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BA5 (11:30-12:30PM, MWF)

Mrs Quijada
March 18, 2013, Monday


I am always striving for continued excellence and this excellence will only be
compelled when I will graduate in this course and took another business path which
is to have a masters degree or even doctors degree and to be able to get a work
which I think is in line with my educational attainment, knowledge and skills that I
have. With this career path then I will consider myself as a successful one.

To become a Human Resource Head/Manager, to handle personnel decisions,

including hiring, position assignment, training, benefits, and compensation. With
this position, if I will accomplish it, then my works mission will be tough and will
provide me some earnings to be contributed and shared to my family members, to
help them financially and to buy the things that I cannot afford to buy now like the
luxury things such as car, house and lot, etc. All these things can be done and get
through when I will my priorities and know how to be disciplined and the
determination to pursue all these things are great consideration I must to have.

To be successful in business career and be a role model to everyone who once

dreamed of becoming a successful one with the endeavour to pursue their dreams
and take the job opportunities as the way to succeed.