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e Cantaloupe Island PLAY 7 CHORUSES (/=96) By Herbie Hancock [Master the Db7(+4) chord scale. This is just 4-bar phrases. Use the F blues scale throughout, but listen! Play In a rockish manner using high register and short, staccato-like phrases to create excitement. Famous Recording: Herble Hancock (Blue Note CD B21Y-84175) INTRO MELODY Fe —s4 FE (ist TIME) ra ra i a F BLUES SCALE Ending fades on F— NOTE: In soloing, the second chord/scale could be Db7+4 (Db Eb F Gi Ab Bb Cb Db). Conyrgh 1995 By nseck Mic Ca, New You, NY, Tit Arangement Coprght ©1991 By Hancock Maxie Ca "AL Right Mesered Inerwtseal Copy Sotamd Use By Pomme 1 e 2. Cantaloupe Island e PLAY 9 TIMES ( J = 110) By Herbie Hancock INTRO p_ r TUNE = DIG eaiGe rE o A | Rhy. cont. F- Fr > Db7 = Db7 ‘apo 07 Hc Ma Ca New Yr fine Inert ened Agate” aed emi 2