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Class - xi
Important Point:
s Syllabus consists of topics from Current Class and Previous Class.
s Students are advised to nd these topics from their school text books of present and
previous years and prepare thoroughly for MCQs.

Physics chemistry
Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
Physical World and Measurement
Structure of Atom
Kinematics and Laws of Motion
Classi cation of Elements and
Work, Energy and Power
Periodicity in Properties
System of Particles
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
States of Matter : Gases and Liquids

biology Maths

Living World Sequence and Series

Diversity of Animals Linear and Quadratic Inequalities
Structural Organization in Plants Quadratic Equations

& Animals (Animal Tissue & Complex Numbers

Plant Anatomy) Trigonometric Functions

Straight Lines
Cell Biology (Cell Cycle and Cell

Paper Pattern Marking Scheme
Part-I : Physics; Chemistry; Biology/Maths (Students + 4 for correct answer
attempt either Biology or Maths) Part-II : IQ & -1 for wrong answer (negative marking)
Pattern of Questions Question Distribution (Part-I: 60, Part-II : 20)
80 Objective Type Questions | MCQs of 4 choices Physics: 20; Chemistry: 20; and
(single correct answer) Any one of Biology : 20 / Maths : 20, IQ: 20
(Sample test papers are available at
Medium & Duration Of Exam
website : www.tallentex.com)
Medium : English Only | Duration : 2 Hours.

It is Compulsory to take seat in exam hall atleast 30 minutes before test to ll OMR.

ALLEN Career Institute, Corporate Oce: "SANKALP" CP-6, Indra Vihar Kota (Rajasthan), India 324005 | ( : +91-744-515-6100