu by Chamber of Commerce
Training programmes suited to Quality Care and Lifestyle for
Older People

The EDA team meets again in May to flesh out proposed projects.
Tourism and other start-up businesses
GROWING BUSINESS The opportunity being followed is growing 25 business across the region using the combined strengths of
Accelerated support for 25 targeted companies in the region
(ENABLER) ED staff / EDAs in the region.
Advanced farmer discussion groups

The final draft business case for the Whanganui Port redevelopment is due to be considered by the Whanganui
Whanganui River Marine Precinct and Port Area District Council in early June after which it will be presented to the Accelerate25 Lead Team.
DISTRIBUTION Revitalisation Project Workshop held re port revitalisation with senior officials Whanganui DC, Horizons, MBIE, senior government official,
AND TRANSPORT MPI and iwi. Next steps identified.
(ENABLER) Regional Ring Road
Rail Tourists Clarity provided by project team on phasing of works and potential costs.

A Request for Tender has been released for the National Rural Broadband Initiative and Mobile Black Spot Coverage
Programme. Tenders closed 3 April 2017 with the aim that contracts are in place by July 2017.
A national list of highway cellphone blackspots and tourist centre blackspots has been complied and are priorities
for the forthcoming work.
DIGITAL Broadband to rural areas. Crown Fibre Holdings (CFH) attended a meeting of regional
(ENABLER) Mobile black-spot and Broadband coverage. Tararua connected project underway Mayors and Chief Executives. CFH has invited the Councils to identify
where they can help further develop the coverage programme through additional funding, assisting with land
for towers and consenting processes. Individual Councils have been requested to respond directly to CFH. For
example the work of the Kumeroa team could be included in feedback from Tararua DC to CFH.

POULTRY MEAT Market focus and partnership. Project currently on hold until opportunity presents itself.