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A{E.J 5(2)-({.b.)/2015 F.No.

i BE Government of India
k j Ministry of Finance
+lBE BE M Department of Economic Affairs

x< n, nxBE 3 {E, 2016 New Delhi, the 3rd February, 2016


K&- BE BES BE nA Vx +O - 2015-2016 BE nx cx Jnx BE A Subject : Advances to Government servants Rate of interest for purchase of
V BE n* conveyances during 2015-2016.
+vciF BE c BEcx BE xn c+ c BE K 2015-2016 BE nx +li {c +|, 2015 The undersigned is directed to state that the rates of interest for advances sanctioned
31 S, 2016 BE +v cx BE Jn BE A BE BES BE BEi BEA Vx +O to the Government servants for purchase of conveyances during 2015-2016 i.e. from
BE A V BE n xxx c&- 1st April, 2015 to 31st March, 2016 are as under:
V BE Rate of interest
KBE n per annum
(i) ]-BE BE UBE +x cx Jnx BE (i) Advance for purchase of conveyance other than
A +O (+li ]-<BE, BE] +n) 9 |ii motor car (viz. motor cycle, scooter etc.) 9%
(ii) ]-BE Jnx BE A +O 11.5 |ii (ii) Advance for purchase of motor car 11.5%
k K 2014-15 BE A M n BE< {ix xc c* The rates remain unchanged from those applicable for the financial
year 2014-15.

(A.BE. ]xM) (A.K. Bhatnagar)

+ S (V]) Under Secretary (Budget)
1. All Ministries/Departments of the Government of India with spare copies for
1. i BE BE j/M BE ABEBEi k |M, J xjBE + ix A Integrated Finance Division (IFD), Controller of Accounts and Pay and Accounts
J BE BE A +iBDi |i{ ci* Offices.
2. x vxb P V Fj BE k S* 2. Finance Secretaries of UTs without legislature.
|i{ |Ki&- Copy forwarded to:
1. i BE xjBE cJ-{FBE, x< n* 1. C&AG of India, New Delhi.
2. cJ xjBE, x< n* 2. C.G.A., New Delhi.
3. F cJ xjBE, x< n* 3. C.G.D.A., New Delhi.
4. cJBE + J xnBE* 4. All AGs and Director of Accounts.
5. i BE SS x* 5. Supreme Court of India.
6. P BE +M, x< n* 6. UPSC, New Delhi.

(A.BE. ]xM) (A.K. Bhatnagar)

+ S (V]) Under Secretary (Budget)
i BE k j (ph) u pi-072016 Printed by Ministry of Finance (Press)-072016

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