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Gradivo za usmeni ispit iz predmeta ENGLESKI JEZIK 1


1. Surviving teenagers (SB, p. 10)

2. My first bike (SB, p. 20)
3. Cooking its creative and fun (SB, p. 26)
4. My nightmare holiday (SB, p. 35)
5. Learning about food (SB, p. 41)
6. At school abroad (SB, p. 57)
7. Lucy's first job (SB, p. 64)
8. Are you really for an adventure race (SB, p. 76)


1. A family affair (SB, p. 8):

a. Describe different aspects of family life.
b. Which activities do you most enjoy doing with members of your family? Which do
you prefer doing with your friends? Why?
c. How important it is for families to spend time together? Why?
2. Where are you from? What do you like about the place where you live?
3. Teenagers and young people should share housework equally with their parents. Do you
4. Tell me about your friends. What things do you enjoy doing with your friends?
5. Leisure and pleasure (SB, p. 18):
a. Which of the activities in the photos have you done? Which do you think is: the most
enjoyable, the cheapest, the healthiest...? Which would you like to try? Why?
6. What do you think about video games?
Which video games do you find:
a. most entertaining?
b. best for passing the time or taking a break?
c. most educational or informative?
7. How can people benefit from spending their free time doing these different activities? (SB,
p. 24)
8. What do people enjoy about doing these different activities? (SB, p.25)
9. Describe leisure-time activity that you really enjoy.
10. Describe different types of holidays:
a. What do people do on these types of holidays?
b. Why do they choose these types of holidays?
c. Which types of holiday would you enjoy most? Which would
you enjoy least? Why?
11. What is your favourite food? What would you be ready to try? What would you absolutely
refuse to eat or use?
12. Do you think that all schools should teach students cookery and healthy eating habits? Why
/ why not?
13. Would you like to study in a different country? Why / why not?
14. All young people should study a foreign language as part of their education. Do you agree?
15. All young people who have the opportunity should study in a foreign school or college for a
year. Do you agree?
16. What do you think about summer jobs for students? Which job would suit you best? Which
would suit you least? Why?
17. Describe these two jobs a waitress and a coach for the school soccer team (SB. P, 66)
18. Describe these two sports mountain biking and parasailing.
19. Describe these two sports rock climbing and windsurfing
20. Describe these two sports snowboarding and kayaking

1. Phrasal verbs (SB, p. 9, 21, 53)
2. Name five the most frequent negative prefixes in English, and use each in an example.
3. Present Simple and Present Continuous, explain and exemplify.
4. Past Simple and Past Continuous, explain and exemplify.
5. Past Simple and Past Perfect, explain and exemplify.
6. What are collocations? Explain on the example of verbs MAKE and DO.
7. Comparison of adjectives in English Regular comparison
8. Comparison of adjectives in English Irregular comparison
9. Adjectives ending in ed and ing. Explain and exemplify.
10. Describe the difference between these nouns: trip, way, travel, yourney.
11. Word formation. (SB, p. 33)
12. Prepositions of time: at , on, in
13. Give definition for these nouns and use them in the sentence: food, dish, meal.
14. Define the use of: so and such, and too and enough
15. Define conditional sentences. Describe the difference between Zero and First conditional.
16. Define conditional sentences. Describe the difference between First and Second conditional.
17. Define the use of: work and job, and fun and funny. Provide examples.
18. Countable and Uncountable nouns. Define and provide examples.
19. Articles. Define and provide examples
20. Describe the difference in using gerunds and infinitives and provide examples.
21. Define the use of: look, see, watch, listen and hear. Provide examples.