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Dominique Gauzin-Miller with contbuvions by Nicos Fovet SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE AND URBANISM CONCEPTS, TECHNOLOGIES, EXAMPLES BIRKHAUSER Publishers for Archit Gout? G28 2002 “The folowing sections ofthe text were written by the arch tect Nicolas Favet pages 7678, "Amsterdam, Netherlands, OWL distri” pages79-82, Hebink’ Finland, Vikki dtr’ pages 160-165, “Housing in Vikki, Helin, Finland’ pages 184.189, Netley Green primary school, UK" pages 208.211, "Cultural and vstor centre, Terasson, Franc! ages224229, "Avax headquarters building. Athens, Greece’ pages 230233, 'Guzzin headquartersbuiding, Recanat aly’ Nicolas Favet aso assisted in drawing up the bibliography, Design: Richard Medion’ ‘Cover design Alexandra Zoller “Translated from French by: Kate Purver Lithography: FA. Publ Printing: Rotoito Lombard aly This book ialsoavalabe ina German language edition (ISBN 3-7643.66583) ACP catalogue record fr thisbook i avalable rem the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C, USA, Die Deutsche Bibliothek -CPEinheitsauhahme Sustainable architecture and urbanism: concepts, teemologes, examples / Dominique GauzinMiller. With contributions by Nicolas Fave, Engl. transl: Kate Purver) Base: Berlin; Boston: Birkhauser, 2002 Einhetsacht: Architecture éalogigue Dz Ausg.udT: Nachhaltighet in Architektur une Seatebau ISBN 3.7643.6659.1 Ths ors asset tocoprah. Alar etrved wheter he ele ofthe maaral sconcerved graye nhl wanton re tng ‘eae of trations recta Brose eproaion on merotirs ‘aa nd Sorae ncaa Foray tintin, errant tecoprpe ‘ineemumtancbnoas ©2002 Birkrauser~ Publshers for Architecture, PO. Box 133. CH.A010 Basel Saitzerland A rember ofthe BertekmannSpringes Publishing Group © 2001, Groupe Moniteur, Edits duMonieur, Pars, forthe onghaledven Printed on aid ree paper produced from chlorine pulp. TOF Pented nity ISBN 37643-65581 987654321 batpy//avonorenaucercn The French edition ofthis book was publehed under the tile Architecture éologique at Editions du Monteur ‘TTarve ¢'Uzés, 75108 Paris Cedex 02, France, Pew (0G 0 THE ENVIRONMENTAL ALTERNATIVE Issues, PRACTICE AND PERSPECTIVES sues in sustainable development The political and economic context Trends in environmental architecture European practice Timber in sustainable development Rational use of energy Experimental programmes The future of green building