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William P.

Gray Elementary School

3730 North Laramie Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60641
Telephone 773/534-3520 Fax 773/534-3613

Sandra Cano

Assistant Principal

oss Victoria Tomko Jodie Schaefer
Assistant Principal LSC Chairperson

March, 2016

To Whom It May Concern,

Ms. Melissa Miller has been a Math and Art teacher for several years with the Chicago Public Schools.
I had the pleasure of supervising her at Ogden High School, where I served as Head of High School.
During that time, I had an opportunity to observe and evaluate her work in the classroom. It is my
opinion that she has done an outstanding job in the classroom and possesses the qualities to be a
strong and effective learning leader.

Melissa has always demonstrated an excellent rapport with her students, parents, and colleagues. She
has always had a sincere interest in them as individuals. Positive learning expectations and
reasonable rules of conduct are firmly established and consistently monitored in and out of the
classroom. She demonstrates the ability to apply contemporary principles of leadership theories and
methodologies to various situations. Always the professional, she applies sound judgment and a great
deal of respect toward the school community.

Melissa functioned in a difficult role, teaching both math and art; therefore, she contributed to 2
departments for the school year. Splitting her time such as this would be difficult for most teachers, but
Melissa was a complete professional and managed both roles beyond my expectations.

In addition, Melissa worked closely with members of her department to align Common Core standards
with lesson plans and other materials. In addition, she regularly made herself available to students and
parents during her off-hours. Even in volunteering with tutoring and the Art Club, she was efficient,
prompt, reliable, and hardworking.

I consider Ms. Melissa Miller to be a very capable and dedicated professional who continues to grow to
be a strong educator. I highly recommend her for employment in your school.


Susan M. Gross
W.P. Gray Elementary

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