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18- Aug -2017 Friday

Moon in rahu star in Gemini

From dhanishta aq sign

moon in 5 house
Venus in 5 house
Mars in 6 house
sun in 7 house
rahu in 7 house
mer (r) in 7 house
jup in 8 house
sat (r) in 10 house
ketu in 1 house
Transiting Venus square or opposite your natal Mars. Often the focus is on romance and sexual activity.
There is inherent conflict now between the need for self gratification and the need to be considerate of
others feelings. You may have trouble finding an equitable compromise at this time. If you are involved in
a sexual relationship, this period is a time of heightened passion and aggression. This combination can
represent the start of "love hate" relationships. In normally smooth relationships, this can be a period
when you have more petty bickering than usual. Social events and parties that you attend or host will tend
to be rowdy and out of control. Occasionally it might even turn violent. Jeolousy and possessiveness can
be a significant issue. This can be a creative period for artists.

If lord of the 4th, this indicates a potential clash of lifestyles in the domestic area, someone forgets to do
the dishes or take out the trash and a fight ensues.

If lord of the 11th, social involvements are full of strings attached with implied alliances and expectations.
You will find it impossible to please everybody. Others may doubt your loyalty.

Venus opposition Mars When you try to be friendly, you seem to miss the mark.
Attempting to satisfy romantic needs and assertive/sexual needs simultaneously
can be challenging. Your romantic sensibilities and your desires are at odds with
one another, and problems (especially misunderstandings) in romantic and
sexual relationships may result. Passions run high. Jealousies are possible.
Impulsive decisions affect your finances and/or your established relationships.
You could stir up problems in order to fulfill a need for excitement.

Transit Venus Opposition Mars

You experience more tension in partnerships as youre torn between the need to
compromise and the need to fulfill your own desires. You may feel that theyre
trying to take advantage of you, making you less inclined to cooperate or
compromise. All your dealings with others will seem to be more difficult,
especially with those of the opposite sex, and one of you may behave in a
provocative or inappropriate manner. Conflicts in your personal life will make it
more difficult to concentrate on work and you need to watch taking this out on
other people in your environment. Be especially careful when making financial
agreements, as the results may not be beneficial for you.

Transiting Venus opposite Mars increases sexual tension and physical

desires. If you are involved in a healthy relationship then the tension can be
released with heightened stimulation and enjoyment. An already tense
relationships could see tempers boils over because of selfishness or wandering
Even if single, your increased desires still need to be kept in check because of a
tendency to be attracted to someone who are not really compatible with.
Women or submissive men should be particularly cautious be avoid falling prey
to overly aggressive types.
A more positive way to release the build up of tension and frustration is through
physical or creative outlets such as vigorous exercise, dance or sculpture. A strong
competitive spirit can lead to victories in sport and business, so long a your
remember to be friendly to team-mates.
Transit Mars Sextile Jupiter

Youre highly effective in communicating with other people during this time,
expressing courage, confidence and great optimism. You could sell ice to an
Eskimo and theyd feel like they got the better end of the bargain. Youre
supportive and encouraging but wont lose sight of your own objectives when
dealing with other people. Youre up for exciting and competitive physical
activities and will tend to be a good sport. You may get very restless if confined to
a small space or a tight schedule and will prefer to be spontaneous when
adventure calls. You may travel during this time and will enjoy stimulating and
educational experiences on your journey.

Transiting Mars trine or sextile your natal Jupiter. Your actions are blessed with
what seems to be a fair amount of luck. It is an excellent time for almost any
enterprise as you are able to put what can and can't be done in proper
perspective. As a result, your insight and apparent luck in business may be
uncanny and will impress alot of other people. Be careful about self-promotion
and making yourself appear as being more important and powerful than you really
are. You are inclined to lack humility.

If lord of the 3rd, you may have a hectic schedule now with alot to do. Relatives
may cause you inconvenience. Siblings may impose upon you.

If lord of the 12th, you may feel mildly restless and uncontented and may desire
greener pastures. Travel may be necessary.

Mars Sextile Natal Jupiter

Opportunity is ripe at this time in your life, any projects or activities you start now
should be successful unless there are other factors in your life that may be very
negative. Any business negotiations or deals should work out very well and too
your advantage. Jupiter is a lucky planet so this will allow you to have a sense of
optimism that will breed success in your life. Your physical energy is also very high
and your health should be good. Try to expand your horizons and learn new things
as it will greatly benefit your personal growth.
Transiting Mars sextile Saturn regulates your energy and drive to give
the determination and endurance to succeed. You can methodically plans out your
course of action in the most efficient way. A strong work ethic and attention to
detail means you can attack complex and difficult tasks.
This transit especially favors manual work such as construction or mechanics.
However, your patience and ambition means you can succeed in anything you
passionately desire. Although you will not be seeking risks, this is an excellent time
for dangerous work because of your sensible and cautious nature. You can
confidently work with blades and other sharp object on wood, stone and iron.
This is a good chance to make solid progress with a long-term project. It wont
bother you that the results will not appear instantly. In relationships, you will
attract loyal people or those looking for someone strong and reliable. New
relationships are possible but are likely to evolve slowly. Romance may initially
give way to practicalities but the long-term outlook would be good.
This is also a good transit for learning and teaching practical subjects, for
endurance sports and strenuous adventures.

Transiting Mars trine or sextile your natal Saturn. At this time you are able to make
steady progress with sustained effort. You will find that your patience is improved
so it is a good time to work with anything that requires careful planning, or
detailed intricate analysis and sharp focus. Your work will be very deliberate,
methodical and thorough and you are not as likely to make mistakes. This transit
favors work with heavy machinery as your movements are more precise and
cautious now. Aerobic exercise is favored, but you will probably not feel like going
all out in straining yourself. Weights may seem heavier to you now than usual.

If Saturn is lord of your first house, your actions are more methodical now. You are
able to make steady progress in what you do.

If lord of the 2nd, this is a good time to make repairs. The mechanics of how things
work may interest you.
Mars sextile/trine Saturn This is a good time to appreciate determined effort and
actions. You are especially aware of the process right now, and this gives you a
sense of responsibility and purposefulness. Its a good time to temper your energy
or apply yourself, using traditional methods.
Moon Transits the 5th house

You feel playful, light hearted and expressive! Your overall confidence gets a boost
and is a great time to get out to meet someone if single. Your need for self
expression is stronger, and your confidence is increased and you may be a bit more
dramatic too. If you have children you should plan some extra time with them. If
you are paired up it should be a romantic couple of days. You may crave attention
or compliments but you are more than willing to do your part to earn them.

Transit Moon in Gemini

When the Moon is in Gemini, mental stimulation makes us feel better and is
greatly desired. Resting on our laurels is not an option with this Moon. We need
constant mental action or restlessness will set in, and then comes the irritability,
and then comes the fighting. Stay in motion or be on edge. Communications are
important, and we spend much of this Moon taking on the phone and reading,
shooting off emails and text messages, writing letters and taking trips to see
people. Its a sociable time because we need others to help keep us busy and fuel
our minds. Were much more inquisitive and are in need of some short-term
diversity in our lives. This Moon is usually good for day-to-day activities, as long as
theres a long list of them, and multi-tasking is better done now. Gemini is also a
dual sign, so we may see things coming in pairs. Whatever we need, give us two of
it! Just watch for an inability to handle the quiet, and we can be too changeable,
not being able to stay on anything long enough to actually see things through.
Good for: natal Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius Moons, those with natal Moon
conjunct natal Mercury, or natal Moon in the Third House

Transit Moon in the 5th House

Being social makes you feel good, and you feel more connected with others when
engaging in creative pursuits or just playing around, having fun. Spending time out
of the house, doing something fun is usually wanted with the Moon in the Fifth
House. Whatever you find thats fun and gives you a reprieve from stress is what
you want to do most. This should be a fun time of the month for all if handled
well. Youre more creative, in tune with your emotions and channeling them
through creative outlets. You may be in the mood for love and romance, and want
to spend time being romantic with someone special. Your children may be more
emotional, or may make you more emotional, or you could have a stronger desire
for children or to spend time with children. Laziness can set in with this transit in
regards to your daily responsibilities, choosing to just play rather than work. Thats
fine if its the weekend. Playing hooky isnt always good when youre grown up.
You could also overindulge in things not-so-good for you, so watch yourself a little
bit. There can be a greater chance of getting approval from others to secure your
sense of self.

Transiting Moon square or opposite your natal Mars. This is often a time of domestic discord and difficulty
in relationships, especially with women. There will be much less tolerance than usual. This is not a good
time to be airing out your feelings as you may say or do things that you will later regret. It is best to try to
work out this aggression physically in the gym doing some sort of exercise. Be at least a little careful
about being accident prone though, especially if there are other hard aspects to your natal Mars now.

If lord of the 4th, this is a textbook example of domestic discord and lack of harmony in your personal life.
You may not be getting along with your parents now.
If lord of the 11th, others around you may try to change your political positions, or vice versa. There is
potential for angry outbursts from a crowd that you are in.
Transiting Moon opposite Mars can make you moody and short-
tempered. Little things will annoy you that you would normally ignore. Anger and a
tendency to act without thinking increase the risk of minor irritations turning into
arguments or fights. Being alone will stop conflict but you still need to let off
steam without causing harm.
Relationships with your partner, family and close friends are most likely to suffer
from your impulsive actions and aggressive instincts. To avoid hostilities you can
channel your energy toward hard work and competition. Trying to better your
record in an individual sport or exercise will cut anger levels.
You may feel a strong urge to have your own strong desires fulfilled. However, the
more selfish your motives the less likely you are to succeed. This is a good time for
fight for a just cause or defend the vulnerable. You can chase your own passionate
desires but will have a better chance of success by compromising and considering
the needs of others.
It is possible you could be subject to aggression from others. Abuse such as
domestic violence would be a sign of not expressing your emotional desires
strongly enough. If you are the submissive or shy type then this transit may trigger
a fight or flight response and an opportunity to leave a dangerous home
Moon opposition Mars Acting on impulse is what this transit tends to spur you to
do. On the negative side, you could be very temperamental and touchy. Used
positively, you could possess just the right amount of verve to do something
youve never done before. Be aware that you are ruled by your passions now. A
new connection with a man, or problems with males, may feature. You could
get caught up in a domestic squabble. Although overly hasty or rash actions
taken now could rebound on you, some healthy risk-taking could simply help
you to break the routine and get you out of a rut. This transit excites your
passions, and you are less in control of them than usual.
Transiting Moon square or opposite your natal Jupiter. This is a time when the issue of give and take is
likely to be highlighted. In relationships, there may be the tendency to cling or be possessive by either you
or your partner. Avoid being too demanding. If injustice is present, you might be tempted towards self
righteousness and intolerance, or go too far in the pursuit of justice. Be careful of anything that appears to
be too good to be true. Self indulgence could be rather extreme now and make you sick or hung over

If lord of the 3rd, relationships with relatives, siblings and inlaws may lack proper boundaries for a short
while. You may have to deal with a demanding relative.

If lord of the 12th, you probably have a tendency to daydream now and lack focus in the here and now.
Take time off and relax if possible.

Transiting Moon square or opposite your natal Saturn. At this time you are likely to be in a bad mood or
suffer from mild depression. You will probably not feel especially communicative and prefer solitude to the
company of others. Other people may perceive you as being cold and uncaring. You may feel lonely and
isolated with no one to depend upon. Often you will have difficulty expressing your emotions or may not
be able to cry.

If Saturn is lord of your 1st house, you may feel uncomfortable with expressing emotions and believe that
you cannot depend upon others for support. You probably feel lonely.

If lord of the 2nd, you may have difficulty accepting financial help from others. Someone may beg you for
money. You probably aren't feeling generous.

Transiting Moon square Saturn has a restricting and depressing influence

on your feelings and relationships. It becomes harder for you to connect to other
people in any meaningful way.
Sadness, loneliness, guilt and shame are possible as you are reminded of past
relationship failures, loss and grief. Bitterness or low self-esteem may hold you
back from sharing your emotions. Other people or circumstances can also cause
distance in relationships or feelings of isolation. A nagging women can cause you
Take responsibility for your own emotional reactions. Relationship problems will
more likely be due to your emotional immaturity than anything your partner has
done. Blaming others for your bad mood will only make matters worse and could
put a cherished relationships at risk.
Unhealthy or codependent relationships involving abuse or addiction may end.
Even apparently normal relationships can suffer from emotional coldness, nagging
or bullying. Perhaps a weather event or missed flight increases the emotional
distance between you and your loved one.
This is not the best time for entertaining or socializing because of your low mood.
You are not fun to be around and making friends would be very difficult. Accept
that you will probably feel sad and lonely at times.
If this transit is from a lunar eclipse then depression is possible and you will need
to see your doctor. A normal Moon transit of about four hours should simply be
felt as a bad mood or argument.

Transiting Moon square Jupiter gives a general feeling of well-being and

ease, but rarely results in any dramatic events. Socializing in favored but you may
have to watch a tendency toward excess when it comes to food, alcohol and
drugs. Your may experience changeable moods, and changing tastes can present
difficulties if you have wandering eyes.
There is a tendency with this transit to lower you standards in relationships.
Disloyalty now would nearly always lead to embarrassment or scandal when
exposed. It is normal to feel upbeat and optimistic now but over confidence would
lead to unwanted repercussions.
A good way to avoid any moral decay is to spend some time sharing your good
will. Charitable work would be fulfilling but make sure to leave yourself enough for
yourself. This tendency toward overdoing things also needs to be watched when
shopping. You emotional reactions and impulses are much stronger now and can
lead you astray.
Religion or other forms of spirituality may appeal to you. This would also be a good
time to look into further education, particularly in the humanities and social
What happened that day
Came to office. Did exercise. Doing work. Emails. got a lift from stranger.

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