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1.1 This event is open to all bona fide members of NECONFED-JPIA1st
Semester AY 2017 2018.
1.2 This event aims to allow students to test their knowledge in a fun, friendly and
exciting academic competitions.
1.3 Winners will be awarded on the last day of the Congress at the venue.
1.4 Meetings must be attended by the local chapter representatives and
performance representatives for announcements and further discussion of the
guidelines of the event.
1.5 Safety, sportsmanship, and respect must be demonstrated throughout the
duration of NECONFED CONGRESS 2016.
1.6 During the contest, the NECONFED-JPIA officers reserve the right, in their sole
discretion, to disqualify participants. They are free to use such right against participants
who exhibited inappropriate actions disturbing the event and who violated this IRR.
1.7 An addendum of the IRR may be uploaded on the NECONFED Facebook


2.1 SAGE: shall be composed of the following competitions:
2.1.1 Local Chapter Feud
2.1.2 Last JPIAn Standing
2.1.3 NECONFED Bluff
2.1.4 4 Pics, 1 Word


3.1 Only 1 group of participants representing their respective local chapter is allowed.
3.2 The group shall consist of 4 members only.
3.3 For each round, two local chapters shall compete against each other.
3.4 Single elimination shall be applied to determine the winner.
3.5 Each feud round shall begin with the FACE OFF. as a player from each team tries to take
control of the question by giving the most popular (not necessarily number one) answer.
3.5.1Each team chooses a player for the Face-Off. The Emcee reads aloud Question #1.
When either of the two players has an answer, he/she shall press the buzzer (in case of a tie, the
first one to press the buzzer shall be given priority). He then must answer the question
immediately. If his answer matches an answer, the survey board reveals the answer, its
placement on the scoreboard and the points to place next to the answer.
3.5.2 If a player fails to give an answer immediately he loses his turn.
3.5.3 If the player gives the number one answer, the team wins The Face-
Off and The Feud Round begins (see).
3.5.4 If the player gives an answer that is not one of the the top tenresponses, or is not
the most popular answer, the player on the opposing team gets to answer the question. If the
opposing teams player gives a more popular answer, that team wins the Face-Off.
3.5.5 If his or her answer is not more popular, the Face-Off continues as follows: If the second player gives a less popular answer than the first player, the
first players team wins the Face-Off.
2. If both players give an answer that isnt on the survey, a new
player from each team is chosen to answer the question in the same
order as the first two players. In a three player game, each player
gets another chance, in turn, until a winner is determined.
3. The answers and their point values are then written on the
The Winner of the Face-Off may play the question or pass the
question to the other team.
Question #1: Players on the controlling team take turns guessing the
answers to Question #1. Players cannot help each other answer the
question. In a three player game, the player on the controlling team
tries to give all the remaining answers before three strikes are made.
Emcee Duties: The Emcee announces how many answers there are
to the survey. When a player gives a correct answer, the Emcee
announces the answer, placement on the scoreboard (#1-10) and
the corresponding points for that answer.
When a player gives an incorrect answer or takes too long to give
an answer (determined by the Emcee), it counts as a strike. The
Emcee puts one X marker on the strike indicator, beginning with
the Strike One square.
Winning the Round: If the controlling team gives all the remaining
answers to Question #1 without getting three strikes, they total their
points on the scoreboard and place the score under the team
number on the Feud section of the scoreboard.
If the controlling team gets three strikes before all the remaining
answers are guessed, the opposing team takes control and is
allowed one guess to try and match any remaining answer. If the
opposing team guesses correctly, they then total their score and
write it on the scoreboard under their team number. If they dont
guess correctly, the team who originally controlled the question gets
those points. NOTE: If all the answers to the questions have not
been revealed, the team who wins the round only gets the points
equal to the answers that were guessed correctly on the scoreboard.
Question #2: A new member from each team is chosen for the Face-
Off and the Emcee reads Question #2 aloud. The game is played
the same as in Question #1.
Question #3: A new player from each team is chosen for the Face-
Off and the Emcee reads Question #3 aloud. The game is played
the same as in Questions #1 and #2 except the point value that the
Emcee calls out is then doubled when put on the scoreboard.
The player or team with the most points after three Questions plays
the Fast Money Bonus Round. In case of a tie, both teams will play.

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