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A Wee~ly Paper Vevoted J

~o Philosophy, Science and ~eligion


The ALl~~t~~~~SEEln~ ElJE


-2,050- -2,050

Volume 3, No. 17 Los Angeles, Calif., Wednesday, March 16, 1927 lOc a Copy


ATHANASIUS Natural Tendencies

Shown in Horoscope
KIRCHER The Two Grand
Most Eminent of Men of Earth
Jesuit Scholars The stars impel but do not compel and
their vibrations re'ach this planet in the
The 1110st eminent of all Jesuit scholars form of a series of Celestial urges. Thes(
in matters pertaining to philosophy, urges are the natural basis of human ex
pression and cosmic phenomenon. Unless
archeology, and comparative religion was
man is stronger than his stars he drifts
Athanasius Kircher, an indefatigable
with the motion of the' heavenly bodies,
se'a rcher into the mysteries of Nature. allowing their urge to be his law.

KIrcher was born in f601 at Geisa, near

The l~o~scope only shows the natural
Fulda. He was educated in the J eSllit tendencies. It does not ordain success or
College, and entered upon his novitiate A THANASIUS KIRCHER failure. It only controls those who are
in that order in 1618. He was professor willing to be driven, by its little under
of philosophy, mathematics, and Oriental stood force's, to unknown ends.
language's in Wurzburg, an'd later taught The horoscope is not infallible for it
mathematics in the Collegio Romano, but
resigned from this office to devote his life
to the study of Egyptian hieroglyphics,
cannot take into account individual will
Every so often there is found in N atun
archeology, Persian, Grecian, Hebrew, and and a thing stronger than its stars. The
Indian mysticism, and . Hermetic science'. planets become the servant of such a
He died in 1680.
He was the author or compiler of a
vast number of remarkable volumes, beau
creature. While to the weak the stars are
a menace to the strong they are toob
with the aid of which soul and character
are built.
tifully illuminated by curious plates and When an individual permits his power of The so-called evil aspects of a horoscope
tables, and bearing witness to the fact choice' to be taken from him either by a point out the things we have not yet
that he' possessed a remarkably synthetic physical living person or an abstract in learned to do well, while the g-ood as
mind and capacity for the digestion and visible power and permits this power to pects show us the things and powers Wt
assimilation of ancient learning. dominate his individuality, then that per have already attained.
There is no doubt that Kircher was son is said to be obsessed. There are Like the laws of Nature, the stars arc
assisted by a group of very able special three general terms of obsession, namely, the friends of the wise and the enemies of
ists in various forms of scientific and self-obsession, obsession of an idea, no the foolish.
philosophic research. He apparently sup -tiori or tenant and obsession by another The planet Earth consists of two
erintended and e'dited the writings of intelligent. entity, person or elemental cre' Zodiacal men twisted around the globe,
these vanous men and then, adding ation. In the first two instances, the each touching the back of his head with
whatever remarks he felt would clarify obsessing thing is either created or en his feet as shown in picture's of the Grand
the text, he published the various works Qabbalistic Macroprosopos. One -of
larged upon by the mind of the person
these two creatures forms out of his body
in a large number of massive',tomes, himself. In the third case it is a com the surface of the northern . hemisphere,
folios, and, in some cases, intricately pletely individual and intelligent creature and the other in a similar way the south-
constructed books, a few containing who takes hold and dominates the life as ern hemisphe're. The northern man has
movable charts and diagrams consisting of for example in hypnotism. his head at "0" degree longitude, while
(Continued on Page 3, Col. 3) (Continued on Page 4, Col. 1) the southern man has his head at the
Page 2 THE ALL-SEEING EYE March 16, 1927

180th meridian of longitude. In both cases ing southern California and Lower Cali arctic continent, concerning which very
measurement begins down the' body from fornia' greater part of Mexico, Central little is known except its present unfitnes,s
the head, down in this case being along Canada and numerous small islands. to sustain civilized life.
parallels of latit~de. In both cases the Leo-Extreme western part , of United Originally these two polar continents
head is called Aries. States; name'ly, the northern half of Cali were highly cultivated and cultured areas,
These two Grand Men are paralle'l with fornia, Washington, Oregon, western Can and the frigid zones still bear witness in
each other, but never meet a,s they are ada, eastern and central Alaska, a large fossil and prehistoric remains that at one
divided by the hypothetical line of the area of the Pacific Ocean and numerous time they were torrid and tropical.
equator. In Astrology the human body is islands. These divisions of land surface are
divide'd into twelve zodiacal parts, and in Virgo-Western Alaska, extreme east purely hypothetical, but upon them the
a similar way each of these Grand Men ern Siberia, Hawaiian Islands, Aleutian planets play out the drama of cosmis
are divided into twelve parts. In casting Islands, Pacific Ocean Basin. law through a series of urges. At all
the World Horoscope it is therefore nec Libra-Siberia, Pacific Ocean, numer times the heavenly bodies light the' Earth
essary to consider the twelve divisions of ous small islands. through one of these twelve divisions.
the' Grand Man of the northern hemis The planets are called Wanderers, for
Scorpio - Siberia, Manchuria, Korea,
phere, and also the twelve divisions of the never ceasing in the'ir endless circumambu
Japan, China, Philippine Islands, part of
Grand Man of the southern hemisphere lation of the Sun, they form ever chang
East Indies.
making in total twenty-four divisions or ing combinations and influence each
spirits before the throne. SagiUarlus-Siberia, MongoEfa, China, other through the rates of vibration which
In order to understand world astrology Tibet, Burma, Siam, Strait Settlements. they absorb from the Sun and radiate
one must be' able to visualize these twelve Indo-China, Singapore, Borneo, northern through their vital bodies out into the
divisions of the ' northern and the south Samatra, numerous islands. space' surrounding them.
ern hemispheres as being magnified ex Capricorn-Siberia, China, Tibet, India. In the ancient system of Geocentric
pressions of the familiar cut-up man of Afghanistan, Persia, and numerous small Astrology, the Sun was termed a planet,
the medical Almanac. islands. for the rotation of the Earth upon its
The human body is ruled by the signs Aquarius-Siberia, Russia, Asiatic Tur axis and its revolution in its orbit re
of the Zodiac as follows key, The Holy Land, Persia, Egypt, Aby sulted in the solar rays also striking it
1. Arie's-Head. sinia, Arabia, Cyprus, The Black and through all the twelve divisions of its
2, Taurus-Throat. Caspian Seas,. and also Red Sea. own surface in a pe'riodic clock-like way.
3. Gemini-Chest. Pisces-Russia, Scandinavia, Europe, The rotation of the Earth on its axis
4. Cancer-Stomach, small part of England, Algeria, Tripoli, causes the Sun to pass over the 360 de
5. Leo-Heart. Tunis, Mediterranean Basin and smail grees of the Earth's surface in 24 hours, or
6. Virgo-Intestines. islands. at the rate of 30 degrees in two hours.
"""",,,,_~__ 7 LibJ:a=K~., _ _ __ _~_ __ --='~~l.Q!J~!Jf.l.j:!.lA....J\..I.J,.,..UJ.S:"'" The revolution of the' Earth around the
8. Scorpio-Generative System. phere is divided according to land area as Sun results in the Sun passing over the
9. Sagittarius-Upper Leg. follows: surface of the Earth at the rate of 360
10. Capricorn-Knees. Aries-New Zealand, small part Austra degrees in one solar year, or the rate of
11. Aquarius-Lower Leg. lia, part of Australasian Archipelago. one sign of 30 degrees in 30 days.
12. Pisces-Feet. It is also to be noted that every nation,
Taurus-Main body of Australia, New race, city and town has its own horoscope
In the case of the human body the Guiana, Tasmania, and islands of the sea. based upon the position of the heavenly
boundery and area of these signs are Gemini-Indian Ocean, Dutch East In bodies at the time of their independence
largely hypothetical, but upon the surfacl: dies, (southern half) small portion of from surrounding conditions.
of the Earth they are' more systematically Australia, numerous islands. The rotation of the Earth gives the ris
arranged. There are 360 degrees in the Cancer-Indian Oce'an and small islands. ing sign of a horoscope, and the revolution
circumference of all circles, and the Leo-Madagascar, East Africa, Zanzi of the Earth around the Sun gives the
twelve zodiacal signs are each give'n 30 bar, part of Rhodesia, and islands of the , Sun sign of a horoscope.
degrees. The "0" degree of longitude at sea. One of the planets is throned in each of
Greenwich, England, is the basis of calcu Virgo-Rhodesia, West Africa, Angola, the twelve signs either by day or by night,
lation, while each of the signs are divided Congo, islands of the sea. the day throne being called dirunal and
from the next by a meridian of longitude. Libra-South Pacific, and islands of the the night throne being called nocturnal.
The Grand Man of the northern hemis sea. The Sun and Moon each govern one sign
phere is divided according to land are'a as Scorpio-Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, only, the Sun having no nocturnal phase,
follows: eastern Bolivia, eastern Argentine, and and the' Moon having no diurnal phase.
Aries-Great Britain, part of France, small islands. The signs and their rulers are as fol
Spain, Portugal, Morocco, northern Sagittarius-Chili, Argentine, Bolivia, lows:
Soudan, Iceland and numerous islands. we'stern Brazil, south-eastern Peru, south 1. Aries-Mars.
Taurus-Greenland, New Foundland, ern Columbia, ' eastern Equador, numer 2. Taurus-Venus.
Labrador, Atlantic Ocean Basin (site of ous islands. 3. Gemini-Mercury.
ancient Atlantis, the land of the worship Capricorn-South Pacific Ocean and 4. Cancer-Moon.
of the bull) and a number of small islands small islands in the Antarctic Ocean. 5. Leo-Sun.
and corne'!" of South America. Aquarius-South Pacific Ocean, small 6. Virgo-Mercury.
Gemini-United States east of Missis part of Polynesian group, and general 7. Libra-Venus.
sippi River eastern Canada, \Vest Indies, small islands. 8. Scorpio-Mars.
Central America north to Peninsula of Pisces-Polynesia including Samoa, nu 9. Sagittarius-Jupiter.
Yucatan, Venezuela, Columbia, northern merous islands of the Antarctic Ocean. 10. Capricorn-Saturn.
Equador, and numerous islands. To these areas must be added in the 11. Aquarius-Saturn and Uranus.
Cancer-United State's west from Miss northern hemisphere the Arctic continent, 12. Pisces-Jupiter and Neptune.

issippi River to eastern California, includ and to the southern hemisphere the Ant- (Continued on Page 7, Col. 1)

1l1arch 16, 1927 THE ALL-SEEING EYE Page 3

"In time to come China undoubte'dly

will become a world power, because in her
is a permanence that is missing in other
(Continued from Page 1, Col. 1)
wheels which actually revolved upon the
nations. Her power, particularly her mer
chant power, has been gre'a tly underesti
paper and similar curious devices.
Kircher included in his rese'arches such
mated. subjects as alchemy, Qabbalism, cryp
"America and the Chinese Problem" tography, and early geography. One of
"Almost all the nations have imposed
his books contains a most curious map
upon China. She knows it-but her time
of Atlantis, showing this continent as an
Awakening and Growth to World Power is not yet, and in the meantime, she is island. There is no doubt that many of
Predicted for Ponderous Far East Nation protected by her ponderous weight. I his volumes contain cryptograms, few of
prophesy that within a few hundred years which have ever been deciphe'red, for in
(As Reported by Eugenia Quickenden, her popu.lation will be doubled. By that his researches he discovered many valu
Church Editor Los Angeles Examiner) time, too, she will be wide-awake. Then able items of arcane lore which he could
she could march across the world and not safely have published except under the
Entirely Christian in its bearing and concealment of cryptography.
le'a ve nothing in her track.
ideals, though free from any tinge of
theology, was the message which Manly P. "Our Life is Gospel" There is much to indicate the prob
Hall conveyed to his thousands of follow "Yet it is possible for China to become ability that Kircher was an initiated
ers in Trinity Auditorium yesterday. His a powerful instrument in the civilization member of the Rosicrucian Fraternity,
address concerned the present turmoil in of the human race. Ours is the world's which at that time included many eminent
China. greatest nation today. To a large degree Catholic scholars in its ranks. Curious
He referred in the beginning to the our national life is a gospe'l to other na Rosicrucian emblems as watermarks in the
vastness of the' land area in that distant tions. Our attitudes will prevail and af paper of the books which Kihcher pub
country; to its resources and culture; to 'fect races yet unborn; our policies will de lished substantiate the theory that at least
its population of 450,000,000; to its annual termine the policies of future peoples; our some his works contain Rosicrucian se
birth rate running into the millions; to the ethics and ideals will influence those of crets profoundly concealed under various
fact that its inhabitants dwell in less other nations and will influence other enigmatical figures.
than one-tenth of its area. races when ours is but history. In our The most famous of Kircher's writings
"Endless rows and file's of people all future relationships we shall have China is , the' <Edipus JEgyptiacus, a monumental
going somewhere and everyone looking educated according to the white man's achievement and usually found in three or
like everyone else"-that was his picture law. What will her we'apons be ?-hate, four volumes, but sometimes appearing in
of a crowded street in China's larg cities. selfishness, intolerance----:or better things? two large folios. This work covers the
"It would b e difficult tll move' such a Is shc- learning -,-{rem ~ -to - re5f}e'et--1i4 religions and hiloso hies of the ancienc...t,--~_~._
ponderous organism," he said, "though if and property, or to desecrate them? Are world, an analysis o f -mythologies, lang
she once began to roll she would never we te'aching her community understand uages, arts, crafts, and science's, and in
stop-but you can't get her to rolling!" ing? We have done our work according cludes several remarkable attempts to
"China is a divided country," he con to our law. Yet a nation or a race may interpret the hieroglyphical figures of the
tinued, "divided by climatic conditions and change its attitudes and aims. There is Egyptians. The volumes are illustrated
by the types of her pe~ple'. The greater still time for the white man to remake with literally thousands of figure's, in
part of her civilization is in teeming ant the fabric of his own civilization. There most cases well drawn. The interpretations
holes of localized industr~. is room on this planet for all the human of the figures demonstrate Kircher to
family, but room only for one family have been a mystic and a Platonist. Sev
Belong to Ancient World
spirit." eral excellent state'lnents are to be found
"Individually, they are a long-suffering concerning Pythagoras and his mathe
people. But when they shall awaken, it In this column I have told before Mr.
matics. Hermes, Zoroaster, and Moses
shall take the same length of time to quiet Hall's custom of commenting prior to each
are also treated in an intelligent and
them again. They belong, in part, to the Sunday service on some newspaper clip inspired manner.
ancient world. One by one they have rid ping of current interest-usually from the
Kircher exce'lled in his ability to ap
themselves of all things not Chinese-their pen of Arthur Brisbane. Yeste'rday he re
proach the spirit of a document and tried
ethics, their history, their government ferred to a recent item which related the
sincerely to interpret the ideals and at
all are ancient. To a Chinese, his land is meeting together for prayer of a Method
titudes of the ancient authors whose works
"The Great Mother," and he will do any ist minister, a Catholic prie's t and a J ew
he quoted. While Kircher, like most
thing for her and will never alienate him ish Rabbi-an occurrence which he he'rald
churchmen of his day, denounced the
self from her. Unique' in modern history ed as being "a step vital in the life of
pagans loudly and warned good Christians
is this slow-moving, ponderous China! out people-an amalgamation of creeds!
that the devil lurked in the shadows of
"There isn't enough ammunition made to "The time is coming," he declared, "when antiquity, ready to devour any and all
shoot every Chinaman, yet in order to religious unity will prevail!"
who meditated upon the wisdom of the
meet the situation there, several nations Just prior to his closing prayer, Mr. Hall ancie'nts, he personally and fearlessly
have se'nt several thousand men to her made an eloquent plea for the abolish penetrated these same shadows and appar
shores! She is moving now-oh, slowly! ment of capital punishment and urged his ently returned unscarred and amply re
in her effort to get rid of foreign en people to write lette'l's to their representa warded for his venture.
tanglements. You can't blame her really tives, indorsing Bill No.4 to be presented Kircher was an occultist, deeply versed
for desiring that. Foreign entanglements in the State Senate March 11, recommend in the symbols and ritualism of magic,
haven't be'en successful to any nation that ing the substitutionof life imprisonment and he admits having experimented per
has entertained them. Of course, we don't for the' former measure. "The whole na sonally along lines of alchemy and similar
know the whole truth about the matter, tion is likely to follow California in this subjects. He did not penetrate to the
for China doesn't talk. Napoleon was wise matter," he said. "If California goes on inner sanctuary of mysticism, but he con
enough not to wish to stir China. Are record in this vital reform, so will the tributed more reliable' and well cataloged
we? others!" (Continued on Page 6, Col. 2)
Page 4 THE ALL-SEEING EYE March 16, 1927

A Weekly Paper -Devoted to Philosophy, sequently the most usual time that these Lectures on Symbolism
Science and Religion. creature's are attracted is when in a burst
Two le~tures on Symbolism are to be
of passion or anger the person allows his
THE ALL-SEEING EYE emotions to stampede his reason, or when
given in the ne'a r future by Harry S. Ger
hart, Managing Editor of the All-Seeing
in a mediumistic circle he has made him
Published every week by the Hall Pub Eye. "-Symbolical Philosophy" and "Man,
self negative and invited outside forces to
lishing Company, at 301 Trinity Auditor the Temple of the Mysteries" are the sub
ium Bldg., 9th at Grand Ave., Los Angeles. e'nter his organism.
jects, both fully illustrated with slides
California. Obsession by a living entity is usually showing many phases of the myste'ries of
Phone TUcker 2603 accomplished by the power of mind in the ages, from the time of Atlantis, down
which a very strong mentality over through Egypt, Judea, Greece, t he North
Subscription rates, 10c per copy. whelms a weaker organism and chains it land, the Middle Ages in Europe as ex
$2.25 per year, $1.00 for 20 weeks. For to its service. The exerting of this in pressed in Rosicrucian and Masonic Sym
eign rates $3.00 per year, $1.25 for 20
fluence of one oVe'r another is black magic, bolism. These' are to be presented by the
Application has been made for entry as after the individual has reached the age Pasadena Forum, on Thursday, March
second class matter. when his own mental organisms are born 24th and Thursday, March 31st. No ad
about the age of 21. After that time peo mission is charged and the public is in
We reserve the right to edit all advertiam.. pie may be re'asoned with and influenced vited .
with their consent, but to exert power "It is probable that symbolism came
MANLY P. HALL ........__. Editor
over an individual is to accept all the re originally from Atlantis, that great civili
HARRY S. GERHART ...... M anaging Editor
sponsibilities for the actions of that per zation that passed away before man re
MAUD F. GALIGHER ........ Associate Editor
son. It is a crime in nature for one corded history. Passing to the ends of
Unless otherwise stated unsigned arti intelligence' to overpower another. We the earth this e'arly teaching shaped and
cle's are by the Editor, Manly P. Hall. people in every walk of life are ob colored into similar expressions the re
sessed by a stronger personality, often ligions, philosophies and mysteries of all
(Continue'd from Page 1, Col. 2) unconsciously but no one has the right of peoples;" said Mr. Gerhart.
When the obsession is the result of an depriving another creature of the' power "Today we are no longer content to
outside entity having a personality capable of choice. With these as the general study one line of revealed truth but hope
of exercising influence over another forms of obsessions by entities, we now to find in their synthesis, the key to the
w e a k e r personality! turn to obsession by ideas. greatest of mysteries, MAN himself."
their are thre'e general
subdivisions, three dif Many people sacrifice the'ir intelligence
ferent possible sources to a notion and some viewpoint either or list those people who deprive nature of its
of the obsession. The iginal or assumed deprives their mentality privilege of dictating certain automatic
~:t-'ITr~1s,~~~riun-by~--~Ol~- b p~~~1~~~~-~~ht~Ul ~n~S~Q~t~t~h~e~in~d~i~lr~jd~I~laalL-~1fMUa~ll~j~S~d5~r~a~d~-~--~~-J
de earn ate intelligence , obsesse'd by fear. Many people are ob ually assuming control of himseH, taking
more simply the ob sessed by the belief in black forces. Many out of the hands of natural law and its in
se'ssion of a living otherwise intelligent persons are obsessed telligent forces the rulership of his own
person by one who has and driven nearly to frenzy by a creature' being. When he does this in harmony
passed out of this who never existed outside of their own with the law of nature, all is well for na
existence. The possi fancy which they are pleased to call the ture equips the intelligence to carryon
ble motives for this devil who is the largest and most im its new duties wisely and wetll. \Nhen,
are various. It may be portant thing which man has eVe'r manu however, with force of will man dictates
a desire to function for a short time in the factured from whole cloth. Thousands, to the infinite and to nature within him
physical world for the purpose of com yes millions of people are obsessed by a self without giving nature's plan an op
superstition of a hole in the dark. Just as portuni~y to be heard, he then obsesses
pleting a work cut short by unexpected
death; a desire for revenge; a desire to children will not enter a darkened room himself, by obsessing body function, men
control another person for the attainment for fear of the bogie' man whom thought tal attitude or natural law in its mani
of selfish ends; the desire of a pare-nt to less nurse girls have used as their power fe'station. A number of examples of this
communicate with children; or the urge over the child. So man peoples the un can be found among the phlegmatic
to make right a wrong. All these and known, the dark parts of his own nature aphorisms, affirmations with which the
many other causes lie behind obsession by with shades, ghouls and spectres before' field of occultism is heavily sowed. To
a decarnate intdligence. whom he abjectly bows, failing to realize obsess an -organism with the idea of pros
Under the heading of elemental obses that they never existed outside of him perity is a form of self-obsession. To
sion, we find those who have opened them self, but whose existence is se'emingly ciffirm that you are well when every bone
selves by unwise occult e:xercises to the proven by the respect and veneration of in the' body aches and every muscle rebels
demon and larvae of the astral world. others equally ignorant. The imagination (Continued on Page 6, Col. 2)
Emotion excesses often result in demonia of man is a tremendous power, capable
cal obsession. In such cases the obsessing of making his life e'ither one of beauty Managing Editor, 'The All-Seeing Eye,
301 Trinity Auditorium Bldg.,
entity is of very low order, ge'nerally with or else to fill it with endless nightmares,
all depending upon his own outlook upon Los Angeles, Calif.
out any intelligence of any kind and the
obsession takes the form of laughing, cry life. Many people are obsessed with a Enclosed find $1.00 for a 20-week sub
ing and hysterical outbursts, sometimes religious concept; others by a dogma, but scription to the All-Seeing Eye from
whereve'r the power of choice is inhibited, December 1st to April 13th (all back num
even causing epilepsy. As these demons bers and up to April 13th.) send to-
dwell and belong to the emotional plane a man is not free to dictate the decisions
of nature, they cannot rule an individual of his own consciousness, that person is Name- ....................................................................... .

if that person uses his own mind as the dangerously obsessed, by a person.ality,
.mental body is superior to the' emotions. power or attitude that will ult.imately Address ................................................................. .

These creatures may enter only when the destroy him if he does not e'1iminate it. City ........................................................................ ..

individual abdicates _in their favor.. Con Under the heading of self-obsession, we Signed .................................................................... ,

..~farch .16) 1927 THE ALL-SEEiNG EYE


the Altar aside, there we lifted up a strong
Plate of Brass, and found a fajr and

worthy body whole and unconsumed, as
the same is here, lively counterfeited with
a ll the' Ornaments and Attires; in his
hand he held a Parchment book divided
Rare Rosicrucian
"into two parts, the first was the old Testa
ment, and every Chapter interpreted, and
the other is the Book I, which next unto
(Continued) th e Bible' is our greatest treasure, which
ought to be delivered to the censure of
In other Chests were Looking-glasses of the world. At the end of this Book stand
divers virtues; as also in other placeS eth this following Elogium.
were' little Eels, and Rings, which if any
C. R. of C. Ex Nobili atque splendida
man put upon his finger, h e seemed now
Germanae R. C. Familia oriundus, vir sui
in green, then in white and blue, red and
seculi Divinis revelationibus, subtilissimis
bloom, and all manner of colors; thus will
Imaginationibus, Indefessis Laboribus ad
his Garments change into a pure color
Coelestia atque humana Mysteria, ar
every moment: there were burning Lamps,
canave admissus, postquam suam (quam
and wonderful artificial Songs, which they
Arabico & Africano, Itineribus college rat )
had kept ever since God spake to Moses
plusquam regiam atque imperatoriam
in the' Mount: They kept the old Testa
Gazam suo seculo nondum convenientem
ment carefully, and expe'cted Christ to be .
posteritate eruendam cusiodivisset, & jam
born; and chose forty-five more to bear
suarum Artium, ut & nominis fidos ac
witness to the incredulous World and su Paracelsus-Adept in Alchemy
conjunctissimos Heredes instituisset, mun
perstitious Sects, that Christ is the Son
dum Minu,tum omnibus Motibus Magno
of God, and "vas crucified at Jerusalem;
illi respondentem Fabricasset, hocque tan There can never be a cheap ed~ion ~f
and left these Brethren all the wonderful
dem Praeteritarum, Praesentium & futur the "Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic
Works of God, and the Acts of Moses
arum rerum Compendio extracto, Cen
and the Prophets, to the end, that if it Hermetic and Roscrucian Symbolical
tenario Major, non morbo (quem ipse nun
should happen, after many hundreds of Philosophy" ; for without the colored
quam Corpore expertus erat, numquam
years , the Order or Fraternity should
alios infestare sinebat) ullo pellente, sed plates, engravings, and other expensive
come to nothing: and if Tyrants should
Spiritu Dei evocante, illuminatam animam
_ _b
urQ~the Qld Testanwnt. which they bear (Inter- f ' ratuum amplexus & ultima ~s__-+-..:;.:~~~~
f e at u r..:::es ,_th_e text would lack its necessar....V_ _ - _ _--J..rJ
witness to be the Word of God, that then cula) Fidelissimo Creatori Deo reddidisset, embellishment and elucidation, and with
they might by this only Vault be restored Pater dilectissimus, Fra. suauissimus, Pre them the cost of the book could not be
again. ceptor Fidelissimus, amicus integerrimus, sufficiently reduced to make it a popular
And there is another Vault or Habita a suis ad 1400. Annos hic absconditus est. item at the bookstalls. ($100 when com
tion of the Brethren in the vVest of Eng
Underneath they had subscribed them plete, $75 now, $15 with order and balance
land, and there' is recorded all the New
se'lves : $15 per month.)
Testament, and every Chapter explained.
1. Fra. I.
Now as yet we had not seen the dead tione Fraternitatis Caput A. Fra. C. H. Fra. I. H. Elec TI
1e' work at any price is an investment
body of our careful and wise Father in 2. Fra. G. V. M. P. C. S. in a larger life, in a broader theater of ac
the German hill; we' therefore removed
3. Fra. R. C. Junior haeres S. Spiritus. tion, in an inestimable acquisition of
4. Fra. B. M. P. A. Pictor & Archi power, in an unimaginable expansion of
Dr. S. J. Brownson, M.D. tectus. .
conSClOusness, as well as a never-failing
(B.D., V.P., Soc. B., F. T. S.) 5. Fra. G. G. F. H. M. P. I. C. A. M. . f
Cabbalista F. W. N. Q. A. Z. B. X. O. N. reservOIr 0 enchantment and a discovery
Vocational Analysis P. E. D. L. F. K. M. Z. A. S. C. R. to the' reader of his hidden ~ssets, the
By Appointment Saturday Noons, 11:00-2:00
Secundi Circuli. wealth of which is illimitable and which
Room 301, Trinity Auditorium Bldg.

1. Fra. T. H. Successor, Fra. P. A. cannot be lost or stolen.

Mathematicus. Tlle use-value of the book may, there
2. Fra. I. O. Successor, Fra. A. D. fore, not be measured by the medium of.
3. Fra. P. R. Successor Patris C. R .c.
cum Christo Triumphant. exchange '; neither is its appeal limited to
At the end was written. any class or sect. Rather is it u~iversal,
Ex Deo nascimur, in Jesu Morimus, per a guidepost to all, intelligible to all-
Spiritum Sanctuin reviviscimus. savant and man in the street alike, uni
At this day the Rosie Crucians that have versity professor or .high school student
been since Christ, say, their Fraternity in and having in it the magic power to make
no more sickness, habits the West of England; and they the' reader conscious of his kinship with
and drudgery in your
home. Eat your way to health, have likewise power to renew themselve's, the Illuminati of the World.
youth and strength through the
wonderful variety of delicious and wax young again, as those did before
LIVE foods described in this the birth of Jesus Christ, as you may read
book. Price $1.00 prepaid. Apply for~our cOJ)Y now"
THE EUTROPHEONS in many Books.
(Where fresh live foods only are
And Dr. F. saith, somewhere there is a The Hall PubIi~hing Co.
833 S. Olive St. and 209 South Hill St. Castle' in the West of England, in the 301 Trinity Auditorium Building,
(Continued on Page 6, Col. 1) Los Angeles, California
Page ~ THE ALL-SEEING EYE March 16) 1927

earth, and \lot ori the earth, and there the

Rosie Cruc"i~ps; dwell, guarded without
walls, and possessing nothing, they enjoy
all things; in this Castle is great Riches,
the Halls fair and rich to behold, and the

The Art of Living

Chambers are' made and composed oj Book
white Marble; at the end of the Hall there
is a Chimney, whereof the two Pillars that
sustain the Mantle-tree, are of fine Occult and As,t rological Books by
Jaspter, and the' Mantle is of rich CaIce and a Circulating Library
dony, and '"'the Lintel is made of fine
Emeralds trailed with a wing of fine Gold,
arid the grapes of fine Silver, and all the
Books by Manly P. Hall on display
Room Number 202
Dr. John H.DeQuer
Pillars in the Hall are of red CaIcedony, 358 Sutter St. San Francisco, Calif.
and the pavement is of fine Amber. Friday, March 18, 8 P. M.
The Chambers are hanged with rich C. B. we'nt into another Chamber eighty .BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.
clothes, and the benches and bedsteads one Cubits from this, and the Rosie Cru The conflict between the animal and
are all of white Ivory, richly garnished cians welcomed him; for he found a divine aspect.
with precious stones; the Beds we're richly Table ready set, and the cloth laid, and
covered; there are Ivory Presses, where there stood Pots of Silver, and Vessels
Saturday, March 19, 8 P. M.
on are all manner of Birds cunningly of Gold, bordered with previous Stones FAUST.
wt:ought, and in these Presses are' Gowns and Pearl, and Basons and Ewers of The regenerative power of love.
and Robes of most fine Gold, and most Gold to wash their hands; then we went
rich Mantles, Furred with Sables, and all to dinner; of all manner of Flesh, Fowl,
Sunday ~ March 20, 2 :45 P. M.-A
manner of rich Garments. and Fish, of all manner of Meat in the WOMAN CLOTHED WITH
And there is a Vault, but it is bigger world, there they had plenty, and Pots THE SUN.
than that in Germany, which is as Clear, of Gold garnished with precious Stones The effects of times and seasons.
as though the Sun in the midst of the day full of "'vine: This Chamber was made'
had entered in at ten windows, yet it 1S of Crystal, and painted richly with Gold Monday, March 21, 8 P. M.-"IN
seven score ~teps underground :and there and Azure, and upon the walls were writ- HIM WE LIVE, MOVE AND
are ten Servants of the Rosie Crucians, ten and engraven all things past, present, HAVE OUR BEING."
fair young men: And C. B. reports this ' and to come, and all manner of golden What Dr. Rudolph Steiner taught
~~h en I first came to the Society (saith he Medicines for the disease'd,as you read in the physicians of Europe.
I saw a gre'at Oven with two mouths, the Prefaces: upon Hie Pave~~~ m e n~--:::-;'
w a~s;-I''"""""''-'''--';;''--:;
which did cast out great clearness, by spread abroad Roses, Flowers, and Herbs Tuesday, March 22, 8 P. M.-ONE
~hich four young men made Baste fo] sweet-smelling above all favors in the THING THOU LACKEST.
Bread, and two delivered the Loaves to world; and in this Chamber were divers The training of our intuition.
other two, and they sit them down upon a Birds flying about, ,and singing marvelous
cloth of silk; then the other two me'n took sweetly. Wednesday, March 23, 8 P. M.
the Loaves, and delivered them unto one (To be continued) THE SCRIPTURE WRIT ON
man by two Loaves at once, and he did HUMAN BROW.
set them into the Oven to bake, and at (Continued from Page 3, Col. 3) What our faces reveal.
the otheT mouth of the Oven, there was information on the subject than any other
a man that drew out the white Loaves and author of his time or profession. His Thursday, March 24,8 P. M.-OM
Pastes, and before him was another young works are very highly valued today, for AND AMEN.
man, that received them, and put them they contain a vast amount of material The geometry of thought.
into baskets, which were richely painted. pertaining to symbolism and the esoteric
doctrines. Some day a great service will Friday, March 25, 8 P. M.-SEEK
be rendered mankind by an able transla AND YE SHALL FIND.
~~~ (t:burc~
of t~~ tion of his writings into Engiish, for they
are all in medieval Latin.
The power of desire.

1J~opl~ Saturday, March 26, 8 P. M.-THE


Trinity Auditorium-Ninth at Grand

(Continued from Page 4, Col. 3)
The essentials of physical, mental
MANLY P. HALL, Pastor;

is a form of obsessing yourself. It is also and emotional efficiency.

MAUD F. GALIGHER, Associate Pastor

a system of self hypnotism. It usually

Sundays, 10:30 A. M. works. The crying voice of nature is
SERMON SUBJECTS stilled, but the reason for the cry passes ADMISSION FREE
unheeded and when man fails to realize
March 20th-New' Light that pain and bodily inharmony is a red
on the Problel11 of Eva lante'rn hung out to denote trouble ahead, There wll be no classes sold at these
lution. it is the loss of the individual and not lectures. Bring your friends-They'
nature. To affirm riches in poverty is self w-ill thank you.
'Prologue - Man's Next hypnosis. To afnrm health in sickness is
Great Invention. akin to it. To affirm wisdom in ignorance
Amado Fernandez, Soloist; Agnes Buisseret, is not to possess it. And what is more
Pianiat; .Emma C~ Heatherington, Organist

Come and bring your friends-Silver offering

this attitude generally precludes the pos
sibility of learning. Attitude and not af
firmation is the key to body harmoniza- 1044 So. Hope St.

A1arch 16,1927 THE ALL-SEEING EYE Page 7.
tion. A good attitude and intelligent out The following signs are called violent:

look is far more useful than to affirm a Write for our LARGE LIST of Aries, Gemini, Scorpio and' Capricorn.

The double signs are as follows:

non-existing condition. To recognize the

existence of perfection and to strive to
Rare, Out-of-Print Books Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces.

along the line of Alchemy, Mystic The fruitful signs are as follows:

wards that goal is good. To affirm the ism, Magic, Metaphysics, Kaballa,
presence of that condition and to be' sat Tarot, Hermetics, Symbolism, Rosi Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius,

crucianism, Theosophy. Masonry, and Pisces.

isfied with present position and outlook is
and kindred subjects. \Ve are head The sterile signs are:
decidedly bad. All things which encour quarters for such books and carry Aries, Gemini, Leo and Virgo.
age unfoldment, education and progres the' largest stock of them in this
c,o untry. Can supply promptly The signs Libra, Capricorn, and
siveness build both character and body.
items like the Secret Symbols of the Aquarius are indifferent as to fecundity.
Those which offer attainment without d Rosic.rucians by Hartman, the Aries and Libra are e'quinoxial; Cancer
fort are false both to themselves and ' to Gnostics and their Remains by and Capricorn are tropical, and they mark
the plan. For all in nature' expresses the King, Barrett's Magus, Babbitt's
Light and Color, Hebraic Tongue respectively the Equinoxes and Solstices.
reward of works done and atrophy and de Restored by d'Olivet, the Canon, and
rare Masonic books. Write for AFFLICTIONS OF THE PLANETS

cay as the fruitage of stagnation. Hav

ing considered these let us now analyze That Man Up North, 2 rare out of Saturn-Crushing, falls, etc.

print booklets, invaluable to stu Mars-Burning and fires.

for a moment the undesirable affects of dents, price $1.35. Uranus-Injuries while traveling.

mediums hip upon man and the possible HERMETIC PUBLISH


diseases, ailments and uncertainties, both

mental and physical which can come as a
Neptune-Drugs, poisons, water.

3006 Lake Park Ave.,

eVnus-Scratches, blisters.

result of this sincere but unwise system of Chicago, Illinois

Jupiter-Business failures.

occult culture. Sun or Moon-Bad eyes.

For further information concerning

(Continued from Page 2, Col 3,)

technical astrology consult a reputable
The key words of the' twelve zodiacal The key words of the planets are as
book on that subject.
signs according to the ancient astrologers follows:
See also the chart we' provided for you
were as follows: Sun-Vitality.
on Page 8.

Y.oung wom!ln, Gecul.t stud~nt, with thorough
.. V '1' busmess experIence, desIres posItion as confidential
Gemtnl- ersatl Ity, Venus-Ideality:
secretary. References exchanged. Address CRY
Cancer-Maternity. Saturn-Conservativeness,
The All Seeing Eye, 301 Trinity Auditorium Bldg.:
,-~~---:-:-~--:-:c,--- =_____....-=--===--=L:::;
os::..-Angeles Calif. _ _ _ ~ _' _ _ _ _ _ __
- -- t eo-=NoiJiiity. j'uplter-.t1umanitcfrianiSm.

Virgo-Serviceability. Mars- Impetuosity.

Libra-Artis try. U ran us-Changea bili ty.

Scorpio-Erudition. N e'ptune-Disaster.

The twelve signs are divided into three
groups of four with their key words as
follows: '


Three Manuscript Common-Flexibility.

The twelve signs are also divided into
Lectures four groups of three with their key words 540 So. San Pedro St.
by as follows: MUtual 3226 MUtual 322i
MANLY P. HALL Earth-M aterialistic.
The God of the Atoms vVater-Emotional.
The signs are divided as to sex in the
Axioms of Action following way:
Masculine Feminine
Mental and Spiritual Aries Taurus Printing and Engraving
Alchemy Gemini Cancer
of all kinds
Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio
Sagittarius Capicorn
These sell at SOc each and Aquarius Pisces
should be in every students The signs of the Zodiac are declared
possession. human and animal as follows:.
H\iman Animal
Gemini Aries
Satisfactory Prices and
Virgo Taurus Good Service Guaranteed
30Z Trinity Auditorium Bldg.

Last' half of Leo

Los Angeles, California

Sagittarius Capricorn
Libra First half of Phone for Representative
Page 8 THE ALL-SEEING EYE M arch 16, 1927


Order in wnicl? Planets

were thrown off from $,.,N
Order of Intel I gence
of Inhabitants ro)(imate 4 5 9 8
Astrology is properly used only by those who are
spiritually minded.../\...../'-: ------ to analyse character
diagnose disease and predict tne Tuture. ' .
Astrology is tbe oldest ~nd greatest of I"
Sciences being the study of the stellar i ,
influences affecti our evolution. r
. \
, ' , ' l,\
I " ~
J ' ,'