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Understanding advanced
drilling techniques
The course is ideal for industry professionals who wish to expand
their knowledge of the following Advanced Drilling Techniques

Coil Tubing Drilling (CTD)

Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD)

Underbalanced Drilling (UBD)

Through Tubing Drilling (TTRD)

This independent course explains how these technologies can help

overcome drilling issues and maximise potential economic returns
in depleted and brown fields. Participants gain a unique insight into
advanced drilling techniques through the practical integration of
theory and actual drilling data, reinforced by the extensive use of
real case studies from throughout the world.
Who Should Attend?
Benefits Well engineers, reservoir engineers, production and completion
The participants will gain an appreciation of: engineers, and other industry professionals eager to enhance their
practical understanding of advanced drilling techniques.
advanced drilling techniques
Duration - 3 days
where they are applicable

how to select the right technique for:

Course Instructor
well design
Joy Oyovwevotu is the Principal Drilling Engineer for the Advanced
HSE issues Drilling Techniques (ADT) department within Senergy. He has over
20 years operator and service company experience during which
completion philosophies
time he has held various senior drilling engineering positions
downhole equipment issues spanning well planning, design and execution both on and offshore.
surface equipment design Joy has planned and executed numerous ADT projects where he
has been responsible for a number of world and industry firsts
in expanding the technical and technology envelope for drilling
and completing ADT wells. The workflows used in these projects
- from candidate selection and feasibility through to planning and
execution - provide the framework for this introductory course.
Coil Tubing Drilling Engineering and Modelling
advantages and limitations tubing forces

string design and selection tubing wear

fatigue wellhead load

candidate selection drilling fluid design

Coil Tubing Drilling Equipment hydraulics and cuttings transport

surface equipment cementing
downhole equipment Drill String
platform modifications drill string design

Fluid Design drill string components

fluid design and properties BHA selection
fluid selection criteria Surface Equipment
hydraulics and hole cleaning fluid handling

UBD / MPD pipe handling

advantages and limitations derrick issues
differences and similarities rig/platform modifications
Reservoir Issues Well Control
formation damage and skin BOP requirements
wellbore stability early kick detection systems
Fluid Selection kick tolerance considerations
UBD / MPD single phase fluids well kill options
UBD / MPD multiphase fluids Sidetracking
Hydraulics and hole cleaning fundamentals and options
Down Hole Equipment whipstock design
BHA systems Completions
completion challenges completion philosophy
deployment systems technology enablers
Surface Equipment HSE Issues
gas systems risk identification and management
well control equipment generic and application-specific safety issues
surface separation equipment environmental considerations
corrosion issues Case Studies
Thru-Tubing Rotary Drilling subsea TTRD
advantages and limitations onshore CT UBD
Tubing wear / completion damage platform based CT MPD
drill pipe selection platform TTRD
drill pipe fatigue

Candidate Selection
well planning www.senergyworld.com/training
reservoir target selection
Contact Beth Reid, Training Administrator
current well status E: technical.training@senergyworld.com
well planning
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