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lnsur.ance Against Personal Injuries and

Damage to Property
Workmen Compensation
Employees Social Security
Insurances of Works

Insurance Against Personal Insurance Against Personal

Injuries and Damage to Property Injuries and Damage to Property
Clause 15 - Obligation of the Contractor compulsory form of insurance for those at risk
to effect and maintain insurances of being sued by third parties for negligence
Also known as Public Liability Construction may have activities
the potential to affect third parties
requires that, if their activities
of the public, visitors, trespassers, su ..1~r"'
loss or damage to another, contractors, etc. who may be physica
be available to pay compen injured or whose property may be dq_r!!1JleO,.~lf)"
or both).


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Insurance Against Personal Insurance Against Personal

Injuries and Damage to Property Injuries and Damage to Property
Must be effected before the commencement Requires that the insurance be effected in the
of any works joint names of Government and the
Covers the construction period Contractor
DLP period { CP + DLP +.t1 Must be stepped down to ; and
Insurances value depends onth-e~riS'RS1~lY! the sub contractor
exposure of the premises and Government covered with respects to
In JKR, the value is predeterm specified clauses, but not any
contract amount negligence by Govn, SO and ~~~Js

Insurance Against Personal

Workmen Compensation (WC)
Injuries and Damage to Property
The Contractor shall renew and extend the Clause 16.1 -Contractor's liability to
insurance cover as required indemnify the Government on claims
Clause 15.3 - permit the SO to made pursuant to Employees
insurance if the Contractor fail to Security Acts 1969
Government may recover the pre is a form of insurance that pro\Jirtf~~"'
any monies due to the Contractor compensation for employees
injured/killed in the course


Employees Social Security Act

Workmen Compensation (WC)
1969 (SOCSO)
Obligation of the Contractor to effect Clause 17 - The Contractor shall submit
and maintain insurances the SOCSO Code Number and shall
Policies must be deposited with pay contributions until compl
the Contractor must maintain Contract
Covers the construction period .,,.,........,.., Must be maintained throughtout
whole DLP period contract inc! DLP
Insurance value - Depends on if Contractor fail- as in WC
degree of risks involved ( 17.3)
works, site conditions,

Insurance of Works Insurance of Works

Clause 36 (a) -The Contractor required Insurance value - full value of works
to procure insurance against loss and (contract sum) and plus further value if
damages to the works and specified
materials brought to site.
Shall maintain for the whole
Joint name with Government ;.;.;..;..::.:..;:_~~~

period ( CP)
Against fire, lightning, explosion, .~r""'tlr"" ~

flood, riot, etc

Theft and vandalism not inc~Wefd

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Insurance of Works Insurance of Works

Application of insurance monies;
Clausa 18 - The Contractor shall renew
-'Occurrence of loss, Contractor shall restore the
damaged works
required -'The monies will be paid by insu
Clause 18.2- permit the SO to Government

any insurance if the Contractor

so. Government may recover
premiums from any monies

Contractor's All Risks - CAR

Performance Bond
Clause 13 - Contractor shall deposit
with the Government a performance
bond equal to 5 % of Contract
is a surety bond issued by a
guarantee satisfactory co nl~tinlri~~-(
project by a contractor.


Surety Bond Surety Bond

A surety bond is a contract among at Through this agreement, the surety
least three parties: agrees to uphold-for the benefit of the
The principal - the primary party obligee-the contractual prom
be performing a contractual (obligations) made by the prin
The obligee - the party who is the principal fails to uphold its pro
of the obligation, and the obligee.
The surety - who ensures that th
principal's obligations will be rTAJ:mrrnl'!l'l"llllll

Performance Bond Performance Guarantee Sum

Can be in the form of 'bond or A sum retained from monies due to
guarantee' by : Contractor until reach the amount of
Bank performance bond (5% of Co
Insurance company Sum)
Finance Institution Retained 10% of amount due to
Or Contractor in the interim
In the form of Performance (Vl.fl>)

2/5/201 -1


Performance Bond Performance Bond

Performance bond is required to be Clause 13.5- Performance bond (or
maintained for such period balance) 1ay be released on
PW D - 12 months after Certif completio of defects.
Making Good Defects (CMGD
If Contractor fail , SO may utilis I!Oo~\)~t-r C41"t ~
- bond - make deductions from t lt:::n:><1~~--
. ..... 1-J..id ~