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53 Quill Way
Henderson, WA 6186 Australia
Phone: +61.8.9411.1222
Fax: +61.8.9411.1275
Physical Form: Colorless pale yellow fuming liquid Room 2404, 24th Floor,
HuaNeng Union Mansion No 958,
Lujiazui Ring Road
Pudong New Area Shanghai 200120
P.R. China
Chemical Formula: HCI Phone: +86.21.6100.6288
Fax: +86.21.6886.5955

Brielen 9
SPECIFICATION 2830 Willebroek
Hydrochloric 1% 30-33 Phone: +32.3.860.4800
Fax: +32.3.860.4801

LWM Corporate Center
Free Chlorine (ppm): 0 - 1 Rua George Ohm, 206 Tower A
2nd Floor
04576-020 So Paulo SP - Brazil
Phone: +55.11.3296.1500

Residue after 0 - 5
P.O. Box 13586
Jeddah 21414
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Iron (as Fe) (ppm): 5 max. Phone: +966.2.224.8000
Fax: +966.2.606.9135

20 Wight Avenue, Suite 150
DELIVERY FORM: 24 MT rubber lined tanker. Hunt Valley, MD 21030
1000 Liters IBC tanks. USA
Phone: +1.410.229.4441
Fax: +1.410.229.4415

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