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Test of English level 1 Name and Surname (nombre y apellidos): Date:

1) Put in the gaps the right answer (ponga las respuestas correctas en los espacios) :
AM/IS/ARE: 9 points
I . from a town in the north Scotland, called Grantown. It a small place with

about 30, 000 people. The people in Grantown ..very friendly. Bur the weather

not very good. My favourite sport..snowboarding, but I..not very good at it. My

parents and I . very happy here in Grantown. But my older sister, Fionanot at

home now. Shea nurse in Edingburgh, the capital of Scotland.

2) Change the subjects in each sentence by a personnel pronom and HAS GOT or HAVE GOT
( Cambie los sujetos de cada oracin por el pronombre correspondiente y con la
estructura de have got o has got): 4 points.

Karen and her mother live in London. a flat in Piccadilly.

Oxford University and Cambridge University are English universities.

a lot of international students.

John is an English businessman. ..a European corporation.

Rebecca and I are sisters. .four others siblings.

3) Put possessive with s or s: 4 points.

John and Ann car. Lisa table. The family car. Those girls friends.

4) Change the sentences into plural or singular form ( cambia las oraciones al plural o
singular) 3 points

These cats are on the roof. ____________________________

This apple is on the basket. ____________________________

That girl is my classmate. ____________________________