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Nowadays, everyone relies on computer businesses, organizations and even schools.

becomes necessity to this new era. It made a great impact to different industries, businesses, and
institutions. To this day, universities, colleges, and schools uses computer to have a smooth flow of
transaction. Main beneficiary of this fast and reliable transactions are the students of their respective

ACTS Computer College of Infanta is a pioneer computer school in REINA. It was founded in the year
2010 and accepted its first enrolees in year 2011 with an accumulating population of _______. The
school offered Computer Programming and Computer Hardware Servicing upon its launching. After a
year, computer degree courses Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Bachelor of Science
in Computer Science, and a business program Bachelor of Science in Business Administration were also

During their first year, they used manual processing of enrolment. After a year, a computerized
enrolment system was used to minimize tedious and repetitive work for the enrolment process. The
system has the capability of adding and managing student records, enrolment computations with
printing, and database backups. It was until 2015 when the school administrator noticed that some
features of the system has JIT bug which affects the whole system as well. One of its modules were not
accessible due to the JIT bug that was not corrected because the program codes were not been
endowed to the school after the programmer left the school. The system was not able to save the data
encoded to one of the dependent tables. This made the system freeze and crash. A workaround was
made in order to continue the business. However, the process becomes more aggravating. The user
needs to open two systems the main system and the workaround system, in order to proceed with the
enrolment and registration of student records. Thus, made a decision of changing the current system
with the most accurate and reliable one.

The researchers propose a more reliable and more efficient program that will solve the problem
encountered in the existing system. The proposed Automated Enrollment System has the capability of
what the existing system can in such a ways that it will be more enhanced and efficient, as well as new
features are added. Features include student record management, enrolment computation and printing
of official registration acknowledgement form, and a more accurate data backup.


Enrolment serves as a vital part in life of every student upon entering schools or universities, either
public or private, and it serves as the first impression of the student to the whole institution. According
to Wikipedia(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enrollment), it may refer to the process of initiating
attendance to a school. Thus, if the school, has poor performance in terms of enrolment process, it may
imply negative reactions and impressions from the students which may result to reduction of

Computer world nowadays, makes everything easy as should be especially for the student. Enrolment
System is a good example of a computer generated process. Most schools use computers to automate
transactions for fast and more reliable processing. And to beat the fast pacing trend in terms of
computers and education, at least majority of school transactions, especially in computer school, must
be automated. ACTS Infanta is equipped of some computerized processing. They have an existing
enrolment system which they use for enrolment transaction. However, because of the glitches
encountered in the program, the institution becomes impaired in terms enrolment processing.

The proposed system