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CONTACT INFORMATION: rosebell@quincypublicschools.com or
rbellqhs@gmail.com (for sharing Google documents)
WEBSITE: http://msbellspanish.weebly.com/
You have made a wise choice to study Spanish; did you know
- The U.S. Hispanic Population will make over 50% of the total population in less than 50
- The Hispanic population in the U.S. is the fifth largest in the world?
- Spanish is spoken by over 300 million people around the world?

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Spanish 2 College and Career Preparatory aims to further develop
the four basic language skills attained in middle school Spanish or in Spanish 1 College and
Career Preparatory with special emphasis on oral proficiency through the use of practical and
relevant vocabulary. Reading is expanded to longer passages, and includes a variety of authentic
materials. Examination of daily life and customs in the Hispanic world continues.

HOMEWORK POLICY: The purpose of homework is to reinforce the knowledge acquired in

class. You will be expected to complete a written homework assignment after each class
session prior to a major test. Homework is due, checked and reviewed the next time the class
meets. In order to receive full credit for a homework assignment, you must make your own
corrections on your paper as the assignment is reviewed in class. Unless otherwise stated, all
assignments are to be written in complete sentences in your notebook. No credit is given for late
or incomplete assignments except in cases of legitimate absence. Excuses such as, I forgot my
book, I didnt know what to do, or its in my locker are unacceptable. It is your
responsibility to make-up assignments due to absence. If you go on a field trip, it is your
responsibility to get and complete the homework assignment on time. The daily homework
assignment is written on the board in room C-305.

BINDER: You are required to keep a binder in which you take notes and prepare your
homework assignments and to store the many handouts that I will distribute to you during the
course of the year. (If you are unable to obtain a binder please speak to me and I will make sure
you can get one.)

TESTS, QUIZZES, PROJECTS: You will take a quiz approximately once every 1-2 weeks
and a chapter test approximately once every 3-4 weeks. There will be a comprehensive mid-term
and final exam. In addition, there will be projects and other activities during the year.

CLASSWORK: The weight of each in-class assignment will vary. I expect you to work when
you come to class and the assignments you complete will have an effect on your overall grade.
CLASS PARTICIPATION: Since learning a language requires a lot of practice, class
participation will be included in calculating your grade. Attitude and classroom behavior are also
included in calculating the class participation part of your grade.

Tests, quizzes and projects 50%
Homework/Classwork 30%
Class Participation 20%

*Midterm and Final Exam are worth 20% of the grade for that term


1. You must be in your assigned seat by the time the bell rings so as not to be marked tardy.
If you are late, you must present an appropriate pass. After 3 tardies in a term, a detention
will be issued.

2. You must report to class fully prepared and ready to work. You are not permitted to go to
your locker during class time. You must bring to class every day your binder, a pen or
pencil, and your written homework assignment. The homework assignment as well as
other announcements will be written on the board.

3. You will be given a 5 point grade reduction for each cut of a single period and 10 points
for a double period along with a zero for the days work this includes homework,
quizzes, and tests. No make-up will be given for class cuts.

4. No eating, drinking, or gum chewing is permitted in class (unless consent is given by

teacher). You may bring a bottle of water to class (clear, no sugar).

5. No cut-downs of anyone will be tolerated. All students need to feel safe to try new
sounds, new activities, and new ways of looking at the world. Ridicule, criticism, and
disrespect have no place here.

6. You must raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged if you have something to say.
Unless asked to do so, do not call out answers. In addition, you must refrain from
conversations unrelated to our class, as it disrupts the class.

7. You are not permitted to write in your books. You will be charged for damaged and lost

8. Hats and headgear (unless for religious purposes) are not permitted in the classroom.

9. The use of electronic devices such as cell phones, iPods, etc. and other electronic
communication devices are not permitted in class nor is charging any of these electronics
in class.
10. Throwing of objects (including pens and pencils) will not be tolerated.

11. All trash must be deposited (not thrown) into the wastepaper basket at the end of the

12. Do not write on desks.

13. Students are to remain in their seats until the bell rings and I dismiss the class. Do not
line up at the door.

14. You are not permitted to go to guidance or the dean during class time unless you have a
note from your guidance counselor/dean requesting to see you during class time or
previous arrangements have been made with the teacher.

I expect you to try your best! Dont worry if you make a mistake. Making mistakes in Spanish
class is a good thing since it means you are using the language to express yourself. Ask
questions! I will be happy to explain something again. If you try your best and follow guidelines
in this contract, you should have a successful year and discover that learning Spanish can be fun!

Buena suerte y que te diviertas muchsimo! (Good luck and have lots of fun!)

Acknowledgement of Syllabus and Classroom Policies

I have read the syllabus and understand the expectations in Ms. Bells Spanish class.

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Date: _______________

I have read the syllabus and understand the expectations in my childs Spanish class.

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