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The guards of Dreadhold have revived Castal Tools of the Trade

DREADHOLD twice in the past three centuriesthe second The Kundarak dwarves were professional
Dreadhold, an Eberron article by Keith time, he nearly escaped. A genius, given enough guardians long before the Mark of Warding
Baker, presents a detailed island prison, home time Castal can turn any situation to his advan- appeared, and as such they have a long and rich
to the most powerful, infamous, and blasphe- tage. Anyone who revives him takes a terrible history of developing items usefulmagic
mous criminals of Khorvaire. The article cov- chance, and if Castal escapes he could prove a and mundaneto guards and wardens.
ers not just the prison and its wards, but also danger to all of Khorvaire.
its inhabitants (guards and prisoners alike) Gloves of the Locksmith
and defenses (magical and mundane). This Kotharel the Harvester Gloves of the locksmith allow their wearer to
expansion describes two additional inmates LE 30 HD radiant idol create magical locks.
and equipment used by the isles guards. Dreadhold was built to contain the most danger- Description: A pair of gloves of the locksmith
ous criminals on Khorvairemortal or otherwise. are usually heavy leather gauntlets studded
Prominent Prisoners Kotharel is a radiant idol (see Sharn: City of Towers, with dragonshards and bearing the sigil of
These are two of Dreadholds most infamous page 180), a mighty angel banished from the plane House Kundarak.
and dangerous prisoners. of Syrania and condemned to walk Eberron for Prerequisite: Gloves of the locksmith only
eternity. Kotharel claims to be a lord of death, the function for a character who possesses the
Castal dCannith right hand of the dark god known as the Keeper. arcane lock variation of the Least Mark of
CE male human articer 18/Heir of Siberys 2 Exiled to Eberron in 710 yk, Kotharel soon estab- Warding.
Castal dCannith is one of the most bril- lished a cult of murderers who harvested inno- Activation: As a standard action, the wearer
liant articers House Cannith has ever pro- cent lives in its name. Kotharels cult survived for holds out her hand toward a door, concen-
ducedand one of the most dangerous. Born 23 years before the knights of Dol Arrah nally trating on the gloves with her ngers splayed
in 645 yk, Castal became enthralled with the found the renegade angel. The battle that fol- and hand open wide.
Traveler and claimed to receive his inspira- lowed shook the foundations of Metrol, until at Eect: Three times per day, the proper
tion from the enigmatic deity. Admitted to last the knights brought down the radiant idol. wearer may cast arcane seal. In addition, she can
the Twelve at merely eleven years old, within But death would not take the Harvester. Aer all attach up to three separate platinum keys to the
a few years it became clear his talent out- eorts to destroy Kotharel came to naught, those eect, as the spell. As a general rule, a Kunda-
stripped the senior members of the institute. who defeated it brought the fallen angel to Dread- rak locksmith provides two of these keys to the
He produced constructs and items of arti- hold and imprisoned it in a dead cell. customer, and holds one key at the Kundarak
fact quality, which others in his organization Kotharel provides characters with a chance enclavethis provides a way to gain access to a
found impossible to duplicate. to talk to a powerful outsider under controlled sealed location in an emergency.
Despite his incredible abilities, his rst circumstances. Should it be released, it could The power of the gloves can only be used a
love was chaos. In 662 yk, he triggered a become a deadly enemy or powerful ally total of three times per day, regardless of who
wave of disasters involving mind-controlled although any alliance with Kotharel likely wears them.
agents, constructs scattered across Khor- ends in betrayal. Kotharel uses the radiant Aura/Caster Level: Moderate abjuration;
vaire, and other powerful magic items he idol statistics provided in Sharn: City of Tow- CL 5th.
had made for the benet of society. The ers, with a few additions: Its domain is Death. Construction: Cra Wondrous Item, Least
Twelve and the Arcane Congress joined Despite possessing 30 Hit Dice, Kotharel is Mark of Warding, arcane seal; 5,000 gp, 400 XP,
forces to stop the terrors, and in 663 yk, Large as opposed to Huge. It adds the Keepers 10 days.
they brought Castal to justice. The advocates fang property to any weapon it wields. Finally, Weight:
of House Cannith convinced the others to it cannot be killed. It possesses regeneration Price: 10,000 gp.
not kill Castal, in case they ever needed his 5 with no vulnerabilities and immunity to all
uncanny abilities again. Far too dangerous death eects. It eventually even reforms from Heavy Hand Manacles
to roam freely, he was committed to the disintegration eects. All forms of damage These restraints are designed to prevent
Stone Ward of Dreadhold. become nonlethal damage. arcane spellcasters from casting spells, while

Dragon #344 Supplement 2006 Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

1 DRAGON 344 Supplement Permission to photocopy for personal use only. All rights reserved.
still allowing them to use their hands for where the vampiric lizardfolk king Saktha Feats Blind-Fight, Combat ReexesB, Improved
simple tasks such as eating. and his black dragon servant Aulicus once Natural Attack (bite), Iron Will, Toughness,
At a glance, heavy hand manacles look like the raised an army to war against nearby human Weapon Focus (bite)
arms from a suit of plate mail: steel gauntlets lands. Although the undead swamp kings Skills Blu +5, Hide +11, Intimidate +6,
and thick sheathes for the forearm and upper machinations were crushed and his body Knowledge (history) +7, Knowledge (religion)
arm, bound together with chains lashed across destroyed, his taint was not fully expunged +12, Knowledge (the planes) +7, Listen +14,
the front and back of the wearers torso. Addi- from his murky empire. Soon aer his defeat, Spot +14, Survival +7, Swim +28
tional chains connect the elbows and wrists, Sakthas surviving followers discovered the Possessions belt of giants Strength +6, ring of
preventing the wearer form moving his arms bones of Aulicus and the ashes of the lizard- Charisma +4 (as cloak of Charisma +4), ring of
more than 18 inches apart. folk tyrant. Entreating their dark patrons x-ray vision
Heavy hands are considered to be medium for aid, the demon worshipers created a new Breath Weapon (Su) Sakathas single black
armor. They provide a +1 armor bonus to AC, body for their fallen king, constructing it dragon head can breath a 60-foot line of acid
with a maximum Dex bonus of +2, an arcane from the bones of the black dragon and an once per day that deals 6d8 points of damage.
spell failure chance of 80%, and an armor aged hydra, one of the most powerful deni- A DC 19 Reex save halves this damage.
check penalty of 4 (increased to 8 for Sleight zens of the great swamp. His essence chan- Paralyzing Gaze (Su) Sakathas gaze can
of Hand). A wearer also takes a 3 penalty on all neled into the amalgam body through count- paralyze victims within 40 feet who fail a
attack rolls requiring the use if his hands. less sacrices, Sakathaor something that DC 19 Fortitude save. If the saving throw is
A character can escape a set of heavy hand claims to be Sakathahas been reborn and successful, the victim is forever immune to his
manacles with a DC 40 Escape Artist check. seeks to spread the infamy of his undying gaze. If it fails, the victim is paralyzed for 2d6
Breaking free of the restraints requires a DC legend once again. rounds. The save DC is Charisma-based.
30 Strength check. The chain harness must Paralysis (Su) Any creature struck by one of
be bound with a lock, which is not included Sakatha the Deathless CR 17 Sakathas physical attacks must make a DC 19
in the cost of the item. Male half-black-dragon twelve-headed hydra Fortitude save or be paralyzed for 2d6 rounds.
Heavy hands cost 95 gp and weigh 15 dracolich The save DC is Charisma-based.
pounds. NE Huge undead Invulnerability If Sakatha is slain, his spirit
Draconomicon 147 immediately returns to his phylacterya st-

ECOLOGY OF THE Init +1; Senses darkvision 60 ., low-light vision,

scent; Listen +17, Spot +17
sized black diamond embedded in a life-sized
golden representation of him as a lizardfolk king.
DRACOLICH Language Abyssal, Common, Draconic, See Aurgloroasas stats (see page 88 of Dragon
Written by Richard Pett and Greg A. Vaughn, Lizardfolk, Undercommon #344) for a full description of this ability.
The Ecology of the Dracolich delves into the AC 28, touch 9, at-footed 27
foul mysteries of undead dragons and their ter- hp 153 (12 HD); fast healing 22; DR 5/
rible powers. The article includes a small side- bludgeoning PLANAR DRAGONS
bar about alternative dracoliches. Presented Immune acid, cold, electricity, paralysis, Planar Dragons, by Mike McArtor, presents
here is an expanded version of that sidebar, polymorph, sleep; undead traits four all-new dragons from the Astral Plane
complete with an example: a hydra dracolich. SR 16 and three Outer Planes (from the Abyss,
Fort +14, Ref +9, Will +6 Elysium, and Hades). Elysian dragons enjoy
Alternative Dracoliches Spd 20 . (6 squares), 40 . y (average), swim alcohol and revelry to a ridiculous level, and
Not all dracoliches are true dragons. In fact, 20 . spend much of their time lazing about. They
any creature with the dragon type can become Melee 12 bites +24 melee (2d8+13 plus 1d6 cold enjoy their alcohol so much, in fact, that they
one of these undead horrors, opening the door plus paralysis) and forgot to include their great wyrm stats for
for dracolich wyverns, dragon turtles, and all 2 claws +18 melee (1d8+6 plus 1d6 cold plus the table on page 33. Silly drunk dragons. To
manner of half-dragons. Surviving the process paralysis) help DMs avoid guesswork, we present here
of becoming a dracolich is an incredibly pain- Space 15 .; Reach 10 . the missing line. D
ful and trying experience for a mortal spirit, Base Atk +12; Grp +26
though, and one not even all dragons survive. Special Attack breath weapon (60-foot line, 6d8
Thus, while non-true dragon dracoliches do acid, DC 19), control undead, paralyzing gaze
exist, they are incredibly rare. Spell-Like Abilities (CL 15th)
1/3 dayscontrol undead
Example Alternative Dracolich Abilities Str 37, Dex 12, Con , Int 15, Wis 14,
Deep in the Great Southern Swamp lies a Cha 17
ruined temple dedicated to demonic powers SQ invulnerability


Breath Frightful
Base Attack/ Fort Ref Will Weapon Presence
Age Size Hit Dice (hp) Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha Grapple Attack Save Save Save (DC) DC
Great wyrm G 37d12+296 (536) 35 10 27 24 21 22 +37/+61 +45 +28 +20 +25 12d6 (36) 34

Dragon #344 Supplement 2006 Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

2 DRAGON 344 Supplement Permission to photocopy for personal use only. All rights reserved.