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Chart 1

Jeanne Delaval de Montfort-Laval Guillaume de Courcelles

c. 1406 - 1468 seigneur de Courcelles - licenci-s-lois French Wars of Religion
See Chart 2 - Charles de St-tienne de la Tour Lieutenant du chancelier de Bourgogne en 1383
vicomte mayeur de Dijon 01 02 2017 Darcy John Bouchard, li Exule
? - 1418
Louise de la Trmoille Jean II de Bourbon
1432 - 1474 comte de Vendme Jean IV le Brun de Melun Isabelle de Savoisy Jean de Courcelles Marguerite de Fontenay The slaughter of French Huguenots quickly spread to the provinces and about
baron de Quintin (2nd) seigneur de La Borde-le-Vicomte dame de la Motte-Saint-Florentin seigneur de Courcelles et de Saint-Libaud 20,000 Huguenots were ultimately killed by Roman Catholic mobs. The prime
1426 - 1478 ? - 1421 chanson et panetier du duc de Bourgogne Philippe le Hardi responsibility for the massacre was borne by Caterina de Medici, who opposed
the influence of the Protestant leader, Admiral Gaspard de Coligny-Chtillon
over her weak son, King Charles IX.

Jean de la Tour Auvergne Jeanne le Jeune le Bourbon Guy XIV de Laval

comte d'Auvergne et de Boulogne 1465 - 1511 comte de Laval
1467 - 1501 1406 - 1486 Admiral Coligny was attacked in his house during the St-Bartholomew Day
Massacre on Thursday, 24 August 1572, by a group led by Francis de Lorraine,
House of Valois Duke of Guise. After several of his entourage had been killed, a servant of the
new Duke of Guise, Charles Danowitz or Jean Charles DIanowitz (Karel z
Stemma della famiglia Medici Janovic), who was generally known as Besme or Bme, plunged a sword
through Coligny's breast and threw his body out of a window to his master's
Guillaume de Melun Marie de Courcelles Pierre de Courcelles Prgente de Melun La Borde
feet. Coligny finally died when another of Guise's associates chopped off his
seigneur du Mez-Les-Melun seigneur de Courcelles et de St-Libaud 1420 - ? Jean de Laval head.
? - 1447 1420 - 1472 seigneur de La Roche-Bernard
baron de Quintin (2nd)
1437 - 1476 The admiral is quoted as saying "My friends, there is nothing I can do to
Garter arms of Anne de Montmorency, Duc de Montmorency, KG rescue you. I voluntarily receive my death in the hands of God. Save
House of Laval yourselves." At that time he had several people at his service including Nicolas
Festina lente France's first Renaissance monarch Mius. Everyone left except for Nicolas who stayed at the Admiral's side and was
murdered with him.
Franois I de Valois Jean II de Coligny-Chtillon lonore de Courcelles
roi de France seigneur de Coligny Charles de Tligny became one of the first victims in the massacre of St
Lorenzo II de' Medici Madeleine de la Tour Auvergne 1494 - 1547 ? - after 1480 Bartholomew's Day. He was murdered in the halls of the Louvre after refusing to
duca di Urbano 1495 - 1519 recant his Protestant beliefs. His remains were taken to the Castle of Tligny in
1617, but eight years later were thrown into the river by the Bishop of Castres.
1492 - 1519 Syphilis

Italian (Piedmontese)
mistress of Henri II, roi de France Roman Catholic Nicolas de Montfort
lady in waiting to Caterina de Mdici Honorary Knight of the Garter Huguenot aka
Caterina D' Mdici Henri II de Valois-Angoulme-Orlans Filippa Duci Anne I Brantme de Montmorency Gaspard I de Coligny-Chtillon Louise Marie de Montmorency Guy XV de Laval Anne de Bretagne Anne de Montmorency Antoinette d'Aillion
reine consorte de France roi de France dame de Couy duc de Montmorency comte de Coligny c. 1496 - 1547 vicomte de Rennes 1477 - 1514 ? - 1525
1519 - 1589 1551 - 1589 dame de Blr en Touraine Marshal of France and Constable of France seigneur de Chtillon 1476 - 1531 1. 2. 3.
1499 - 1556 1493 - 1567 l' Marchal de France
l' Marchal de Chtillon
famile de Montbel d'Entremont 1465/70 - 1522
See Chart 2 - Charles de St-tienne de la Tour
(Jeanne) Charlotte de Laval
illegitimate dame de Chtillon
I Diane de France Franois de Montmorency Jeanne de Montmorency Franois II de La Trmoille Anne de Laval 1530 - 1568
1538 - 1619 duc de Montmorency duchess consorte de Thouars vicomte de Thouars 1505 - 1554
1530 - 1579 1528 - 1596 c. 1505 - 1541
Sebastien de Montbel d'Entremont
c. 1500 - 1572 lady-in-waiting of Queen Eleanore wife of King Franois
Beatrix Pacheco y Coldemario (De Escalona) Huguenot Martyr le premire soldat de France
countess Gaspard II de Coligny-Chtillon Franois de Coligny-Chtillon
1520 - 1539 SWISS l'amiral de France seigneur d'Andelot Louis III de Trmoille
Huguenot Martyr 1519 - 1572 1521 - 1569 1st duke of Thouars
Nicolas Mius de Grynn Jeanne de Meuillon 1521 - 1577
Governor of Marseille c. 1545 - 1570
Jacqueline de Montbel d'Entremont 1540 - 1572
condesa died with Admiral Coligny
charged with witchcraft - cleared of the suspicion of sorcery - accused of treason
1541 - 1599 - in prison at the castle of Ivrea (Piedmont)

Huguenot Martyr Huguenot main leader of the Dutch revolt against the Spanish
Claude Antoine Mius de Meuillon de Montmuran Beatrice de Coligny Charles de Tligny Louise de Coligny Willem van Oranje
sieur d'Albon countess d'Entremont c. 1535 - 1572 Frstin von Oranien-Nassau William I the Silent Charlotte de Bourbon
1568 - 1618 1572 - 1623 (princess consort of Orange) Willem van Nassau-Dillenburg prinses van Oranj
1555 - 1620 prins van Oranj ? - 1582
Stadhouder van Holland, Zeeland und Utrecht
1533 - 1584
Philippe Mius d'Entremont Madeleine Hlie du Tillet
baron de Pobomcoup c. 1626 - 1679
In 1651, he met the Governor Charles de la Tour, who brought Philippe, his wife Madeleine and their daughter Marguerite to Acadia.
1609 - 1700
Charlotte allegedly died from exhaustion while trying to nurse her husband, Protestant William, Prince of
Orange, , after an assassination attempt in 1582. Following her death, William married on 24 April 1583, his
fourth and last wife, Louise de Coligny, by whom he had a son Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange.
See Chart 3 - Declared an outlaw by the Spanish king in 1580, William I the Taciturn was assassinated by Balthasar
Grard, who shot him twice with a pistol... and was afterwards tried, convicted, and gruesomely executed.