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Social Studies Project: Native American Diorama

Teacher Name:

Student Name: ________________________________________

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Diorama details The diorama includes The diorama includes The diorama includes The diorama includes
details showing the details in 3 out of 4 details in 2 out of 4 details in 1 out of 4
environment, food, areas showing areas showing areas showing
tools & technology, and environment, food, environment, food, environment, food,
housing that accurately tools & technology, and tools & technology, and tools & technology, and
reflect the Native housing that accurately housing that accurately housing that accurately
American group reflect the Native reflect the Native reflect the Native
selected. American group American group American group
selected. selected. selected.

Model Accuracy Model accurately Model shows a Native Model shows a Native Model is seriously
reflects a Native American scene but American scene but inaccurate or
American scene. one item is incorrect. more than one item is incomplete.
Objects in the diorama Most objects in the incorrect. Some
are the correct size and diorama are the correct objects in the diorama
show a scene before size and show a scene are the not correct size
Europeans came to before Europeans and /or diorama shows
North America (no came to North America horses and guns.
horses or guns) (no horses or guns)

Effort Diorama clearly shows Nice effort and time Effort and time spent Little or no effort was
that considerable time was put into making making the diorama made in creating this
and work was put into the diorama. was obviously lacking. diorama.
making it.

Creativity Several of the objects Some of the objects One or two objects The student did not
used in the diorama used in the diorama were made by the make or customize any
reflect an exceptional reflect student student. More than 2-3 of the items in the
degree of student creativity. toys. Housing is a toy. diorama.

Speech Student gives accurate, Student gives some Student gives little Student is not prepared
detailed and relevant accurate and relevant relevant information to speak
information about the information about the and is not prepared to Information is missing
Native American group Native American group speak. Information is for more than two
of their choice. Must of their choice. missing for two areas: areas: Environment,
include information Information is missing Environment, Food, Food, Tools/
about Environment, for one area: Tools/ Technology, & Technology, & Housing.
Food, Tools/ Environment, Food, Housing
Technology, & Housing Tools/ Technology, &

20 points = 100% A
19 points = 95% A
18 points = 90% A-
17 points = 85% B
16 points = 80% B-
15 points = 75% C
14 points = 70% C-
13 points = 65% D
12 points = 60% D-
11 or less points = E