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Final Task

You have to organize an exhibition on The Representation of Black people

in Art and act as a tour guide for a group of lively and curious teenagers.

-Select the works of Art you want to exhibit.

-Choose the different themes around which your exhibition will be organized.
-Carefully prepare the comments you will make on what you consider as the
highlights of your display : you should present the document, the artist, make
the visitors comment on the technique and intentions of the artist, explain
why you decided to dwell on this work of art and which particular light it
casts on the topic of the exhibition

You can use the documents/ reproductions provided in this file or find some
others you might find more relevant.

NB : you should work in groups of 3 / 4

Dido Elizabeth Belle and Lady Elizabeth Murray (by an unknown artist, formerly attributed to Zoffany) from
the collection of the Earl of Mansfield, Scone Palace, Perth
William Blake, Urizen in Chains. Department of Prints & Drawings, The British
Manner of Sir Joshua
Reynolds A Young
Black (?Francis Barber)
date not known
Paul Czanne
O Negro Cipio (Scipio, the Negro)
Museu de Arte de So Paulo, Brazil
Dyck, Anthony van, Sir
Flemish, 1599 - 1641

Marchesa Elena Grimaldi Cattaneo

douard Manet, 1863
Muse d'Orsay, Paris
Henry Howe, Life and Death on the Ocean: A Collection of Extraordinary
Adventures in the Form of Personal Narratives (Cincinnati, 1856),
Punishment Aboard a Slave Ship, 1792
Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, British Cartoon Collection. Originally published in London, April 10,
Africans Liberated from a Slave Ship, East Africa, 1870s
George L. Sulivan, Dhow chasing in Zanzibar waters and on the eastern coast of Africa (London, 1873)
Collection of Teresa Heinz

Eyre Crowes Slaves Waiting for Sale (1861)

he Old Plantation. Courtesy of the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Center, Williamsburg, Va.
Oil painting, exhibited at the Royal Academy, 1861

Heinz collection, Washington DC

Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960 - 1988)

Slave Auction

(Vente aux enchres d'esclaves)

Kerry James Marshall, Gulf Stream, 2003.
Collection of the Walker Art Center,

Winslow Homer, The Gulf Stream,

1899. Collection of the Metropolitan
Museum of Art, New York.
Thomas Hart Benton (American, 18891975)
Deep South from America Today, 193031
Mural cycle consisting of ten panels