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Eprolink - 2G/3G/LAN/WIFI

This is a very versatile intelligent GPRS modem

with two RS-485 ports and one Ethernet port. It
operates on 24VDC supply. It has high speed
processor for processing various tasks along
with GSM/GPRS module. It has one
10/100mbps Ethernet, two RS-485 interfaces
for communication with slave devices. User can
connect at most 31 slave devices on each port
adding up 62 slave devices. Ethernet port is
used for configuring various modes and
parameters using PC based utility for windows.
A provision for micro SD card socket is provided
for future use for local data storage in FAT file
format. Software RTC (Real Time Clock) is
implemented in firmware to keep track of real
time for data logging application. A real time is
read from the service provider on power on and
maintained in firmware. This product is mainly
design for interfacing MODBUS slave devices for
remote data logging and control.

GPRS Modem GSM/GPRS module from TELIT
Serial Ports 2 RS-485 Serial Ports (2 wires)
Ethernet LAN 10/100mbps full and half
LED Output LED indicator for serial port and
Supported SIM card 3V SIM card standard
Micro SD Card socket any micro SD card can
be inserted
Antenna Socket for External antenna
Power Supply 24VDC @250mA
Enclosure Metal Enclosure
Dimension 190mmx105mmx32mm
Comparator SMS
Error SMS
Periodic SMS
Query Communication Error SMS
Remote Data logging on simple FTP server
Local Data logging on micro SD card
Set micro SD card full alert limit & SMS