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PRODUCT: Pulverized Panela


DESCRIPTION OF THE PRODUCT: Product obtained by the evaporation of the juice of the cane
CLASIFICACION: Producto terminado
ALMACENAJE: Este producto se debe mantener en sitio seco y ventilado
PRESENTACION Panela pulverizada empacada en bolsas de polipropileno
CARACTERISTICAS: A la panela se le atribuyen propiedades medicinales, destacamos beneficios en: la panela es un
cicatrizante natural de ulceras, alivia sntomas de los resfriados, ayuda en el proceso digestivo entre otros beneficios que
destacan su uso incondicional en la canasta familia basados en las tendencias del siglo XXI de una vida saludable

transport of merchandise has several components to achieve its best efficiency:

The infrastructure, which includes natural or artificial roads and terminals.
Services that include both individual and corporate providers and individual
or corporate users.
Transport helps economic, social, political and cultural development.
The aspect of the cities is shaped by the infrastructures and the new means.
In order to compete adequately in performing transport must be considered
and calculated well freights, analyzing the pros and cons of the operation,
position purchase and delivery, destination, transshipments, delays,
penalties, restrictions on movement, holidays, Strikes, transits, etc.
This type of transport is well adapted to the shipment of large volumes. Maritime transport has two major generic
specializations: the transport of fractional cargo and the transport of bulk cargoes. Vessels carrying fractional cargo, also
called general cargo, are often used for regular liner transport, and those carrying bulk cargoes are often used for 'errant'

Regarding the predisposition of the merchandise for the shipment, it is important to take into account that in the international
maritime transport containers are used (conteiner), with standard measures of 20 and 40 feet in length (6 and 12 meters).

Although air transport tariffs are higher than maritime tariffs, a general assessment of the total cost of distribution may
sometimes show more convenience in the air alternative, especially when high value-added products are involved.
This type of transport has certain advantages:

Minimizing lead times

the need for storage at both ends of the distribution chain is reduced
Timely responses to frequent changes in target market needs.
Reduced general handling of the merchandise, thus reducing the cost of packaging.
Insurance value more economical
This type of transport is suitable for large shipments of complete wagon to bordering markets. Among its advantages:
It allows to transport big tons.
Its services are regular, with specific itineraries.
Features easy tracking of load.
It allows to transport a great variety of types of merchandise.
It has a low accident rate.

The road transport is little complex and easily accessible for any user and is the one that allows the existence of the concept
"door to door".

The most outstanding characteristics of road transport are its simplicity, versatility and flexibility, since it allows the
transport of almost any type of merchandise, from the place of production or storage, to the production or consumption, in
a fast and relatively inexpensive way.

The name "multimodal transport" is recent and describes the transfer of goods from its origin to destination combining
different means of transport (land, sea, air). The peculiarity of this type of transport lies in the possibility of making all these
exchanges, without having That stipulate different contracts for each change in the means of transport.

When determining the most appropriate type of transport, we must consider the following
Type of product
Shipping urgencies
Packing and packaging
Handling of cargo
Availability of means of transport