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Toyota Fortuner 2009 - 2010

The Fortuner, Toyota's cheapest SUV, has

received a minor facelift, giving it a new face
and other minor detail updates. The Fortuner is
the product of Toyota's International Multi-
Purpose Project family, which also includes the
new Hilux pick-up and the Innova. These three
vehicles all share the new platform and are built
in Indonesia, so any thought about this Toyota
being purely Japanese is an allusion. Although
this 4WD is based on a pickup, its styling is very
softly finished, with none of its truck-like
toughness showing. It has true off-road ability,
thanks to four-wheel-drive with low-range
gearing. It also has space for five, or optionally
seven, and its value-packed price has attracted
families rather than desert junkies. The
Fortuner is available here with a 2.7-litre 4-
cylinder as well as two 4.0-litre V6 engines, one
with manual and a higher-torque one with the
Road Tests & Reviews:
automatic. The Fortuner sits high up from the
ground, so it can be a bit of a climb for the kind
of people who are expected to buy it. It has
Country of Origin:
space for five adults and two kids. Features
include power windows, dual front airbags,
keyless entry and fabric upholstery. Higher trim
Model Years in Production:
levels get fake wood, cruise control, chrome
2009, 2010
body trimmings, navigation, 17-inch alloy
wheels, rear diff lock, ABS, multi-information
Similar Models:
display, and a CD stereo with changer and AUX
Chevrolet Trailblazer
input as well as Bluetooth.
Hyundai Santa Fe
Kia Sorento

Price When New SAR80000 SAR90000

Body Styles 5-door wagon
Weight (kg) 1735 1845
Version Performance
Engine Gearbox Power (hp) Torque Fuel Econ 0-100 kph (sec) Top Speed
(Nm) (l/100km) (kph)
2.7 I4 4WD 5M/4A 158 241 11.9-12.4 11.3-12.2 170-180
4.0 V6 4WD 5M 235 343 12.6 9.0 187
4.0 V6 4WD 5A 235 376 13.2 9.3 180
Quick Review
Good Bad
Off-road capability, value for money, manageable Tight third row, slow base model ride, cheap cabin