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Magic World Errata &

Corrections and Clarity for the Magic World Roleplaying game

Core Rules Errata


Note: Only errors and omissions related to the game rules are being posted here. Typos and other
grammatical fumbles will be logged elsewhere for Chaosiums use in future revisions.
If you find any errors or have questions about how the rules work, please email magic-

Magic World Core Rules Errata & FAQ: Corrections

and Clarifications
V.1.0 (this version has no V# on the title page)
p. 13: the opposing characteristic must be greater than the active characteristic to qualify for a
possible experience increase.
On the "Adventurer Size Table", SIZ 21 should have Weight of 220-440 not 220-240.
p. 14: Damage Bonus Table, The last two entries should be "153 to 167" and "168 to 184")
pp. 15 & 57: to clarify, your Major Wound Level is equal to half your total Hit Points. If you take
damage exceeding your MW level in one blow, you suffer the effects of a major wound. Taking
damage exactly equal to the MW level does not cause a major wound.
Pages 18 and 20 list "Pioneer" as an occupation but there's no other reference to it. The
Pioneer Occupation should be:
Pioneer: Your life has been spent as a pioneer, one of the many who leave the
crowded, smelly cities and head into the unclaimed, uncharted wilds to make a new
life for yourself far away from what the self-satisfied city dwellers term
civilization.You are used to long days of toil beneath a blistering sun and the fear of
drought; the hard rains that drive down from the mountains which threaten to crush
your crops into the parched soil. You have become hardened like the very rocks from
which you and your fellows have carved a home for yourselves. It is some strange
circumstance then that has caused you to take on the mantle of the adventurer.
Skills: Craft, Natural World, Navigate, Repair, Ride, Search, Trap, one skill as a
personal speciality or one weapon skill.
Extra money: 100 bronzes.
p. 19: Choosing an Occupation: change "The twenty listed ..." to Those listed here
pp. 21 & 183: Human MOV is 8.
P. 24: The Fisher occupation should have "and one weapon skill, or one other skill as a
personal specialty."
P. 27: the Sorcerer occupation is missing a skill. Add World Lore to the list of skills.
p. 38: Brawl skill: The dice in the example should be 1D4+1+2D3+db (not +7D3). Additionally,
note that the extra +1D3 for a high skill percent should be based on the total unmodified skill
percentiles. IE: If a guy has a skill of 110%, and is fighting an armored opponent (which would
halve the Brawlers skill), he still gets the extra D3 for the high Brawling skill.
pp. 36 & 73: Note the discrepancy in cost between three torches on p. 36, and one burning
torch on p. 73. Delete the cost on p. 73, and assume that the wielder either snatched it off the
wall, or lit a torch he already owned.
p. 48 second column: A critical result occurs on a roll of 01-05 should be A critical result
occurs on a roll of 1/20th of the Adventurers skill rating.
p. 53: First paragraph after Special Response, Exercise. At the end of that paragraph, add the following: These
characteristics also earn an experience check when the player rolls a Critical success on an associated
Characteristic roll.
p. 53: Under Training Characteristics, first paragraph, add INT to the list of Characteristics which may be trained.
Then add a paragraph after the one on training APP: Training INT is a matter of exercising ones mind. Education,
research, solving puzzles, and other such things can grant the adventurer an increase in INT.

p. 63: Riposte can happen on a Special or Critical parry, not just a crit.
p. 63 Critical definition: A D100 result of 01-05 should be A D100 result equal to or less than
1/20th of the Adventurers skill rating.
p. 67 in the Matrix notes: If the attack roll is 01-05, a critical success occurs. A critical result
represents the best possible achievement with the weapon. Same change as above.
Below that: A critical cannot be deflected except by magic or a critical party; a critical parry
lessens attack damage. Party should be Parry. Also, where it says that a Critical parry
reduces damage, change that to cannot be deflected or dodged except by magic or a critical
p. 76: the description of the Armor Skill Penalty is missing. Add it in among the description of
other facets of armor: Skill Penalties: Armor can inhibit certain skills or functions of your
character, particularly the Agility roll, or other Physical actions such as the Climb, Jump,
Stealth, and Swim skills. Additionally, wearing a helmet may limit certain Perception skills.
Some armor descriptions include negative modifiers to these skills. Weapon skills are
unaffected by the use of armor, as armor is inevitably crafted to be used in combat, and any
disadvantages to combat skills would necessitate a redesign of the armor.
p. 90: under SHOOTING UP, DOWN "...reduce the chance to hit by 2" should be "...reduce
the chance to hit by 20%".
p. 123: under the spell Sorcerers Sureness, change the skill Stealth to Move Silently.
p. 134: Average Sailing Speeds Table - the sub columns should labelled "miles" and
p. 145: Galley entry has hull quality as 120 this is an error. It should be 1D6+15.
p. 152: Under STR, "... it may learn weapons, agility, and manipulation...". Change "agility" to
p. 152: INT, "... such as Demoralize or Befuddle ..." spells do not exist in Magic World, but the
point is the same. Spells which affect emotions dont work on creatures with no INT.
p. 153: DEX, change reference to stealth skills to manipulation, and agility skills to
physical skills.
p.153: under the title "Effects of Characteristics Lack" the book states "Creatures lacking DEX
(such as ghosts and spirits) have a specific rank on which their attacks always take place".
Change this to read: Creatures lacking DEX (such as ghosts and spirits) will take action on a
combat rank equal to their INT characteristic.
p. 156: under the Angels Invisibility, delete the statement, with equivalent to their POW
in levels.
p. 161: under the Beetle, Giant entry, add a DEX of 2D6+6, and remove the reference to
Fatigue: 36.
p. 164: notes that the chonchon is vulnerable to Dispel Magic and Neutralize Magic. These
spells do not exist in the MW game. Replace them with Undo Sorcery, and Refutation. They
act in the same manner as stated in the chonchons description.
p. 166: The Greater Demons Aura of Terror should read:
Aura of Terror: The greater demon has a radiance of malevolence and hatred that
manifests in an aura of terror. The demon can activate this power at the cost of 1 MP
and it will last for the demons POW in combat rounds, or until the demon chooses to
stop the power.
Anyone coming within the demons POW in meters is subject to making a POW vs.
POW resistance roll with the greater demon to avoid being overcome with terror.
Anyone failing the resistance roll is stricken with fear and acts as if under the
influence of the Terror spell (p. 128).
Allies of the demon, or those of the same allegiance are exempt from this power
unless the demon wishes to extend it to affect them.

p. 166: remove the skill Fly from the Greater Demons skills.
p. 167: under Lesser Demon, At the GMs discretion should read, At the Chroniclers
p. 168: remove the skill Fly from the Lesser Demons skills.
p. 170: In the stats for Dwarves, delete Fatigue: 30; it has no relevance in MW.
p. 171: remove the skill Fly from the Air Elementals skills.
p. 177 in the paragraph on Giants, delete the sentence which begins, "Humans fighting giants
roll 1D10 to determine hit location struck..."
p. 179: Under Grampus, delete Fatigue 45; it has no relevance in MW
p. 181: Under Hawk, delete Fatigue 7; it has no relevance in MW.
p. 186: in the final paragraph describing the lamia (which begins, A lamia loses 1D6 magic
points per day...) replace all references to Fatigue Points and Fatigue with Magic Points.
p. 198 / 199 - Skeletons Hit Points are missing; should be 7.
p. 189: under the description of the Mummy, change An ignite spell to read Any flame
spell. Mummy average APP should be 1.
p. 192: An Ogres average SIZ is 19. The average Hit Points should be 16, and damage
bonus of 1D6.

Advanced Sorcery Errata


p. 72: the spell Create Abomination was inadvertently left out of the book. Here it is:
CREATE ABOMINATION (varies) Range is Touch.
First receive a successful Luck roll, or roll on the Necromantic Mishaps Table. This
spell creates an automaton usually constructed from materials such as rock, steel, or
dead flesh. The body must first be fashioned (requiring an appropriate Craft roll), and
a magical binding seal inscribed somewhere on it. Each point of its SIZ demands one
magic point and one hour of ritual concentration during creation.
One point of POW is needed to animate the thing. The caster then spends magic
points for characteristics and skills, just as is done for demons, although demon
abilities are not available to these constructs. Finally, the sorcerer needs a second
Luck roll. Failure requires a roll on the Necromantic Mishaps Table.
Usually employed as guards, these tireless things have effective life spans of 1D8
years. See Abominations on p. 78 for more information.

p 37: under "Point sacrifices for Demons": "4 per 1D8 STR, CON, SIZ, INT, POW, DEX, or
MOV - 1 magic point ". There is a typography error here: 4 Per the 4 should be a bullet

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