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Ireland Start-Up

Entrepreneur Visa
2+3 year Visa leading to Permanent Residency
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The 2008-2012 Business Environment Ranking of the Economist Intelligence Unit placed Ireland 11th globally out of 82
countries, naming it as one of the most attractive business locations in the world. Furthermore, Forbes 2011 named Ireland as
the best country in Europe in which to do business.
Ireland is the most open economy in the developed world. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is not new to Ireland. The national
drive to encourage overseas companies to locate here began back in the middle of the 20th century. Today, success is
measured by Ireland's continuing ability to attract cutting-edge Foreign Direct Investment as US, European and Asia-Pacific
countries demonstrate their growing confidence in locating their overseas business here. Almost 1,000 companies including
many of the best-known world brands have placed Ireland at the hub of their European networks because of the combination
of winning factors Ireland offers. Overseas business and entrepreneurs from abroad find a welcome home in Ireland.
Ireland and Immigration
With growing prosperity since the last decade of the 20th century, Ireland became a place of immigration.
Since the European Union expanded to include Poland in 2004, Polish people have made up the largest number of
immigrants (over 150,000) from Central Europe. There has also been significant immigration from Lithuania,
the Czech Republic and Latvia.
The Republic of Ireland in particular has seen large-scale immigration. The 2006 census recorded that 420,000 foreign
nationals, or about 10% of the population, lived in the Republic of Ireland. Chinese and Nigerians, along with people from
other African countries, have accounted for a large proportion of the nonEuropean Union migrants to Ireland. Up to 50,000
eastern European migrant workers may have left Ireland since the end of 2008.
Indians in Ireland
Sixty per cent of the 8,460 Indians living in Ireland in April 2006 resided in the four Dublin administrative countries:
Dublin City, DnLaoghaireRathdown Fingal and South Dublin.
They were generally between 25 and 39 years of age and 57 per cent were married.
35 per cent are Roman Catholic for their religion and 40 per cent identified Hindu.
There were proportionately more women (74%) than men (65%) working; almost all the women were working in the health
sector (88%) while for men business services dominated.
Nurse (2,246) was the most common occupation followed by software engineers and programmers.
Source: Census 2006 Non-Irish Nationals Living in Ireland by Central Statistics Office (CSO)
The Start-up Entrepreneur Programme provides that migrants with a good business idea in the innovation economy and funding
of 75k, can be given residency in this State for the purposes of developing their business

Population : 5 million
Land area : 31,521 Sq. Miles.
Capital : Dublin
Per Capita : $37300
Currency : Euros
Exchange Rate : 1 Euro = ` 75*

Start-up Entrepreneur Intro

The Irish Government established the Programme in 2012 to stimulate productive investment in Ireland.
Allows Non- EEA nationals, with proven record of success, to set up a high potential Start-Up Business
Start up capital requirement as low as 75,000(Approximately Rs. 64 lakhs)
Visa for 2 years, extended for another 3 years
PR after 5 years in Ireland
Allows you to take your family & PR for Family members too.
Why start up in Ireland?
Strategically located with easy access to the important markets in Europe, US and the Middle East.
Ireland is the only English speaking country in the Euro-zone and provides easy access to a market of 500 million people.
Forbes 2011 named Ireland as the best country in Europe in which to do business.
Most open economy in the developed world
Corporate tax rate of 12.5% for active business.
25% Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit which may be refundable over a three year period.
An Intellectual Property (IP) regime, which provides a tax write-off for broadly, defined IP acquisitions.
Ireland's Tax Regime also offers:
An attractive holding company regime, including participation exemption from capital gains tax on disposals of
shares in subsidiaries.
An effective zero tax rate for foreign dividends
A EU-approved stable tax regime, with access to extensive treaty network and EU Directives.
Generous domestic law withholding tax exemptions
Start-Up Entrepreneur Eligibility and Obligations
Have valid form of financial backing of not less than 75,000 (own or Business loan)
Finances to be maintained in the account for at least 3 months and should be transferable anytime.
The business proposal* must be strong and should be a high potential start-up.
The proposal should project big Enterprise that can realize a sale of 1 million Euros and create
10 jobs in 3-4 years of start-up.
Service to International market related proposals are considered.
Meet the health and character requirements.
Retail, personal services and hospitality is not allowed.
*Y-Axis will help you in strategizing and building your Business Proposal.
Low investment. Funds of only approx. Rs.64 Lakhs to be shown
Past business experience is not required.
Initial visa for 2 years, which can be renewed for 3 more years.
Long Term Residence (PR) for 5 years, provided the business is still operational and the applicant is earning
a living without being a burden on the State.
No employment requirement will exist for the first two years and neither shall the business be required to be
profitable at renewal stage.
Family visa for spouse/partner and children.
List of High potential start-up business
Software & Services
Industrial & Life Science
Medical devices & Pharmaceuticals
Clean Tech & Engineering
Food & Consumer Products
Business Plan must comprise of a business in one of the above areas.
Y-Axis Service Charges and Application Fee
Y-Axis Technical Evaluation Fee : ` 2500
Y-Axis Full Service fee : ` 1,50,000 upon sign-up
Instalment payment option :
At the time of Registration : ` 50,000
Before the dispatch of Business Plan : ` 50,000
After Business plan approval : ` 50,000
*Service Tax applicable
Ireland Application Fee : 350 Euros
No Fee for residence visa stage.
Y-Axis Refund Policy
Installment Payment Option:
Refusal on Business plan: 40% on the complete amount paid towards service fee.
Refusal in granting residence: 25% on the complete amount paid towards service fee.
One time payment Option:
Refusal on Business plan: 60% on the complete amount paid towards service fee
Refusal in granting residence: 25% on the complete amount paid towards service fee.
No refund if you decide to withdraw anytime during the process.
No refund if you fail to meet health and character requirements.
After you land in Ireland
Y-Axis Travel and Relocation Services
Y-Axis provides complete travel and relocation assistance, which includes air tickets, accommodation, airport pick up,
orientation tours and assistance with a local Indian guide. These services are at an extra nominal fee and can be availed of
before or after you receive your visa.
Our advisory services are limited to consultancy and documentation assistance only. Y-Axis does not deal with fraudulent
documentation / information submitted by clients. Additional costs will apply like courier charges, Notary services,
Application fees, DD making charges.
Accommodation and travel tickets costs is only booked at your cost and will not be covered in the package.
Helpline number is available only for information & guidance.
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