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ACs consume a huge amount of electricity worldwide,

but waste more than 25 %-40 %, due to lack of Intelligence.

They also release huge amounts of CO2 and GHG.
Airtron is the Worlds First & Only Programmable,
Dual-Sensor Driven Microprocessor which saves up to 35%
Electricity on all Air Conditioners with Precision Control
of Set Temperature and a payback of barely 4-6 months.
Saver since ACs were invented!

The Airtron is the First and only in the world to ensure the Precise Set Temp. and then Save:
A. It is sensor -driven and references & displays room & coil temp.
B. It reads the Ambient Temp. and automatically maintains the Precise Set temp.
irrespective of ambient seasonal and changes.
C. It is programmable for different geographical locations & allows you to set /
change your desired room temp with a remote.
Our Story
Tested ALL available AC Savers with no success as they were blindly cutting off
the compressor to save electricity thereby increasing the room temperature.



Set up a Psychrometric lab in 2007 and filed for Patent in 2011,

- published in 2013
The AIRTRON is a one-of-a-kind AC Saver in the world!
Sensor-driven : references and displays room & coil temperature
Measures changes in ambient temperature while maintaining precise set temperature
Default settings for different geographical regions
Set your own room temp with the Airtron remote.
ACs are commonplace worldwide across all sectors, but companies where
ACs are a large percentage of the energy bill ,such as telecoms, mobile towers,
ATMs with 000s of ACs running 24x7 have the biggest pain.

There are more than a Billion tons of ACs worldwide and growing at
more than 10% p.a. USA and China have the most Acs in the world .

Banks , IT , Healthcare, Hospitality, sectors and other large Corporate

are also potential buyers as they have a large population of ACs.
Per day
Capacity Set & Achieved Room Avg. On/Off Max. On/Off cycle
Date Mode (TR) Temp.
cycle per hour per hour
25/10/2014 Bypass 10.2 5 12
29/10/2014 Bypass 1.5 26 11.3 7 12
2/11/2014 Bypass 11 7 12
26/10/2014 Saver 7.5 6 10
28/10/2014 Saver 1.5 26 8.1 4 8
1/11/2014 Saver 7.7 3 5

Total Bypass Mode = 32.5 KWH

11.3 Total Savings Mode = 23.3 KWH
10.2 Savings = 9.2 KWH=28.3%

8.1 R.O.I =88 Days Pre-Depreciation , & 58 days

7.5 Post-Depreciation.

Temperature is same with & without Ac Saver

thus, Savings are not at the Cost of Temperature

Both Maximum & Average Cycles per hour

have reduced Substantially ,thus Increasing
25/10/2014 29/10/2014 2/11/2014 26/10/2014 28/10/2014 1/11/2014 the life of Compressor , Reducing Run-time
& Maintenance cost.

Bypass Saver