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Define yourself

2. Why you wish to choose academics as your career ?

3. What do you enjoy most about teaching students ?

4. What are your strengths & Weaknesses ?

5. What competition do you see, if you take up this job ?

6. What would be your teaching methodology ?

7. How wouldyou differentiate teaching UG & PG students ?

1. I am Shobha Prasad. I am born and brought up in

Mumbai, post marriage settled in Pune. I have pursued my

M.com (Accounts) from Mumbai University and PGeMBA

(Finance) from Mumbai Educational Trust. My total work

experience is of 5.3 years of which I have got 8 months of

teaching experience with XYZ.

2. Teaching was my passion right from my school days.

Pune being an educational hub, I first got an opportunity

with XYZ institute and I took it as my career.

3. I like to interact with students. I respect their

views, as I believe that apart from transferring my

knowledge there is also a lot to learn from them.

4. My strength is my sincerity, hard work & dedication

towards my job. And my weakness is that I am short tempered.

5. I think that I have the competition with myself.

Coz I believe that every individual has different level of

understanding and talent. Convincing any person to agree at

your conclusion is a biggest task. / Making a person

understanding your point of view is itself a biggest task.

6. I would prefer to interact with students and teach

them. As by doing this they can understand things better,

also their self confidence will improve.