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Introduction to Production - Course Overview

Week 1: Introduction to Logic DAW

Introduction and Setup Computers - MIDI
An Introduction to Logic Load a song and overview of the interface
House Keeping File management.
Using the Media Library and importing Apple loops
Audio Units and MIDI programming in Logic
Using the arrangement grid
Basic region editing in Arrange window (Copy, Cut, Loop, Glue functions)
Building a basic arrangement

Week 2: Drum programming

How to load Instrument Using the Media Library and Instrument Presets
How to use Ultrabeat part 1
How to Create a basic dance beat in arrangement window
Basic MIDI editing in the piano roll and Event List.
Using quantise, velocity and note length.
Step editing in Ultrabeat
How to unmerge Midi events
Ultrabeat Part 2 (Adding and replacing Samples reversing sounds, tuning and
saving kit & samples)

Week 3: Basic music theory

Intro to music theory (What are Octaves, tones & semi-tones?)
What is a scale? - Scale construction
Basic Chord construction & inversion
Introduction to Logics environment
Using Logics Arpegiatior & Chord Memoriser objects in the environment

Week 4: Analog synthesis

Intro to Analogue Synthesis (What is an Oscillator, wave forms, Filters and
ADSR? etc)
Software Instruments Part 2: Using the ES1 Creating new sounds (Bass &
Lead sounds)
Basic MIDI controllers main Volume, pitch bend and modulation.
Using Midi controllers to control Software instruments parameters Quick
access in Logic

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Week 5: Digital audio
Introduction to Digital Audio Recording sample rate, Bit depth
Media audio Bin File management
Recording mode in Logic
Further audio editing in arrange window
Editing using Sample window

Week 6: Sampling part 1

Sampling Sources
Sampling and the Law
Basic sampling techniques (Root key, mapping, tuning samples)
EXS24 Multi sample program
Saving program and samples

Week 7: Sampling part 2

ESX 24 individual outputs
Synthesis and editing in EXS24
Introduction to REX files and Recycle
Flex time in Logic
Time stretching in Logic

Week 8: The mixing desk

The role of the Mixing desk in Music Production
Logic Pro mixing Desk
The role of EQ in Music Production
How to use Logic EQ

Week 9: An introduction to FX processors

Sound Processors an overview of logic FXs
Fxs used as inserts
Side chaining in Logic
Setting FXs using sends & busses
How to set up a rough mix in Logic

Week 10: Structure and arrangement

Analysing the structure of a song
The role of each section
Build a structure in Logic
Editing techniques in Logic arrange window to build a structure
Introduction to arrangement

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Week 11: Art of mixing
Introduction to mixing
Mixing inside in the box
One to one sessions

Week 12: Finalising projects & evaluation

One to one sessions
Finalising projects
Portfolios & feedback

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