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The Bull Voodoo Pig

Player: Experience Unspent: 0 Date Printed: September 23, 2016
Character ID: Total Experience Earned: 0 Last Modified: September 22, 2016
Status: Active Narrator: Starting Date: September 22, 2016

Class: Monster Affinity: Nature:

Subclass: Plane: Demeanor:

Gnosis: 6 OOOOOO Rage: 8 OOOOOOOO Willpower: 10 OOOOOOOOOO

30 Physical Traits: 16 Social Traits: 26 Mental Traits:

OOOOO Brawny x5 OOOO Fearsome x4 OOOO Clever x4
OOOOOO Enduring x6 OOOO Intimidating x4 OOOO Creative x4
OOO Muscular x3 (Size) OOOO Manipulative x4 OOOO Cunning x4
OOOOO Quick x5 OOOO Threatening x4 OOOO Depraved x4
OOOO Resilient x4 (Exoskeleton) OOOOO Inhumane x5
OOO Rugged x3 (Size) OOOOO Observant x5
OOOO Tough x4 (Exoskeleton)

0 Negative Physical Traits: 0 Negative Social Traits: 0 Negative Mental Traits:

15 Backgrounds: 0 Influences:
OOOOO Destiny x5
OOOOOOOOOO Totem x10 (Relshab)

60 Abilities: Powers/Charms/Redes:
OOOOO Athletics x5 (Spec) Disciplines: Thaumaturgy: Focused Mind: Centering (basic)
OOOOO Brawl x5 (Gore) Disciplines: Thaumaturgy: Focused Mind: One-Tracked
Mind (int.)
OOOOO Dodge x5 (Sidestep) Disciplines: Thaumaturgy: Focused Mind: Dual Thought
OOOOO Intimidation x5 (Physical Threats) Disciplines: Thaumaturgy: Focused Mind: Perfect Clarity
OOOOO Lore: Garou x5 (spec) Fomori Powers: Brain Eating
OOOOO Lore: Wyrm x5 (spec) Fomori Powers: Darksight
OOOOO Occult x5 (Blood Magic) Fomori Powers: Exoskeleton
OOOOO Primal-Urge x5 (spec) Fomori Powers: Hide of the Wyrm
OOOOO Psychology x5 (Mind Games) Fomori Powers: Immunity to the Delerium
OOOOO Stealth x5 (Spec) Fomori Powers: Lashing Tail
OOOOO Subterfuge x5 (Spec) Fomori Powers: Roar of the Wyrm
OOOOO Survival x5 (Spec) Fomori Powers: Sense Gaia
Fomori Powers: Spirit Ties
Fomori Powers: Stomach Pumper
Fomori Powers: Size (+3 strength, +3 stam)
Fomori Powers: Molecular Weakening
Fomori Powers: Deception
Fomori Taints: Worms

Merit: Unpossessed
Merit: Oracular Ability
Whelp Body (Totem)
BSD Silver Reprisal

Equipment: Health Levels:

OOOOO Bruised x5
OOOOO Wounded x5
O Incapacitated
O Mortally Wounded
OOOOOO Hide of the Wyrm x6

Anyone who bites the skullpig takes one agg every turn for 6 turns, resist toxin negates

Formerol Doubles all formori powers effectiveness

Gore Deals 4 agg

Lashing Tail
4 Lethal

Stomach Pumper
Range 25 feet, physical challenge retest athletics
deals 4 lethal +1 Agg, victim must spend 2 willpower to keep from retching for 2 full actions, 6 blast limit

Molecular Weakeing
After successfully hitting somone spend one willpower and make a mental challenge retest medicine contested. If successful damage
from the strike is quadrupled.

win ties defensively in mental and social