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Volume 125, Issue 12 dailytarheel.com Friday, August 25, 2017

UNCs own love lock gate continue rising
at Silent Sam
By Molly Horak and Nic Rardin
Senior Writers

Three days after the Silent Sam

protest, activists continue to demand
the removal of the monument, while
hearings for those arrested began in
Hillsborough Thursday morning at the
Orange County Courthouse.
Gregory Williams, a protester at the
rally, was charged with wearing a mask
on public property and for resisting
a public officer. After his appearance
this morning, his charges are pending
until February.
Claude Wilson, a UNC sophomore
and columnist for The Daily Tar Heel,
was charged with resisting, delaying or
obstructing a police officer. The case
was granted a continuance, and accord-
ing to Wilsons lawyer, Bill Massengale,
Wilsons next court date is Sept. 26.
I felt surprisingly calm during the
arrest, but I did not sleep at all the night
I was released, and I was anxious about
going to court, Wilson said. I have been
a little stressed with keeping up with my
schoolwork while also having to go to a
lawyer and the courthouse in the middle
of the first week of classes.
In the wake of Tuesdays protests,
students have been participating in an
around-the-clock sit-in at the base of
DTH/NATHAN KLIMA Silent Sam. Protesters have been pres-
ent on the site between classes to keep a
Locks cover a gate at the front of the Coker Arboretum off of Raleigh Road and East Cameron Avenue. The locks began as wedding gifts for a UNC grad.
group in front of the statue at all times.
Police removed a tent that protest-
Coker gate of locks a little bit bold, a little bit amorous ers brought to the sit-in on Thursday
night, said sophomore and sit-in par-
ticipant Nicole Stavrojohn. The inci-
By Leah Ashmelash and Corey Monique LaBorde set out a plate locks. Avenue and Raleigh Street.
dent will not stop them from main-
Risinger of locks and a few sharpies and One pair in particular, who she This is exactly what I wanted,
taining a 24-hour presence, she said.
Senior Writers waited in the Coker Arboretum. pegged as first-years, picked up LaBorde said.
Two days in, it feels really good,
She watched as couples lying a lock and signed it placing it Their lock joined several of
Stavrojohn said. If anything, I feel
On Homecoming weekend on the grass migrated over to on a small gate in the arboretum
more connected to my community
in 2016, recent UNC graduate the pile and interacted with the near the intersection of Cameron SEE LOVELOCK PAGE 5 from doing this.
Senior Michelle Brown was at the
protest Tuesday and Wednesday and

Price is right about curing HHT

said shed wait as long as it took.
Were all taking shifts to stay here
at the statue until it comes down. I
dont think that the statue is going to
come down anytime soon considering
Rep. David Price receives award Chancellor Folt has had all her outs and
chosen not to take them, but well stay
for funding medical research. here until it comes down, she said.
Brown said she feels disappointed
By Cy Neff that more students didnt turn out, but
Staff Writer shes proud of the ones who did.
I think the only thing successful
Charity workers, a congress member, UNC was the solidarity shown and the fact
researchers and patients afflicted by a rare that were back again, she said.
disease all gathered in the Carolina Club on She hopes the sit-in prompts people
Thursday evening to celebrate a grant from the to become interested and involved.
Center for Disease Control and Prevention to If you care and you have morals
help combat HHT. if you care about people, then you
HHT, Hereditary Hemorrhagic should care about this statue coming
Telangiectasia, is a genetic mutation of the down, she said. We shouldnt have to
the blood vessels and affects around 70,000 beg you to show up.
Americans. It is a lifetime disease and an issue Student Mario Benavente was at the
that U.S. Congressional Representative David sit-in. After taking African-American
Price cares deeply about. Diaspora courses, he said he found out
The grant originated from the combined that many of the buildings on McCorkle
efforts of the charity Cure HHT and Dr. Raj Place are named after racist individuals.
Kasthuri, a professor at UNC and director of You learn in 101 about all these dif-
the UNC HHT Center. The political work was ferent ways there are subtle, subversive
largely completed by the office of U.S. Rep. remnants of these white supremacist
Price. tendencies that the University holds
Cure HHT Executive Director Marianne onto, he said.
Clancy said she and Dr. Kasthuri met with Rep. The outpouring of community sup-
Price and his team in Washington, D.C. port is striking, said junior Suad Jabr,
DTH/REBECCA LAWSON who participated in the sit-in.
SEE PRICE, PAGE 5 Congress member David Price (middle left) received an award on behalf of Cure HHT Thursday evening. There have been a lot of people who
have come by and brought supplies.
People with their kids, people stop-

The poem that started a concert series ping by and asking, Whats going on?
We want to help. We have food, water,
sleeping bags, its been really nice. Most
of it has come from community mem-
Sophie Steiners legacy is After spending months in treat-
ment, Sophie died of cancer in 2013
legacy to fix this, said Niklaus
Steiner, the director of the UNC
Because we have such a vibrant
music scene at UNC, we launched
bers, people in Chapel Hill who care
about the statue coming down, who
helping raise money for when she was 15 years old.
The line from her poem would
Center for Global Initiatives and
Sophies father. Thats what the Be
Be Loud Carolina! last spring,
and we are making that an annual
care about this school, Jabr said.
I think at this point everybodys
cancer research. go on to become the namesake of Loud! Sophie Foundation is doing, showcase to highlight UNC stu- got the momentum that we need (to
the Be Loud! Sophie Foundation. together with UNCs Lineberger dents, he said. continue the protest). The administra-
By Krupa Kaneria The Foundation will now give Comprehensive Cancer Center. The line-up features a variety of tion knows what we want, they know
Staff Writer a chance for bands to be loud and Since 2014, when the founda- bands such as Drivin N Cryin our demands, theyve heard them. We
raise money for cancer research tion started, we have raised over who will be headlining Friday night arent going anywhere.
Sophie Steiner wrote a poem at an upcoming concert at Cats $700,000. and the Boom Unit Brass Band. Jacob Hancock contributed reporting.
when she was 13 years old. Cradle for charity on Aug. 25 and Steiner said this is the fourth 100 percent of the proceeds from city@dailytarheel.com
Be loud and move with grace, 26. annual Be Loud! benefit concert, the concert will go to the Be Loud! university@dailytarheel.com
explode with light have no fear, She got the best possible care which will feature a diverse col- Sophie Foundation.
Sophie wrote in her poem. at UNC, but we recognized a gap lection of national acts and local Tim Nielsen, the bassist and DTH ONLINE: Durham
Confederate flag ban,
In 2012, Sophie was diagnosed in care for teen and young adult talents, similar to its past benefit
UNControllables program
with cancer. cancer patients and wanted her concerts. SEE BE LOUD, PAGE 5

r t he
u d
o f ence? Project Bucket:
l d yo xperi A World Premiere
t w o u
l i n ae
Whaate Car Five friends. Four years. 100 adventures.
Get your tickets before theyre gone!
ultim Sunday August 27th at 7 p.m. bit.ly/ProjectBucketPremiere
Varsity Theater
Love is not weak or ridiculous. Its actually really amazing.
2 Friday, August 25, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

The Daily Tar Heel

Q&A with Pam Hemminger
Established 1893
124 years of editorial freedom
Hemminger talks on The Target is won-
Target, housing and derful, its a turn
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Silent Sam. for Chapel Hill we
EDITOR@DAILYTARHEEL.COM havent had before.
JESSICA SWANSON Chapel Hill Mayor Pam
Hemminger is running for Pam Hemminger
office this November unop- Chapel Hill Mayor
posed. City desk editor
Rebecca Ayers sat down with people want to come here to
Hemminger to speak with her participate in all those kinds
about new town developments of things.
COREY RISINGER and the towns relationship
DIRECTOR OF ENTERPRISE with UNC. DTH: You said youre going
ENTERPRISE@DAILYTARHEEL.COM to continue to work on the
KIANA COLE The Daily Tar Heel: Over the Affordable Housing Strategic
DIRECTOR OF PROJECTS AND summer there were many Plan, can you elaborate more
INVESTIGATIONS new developments. What do on it?
LEAH ASMELASH and how downtown Chapel PH: When I came into office
UNIVERSITY EDITOR Hill is evolving? everyone talked about afford-
able housing, but we didnt
Pam Hemminger: The Target is really understand where we
REBECCA AYERS wonderful, thats a turn for were, (for instance) what
CITY EDITOR Chapel Hill that we havent percentage of Chapel Hill is
CITY@DAILYTARHEEL.COM had before. For me its about affordable. So we spent a year
ANA IRIZARRY having those opportunities on summation and gathering
STATE & NATIONAL EDITOR downtown for people who live information from all the hous-
STATE@DAILYTARHEEL.COM here to be able to have access ing groups. My intern called
to food and to those kinds of apartment complexes to get
KARYN HLADIK-BROWN rents and then we charted
resources here. And students
ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR when students are coming, it. Chapel Hill is made up of
(they have) school supplies about 22,000 residential units
CHAPEL FOWLER (and) things like that. and about five percent of those
SPORTS EDITOR I have had three of my four are affordable. So we know DTH FILE/WYATT MCNAMERA
SPORTS@DAILYTARHEEL.COM children go to UNC. People that doesnt feel good, and we Pam Hemminger won the 2015 Chapel Hill mayoral election over Gary Kahn and Mark Kleinschmidt.
COLE DEL CHARCO were going to Target over in know a piecemeal approach of
AUDIO EDITOR Durham and spending their a little here a little there isnt ing all summer on a strategic Silent Sam somewhere else because it is. Were spending
AUDIO@DAILYTARHEEL.COM tax dollars there, and its a really working. plan to take us to a bigger where it could be used as a resources to make sure people
longer way away. (Now) we The DHIC project is big- outcome and Im hopeful teaching tool instead of a stay safe around that area, the
have those things right here. ger, but we backslide when that we will set a goal and go focal point for anger. And so statue is made out of metal,
It helps our whole economy we lose mobile home parks towards that. it would keep the statue from so its going to be a lot harder
when people shop locally. and other older apartment getting marred, I thought to topple than some of the
NATHAN KLIMA The new developments that buildings to redevelopment to DTH: Chapel Hill has been that was a good solution. We other ones that have come
PHOTO EDITOR are here (in) Carolina Square luxury (buildings), that makes through a lot of controversy didnt tread onto the moral down. So that creates a differ-
PHOTO@DAILYTARHEEL.COM are going to be offering a us backslide. So we know with Silent Sam. What did issues, but its University ent dynamic, right? You cant
SARAH LUNDGREN, performance venue. Thats where we are now, but where you think of the Silent Sam property so all we can do is just topple it over, its bolted
something weve been push- do we want to go? And the protests this week? send the request and try to in. So thats the goal, to not
KAREN STAHL ing for downtown, is more council needs to set that goal, back it up with, This would have anyone get hurt.
COPY CHIEFS performance venues, so that but the staff has been work- PH: The real goal was to move be an interest in public safety, city@dailytarheel.com

Mail and Office: 151 E. Rosemary St.

Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Tyler Fleming, Editor-in-Chief, 962-4086 POLICE LOG CORRECTIONS
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The Daily Tar Heel Friday, August 25, 2017 3

A young team with big ambitions
Volleyball National Team.
I think Julia came (into
her national team stint) still
team looks looking to see if she belongs at
that level of the top collegiate

to follow players in the country, Sagula

said. I think she came back
thinking, Yeah, I think Im
last years okay. I can play with them.
She was probably one of

the top outside hitters in that
whole event, out of 36 play-
ers. You cant ask for more
than that.
By Kiley Burns Taylor Leath, the 2016
Staff writer ACC Player of the Year, also
returns for the Tar Heels. The
The North Carolina vol- redshirt junior led the North
leyball team opens its season Carolina offense last season
coming off one of the most with 374 kills. Look for her to
successful years in program lead the team right off the bat
history. in Wisconsin, as she took her
Last seasons team domi- game to another level against
nated on all fronts, all the top competition last season
way down to head coach Joe and totaled three 20-kill
Sagula, who won the ACC and games against top-10 teams.
American Volleyball Coaches Scoles and Leath, both
Association East Coast outside hitters, were named
Regions Coach of the Year among PrepVolleyball.coms
awards. But the Tar Heels are 12 candidates for Preseason
different this year. Its a new Player of the Year.
team looking to find balance
between veterans and energet- Key adjustments
ic newcomers, and its season
officially kicks off on Friday. The 2017 Tar Heels have
a lot of talent, but they are
Players to watch very young. The team lost five
seniors from a season ago.
The Tar Heels are stacked With three true first-years and
on the outside, and last sea- two redshirt first-years poten-
sons breakout rookie is back tially stepping on the court, it DTH FILE/RYAN HERRON
with even more confidence. could take some time for the Taylor Fricano (left), Sydney Fields (middle) and Taylor Leath (right) go up for a block in last weeks scrimmage.
Sophomore Julia Scoles Tar Heels to get into a rhythm.
enters the season as the This team is very talented, ranking in the top six in the Preseason Expectations Championship, earning the They travel to Wisconsin
reigning ACC and AVCA East redshirt senior Taylor Fricano nation in blocks last season. votes of all 14 opposing head to face No. 4 Minnesota and
Coast Region Freshman of the said. With such a raw group, The team has lost some of its For the fourth consecutive coaches to repeat as conference No. 7 Wisconsin in the annual
Year. In 2016, she finished the were just feeling it out. Were height, but Sagula hopes ath- season, North Carolina opens champions this season. This is ACC/Big Ten Challenge.
season in the top five all-time starting to get to know each leticism will make up for it. the 2017 season ranked in the the first time a team has gone Historically, UNC does not
for UNC first-years in kills, other and tapping into that Were going to be differ- top 25. After winning its 13th into the season as a unanimous fare well against top-10
kills per set, attempts, hit- potential. Right now, we have ent, he said. What weve ACC title last season, UNC favorite since 2013. teams, with a 9-30 all-time
ting percentage and aces per potential, and we need to start been cognizant of is making enters ranked No. 11 in the But high praise often record, but five of those wins
set. She also spent the sum- clicking as a team. sure we havent overplayed AVCA preseason poll. comes with high expectations. have come in the past three
mer training and competing North Carolina is known who might be considered a The Tar Heels are poised The Tar Heels do not face an years.
on the 2017 U.S. Collegiate for its strong defense up front, veteran starter. to once again win an ACC easy feat this weekend. sports@dailytarheel.com

Field hockey back from championship loss

The team believes fresh off its fourth consecutive
conference tournament title.
fact, theyd proved their resil-
iency all year, competing and
included North Carolinas
leading scorer and starting
ward to taking it one day at a
time, one game at a time and
lists nine first-years or
redshirt first-years on the
they can make it back But this wasnt the time
to point fingers or dish out
arriving on the same stage
they left a year ago heart-
goalkeeper finished each
year at least making it to the
trying to get better and reach
our potential by the end of
24-player roster nine peo-
ple who havent experienced
to the championship. responsibility for missed broken, losing to Syracuse in Final Four. the season. back-to-back national cham-
opportunities. the NCAA title game in 2015. Despite several departures, There are a few key players pionship losses.
By Alex Zietlow Our whole halftime speech North Carolina seized the North Carolina will open this returning in 2017. Gab Major, Even though most players
Assistant Sports Editor was, Youve got to believe, attacking role in the second season as the preseason No. 1 who was the teams leading on this 2017 Tar Heel team
said Emma Bozek, a redshirt half of the game against the team. According to a statement scorer in 2015 and played a would prefer to forget the final
The message that echoed senior on that team. We have Blue Hens, fighting back to tie on GoHeels.com, head coach critical part of the Tar Heels games of the past two seasons,
in the Tar Heel locker room to know we can do this. the scoreboard at two apiece. Karen Shelton calls the rank- offensive attack in 2016, is maybe the most important les-
was ostensibly simple. And why should their faith But when all was said and ing an overestimation of how returning as the lone senior son this 2017 team could rally
At the national champion- have wavered? Mending done, the Tar Heels fell one prepared her team is. on this young team. Alongside around was the one the team
ship game last November, two-goal deficits was hardly goal short, earning their second This year will be some- her is junior standout Ashley communicated in the locker
the North Carolina field unprecedented for these Tar consecutive runner-up finish. what of a rebuilding for us, Hoffman, who started all 26 room last November.
hockey team walked off the Heels, who had defeated Last years finals marked Shelton said. On the upside, games last season manning Theyd have to believe they
turf at halftime down 2-0 to Louisville just two weeks ear- the end of six total Tar Heel we have a lot of potential the middle of the field as well can come back. Again.
Delaware, a team that had won lier after entering the locker careers. The 2016 graduating and a lot of room for rapid as the back line. @alexzietlow05
18 games in a row and was room in the same hole. In class of this team which growth, so were looking for- Right now, North Carolina sports@dailytarheel.com

Mens soccer starts with No. 2 recruiting class

The team is looking First Game: Friday, Aug. 15 at 7:30 p.m.
to move past last
years big loss. Opponent: Providence College
UNC beat providence a year ago to advance to the College Cup
By Jordanna Clark
Staff Writer Now entering his seventh the 2016 ACC Freshman
season, Somoano is the active of the Year, first team
A missed chance will drive leader among Division I head All-ACC member and
the players on the North coaches with a .758 winning TopDrawerSoccers 2016
Carolina mens soccer team percentage. With the bar National Freshman of the
this season. set high for the Tar Heels Year. Lindley started all 21
After a second consecutive in the 2017 season, theres matches for the Tar Heels
ACC Coastal Division title, plenty of reason to believe and was tied for third most
UNC made it to the College the Tar Heels can make a run assists in the ACC with
Cup in 2016 but fell short for the national title under seven during the 2016 sea-
of advancing to the NCAA Somoanos leadership. son. Lindley is currently on
title game after a nail-biting Somoano has a potent the MAC Hermann Trophy
penalty kick loss to Stanford. senior class at his disposal, Watch List and was most
This season, a recruiting class boasting the likes of Alan recently named to the 2017
that comes in at No. 2 in the Winn, David October, Drew Preseason Best XI Teams by
nation adds some fuel to the Murphy and Zach Wright. TopDrawerSoccer.
fire. These older leaders offer First-year defender John
Heres what to expect from Somoano an opportunity Nelson is a fresh face that
the No. 4 Tar Heels, who open to ease the recruiting class is expected to immediately
their 2017 season against into the competitive ACC. impact the back line for the
No. 12 Providence at Elon Despite the loss of 2017 Tar Heels. Nelson was the
University on Friday the seniors Walker Hume, No. 1 player in the 2017 sign-
same team they defeated a Tucker Hume and Colton ing class by College Soccer
year ago to advance to the Storm, the team brings back News and was recently
College Cup. immense depth which can named to the MAC Hermann DTH FILE/GABI PALACIO
fill the leadership roles on Trophy Watch List along with The UNC mens soccer team celebrates an overtime win over Providence in the 2016 NCAA Elite Eight.
Somoano and the offense and defense, along Lindley. With his experi-
with returning starting goal- ence as a U.S. National Team Although North Carolina Heels wont have any problem experienced team, North
seniors lost a key senior group that defending their top five pre- Carolinas roster could be
keeper James Pyle. participant, Nelson is pre-
After being named as head pared to make an immediate led the team to the College season ranking. hoisting its first champion-
coach of North Carolina in Youth movement impact. Cup run in 2016, if the Tar While it may be chal- ship title since 2011 at the
2011, Carlos Somoano led the Heels highly-touted recruit- lenging to initially mold the end of this season.
team to a national champion- Sophomore midfielder A return to the Cup? ing class blends well with talent of the incoming first- @jordymae012
ship in his first season. Cam Lindley returns as the returning depth, the Tar year class with an already sports@dailytarheel.com
4 Friday, August 25, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

Activists say no to fluoride in water supply

Activists want OWASA put it in there, but dont put it
in the water and medicate me
ing to silence us.
Barazandeh said its not
to look into health without my permission, said
Mike Willock, a protester and
sufficient for OWASA to only
use the Center for Disease
impacts of fluoride. dentist of 28 years. Control and Prevention and
OWASA suspended fluori- U.S. Public Health Service as
By Sophia Wilhelm dation after the fluoride over- references for making safe
Staff Writer feed, or the OWASA water water.
crises, this past February. Yet They dont want to look
The Fluoride Free Chapel on March 9 they decided to into any science or do any
Hill/Carrboro rallied outside resume with the chemical for homework; they just want
Chapel Hill Town Hall to some time in September. to go by whatevers being
protest against the fluoride The OWASA Board endorsed, she said.
in Orange Countys water received numerous comments Willock said he thinks fluo-
Wednesday night. and questions regarding fluo- ride is toxic and that theres
The protests came in ridation in 2013 and in 2017, no proof that fluoride helps
response to a cancelled meet- we welcome public discussion anything.
ing set for Aug. 24 by the of the communitys water and Its an endocrine disrup-
Orange County Water and water resources, said Greg tor; it kicks the iodine off
Sewage Authoritys Board of Feller, OWASAs public affairs your thyroid; it makes the
Directors, in which members administrator. brain docile; it affects ner-
of the community planned to Daria Barazandeh, founder vous tissue; it can affect your
address the fluorinated water of FFCC, said she wants bones, Willock said.
issue. OWASA cancelled all OWASA to look into the sci- Barazandeh said the FDA
their summer meetings, mak- ence and health implications has labeled fluoride as a med-
ing it three months without of fluoride. ication, therefore OWASA DTH/STELLA RENEKE
an opportunity for residents to They suddenly canceled is violating human rights by Local activists protest OWASA boards continued fluoridation of Orange County water sources.
voice their concerns in a public the meeting saying they medicating the community
comment meeting. dont have anything on their without consent. getting larger and larger, and developments, best prac- is, is that we are not just a few
Anybody that wants it agenda, but how is that pos- Weve been going to the theyre going to have to deal tices and recommendations fringe anarchist crazy people
wants to put it on topically; sible that they can be on reset meetings and speaking up, with us because theres going regarding fluoridation. that they would like to brush
thats your business. You can all summer and theres noth- but they dont say anything to be public pressure to do so. Barazandeh said she hopes off, but that this is a really seri-
go to a dentist who will give ing on their agenda, she said. in return they just kind of Feller said OWASA will to bring awareness to the issue. ous health concern, she said.
you a fluoride tray who will We took that as they are try- ignore it, she said. But were continue to monitor scientific What our message to them city@dailytarheel.com

Organization endorses candidates for livable town

Chapel Hill residents November elections.
Turnout in municipal
that were not harmful, Snow
said. And this new council
Quinterno said CHALTs plat-
form aims to address a wide
Development is a key issue at the local level
formed CHALT to elections is always fairly low seemed very overly friendly to range of problems in the town. but theres a whole set of broader issues.
because its usually off-year developers where it was only Development is a key
combat issues. (from the presidential elec- their viewpoint that seemed issue at the local level but
John Quinterno
CHALT member
tion) but turnout jumped in to matter and nothing else theres a whole set of broader
By Meghana Srikrishna that election and even the one seemed to carry much weight. issues that we need to think
Assistant City Editor candidate CHALT endorsed That was the reason we start- about that might be the nuts vassing. The PAC will finan- Town Council.
who lost, he still wound up ed CHALT. and bolts of government, and cially support all the efforts CHALT will determine
In a few years a communi- winning more votes than Chapel Hill residents came they matter, he said. that CHALT will undertake to which candidates they endorse
ty-based political organiza- most of the incumbents have together to form CHALT after CHALT also hosts forums to get our candidates elected. for this years elections
tion has cemented its role in won with, CHALT member they realized they had shared educate citizens on key issues Four council mem- through interviews held from
Chapel Hill politics. John Quinterno said. concerns about policies imple- in the town, such as affordable bers seats are open this Sept. 17 to 19. They will select
Chapel Hill Alliance for a Del Snow has served on mented by the Town Council. housing and development. November: Sally Greene, their candidates on Sept. 25.
Livable Town endorsed Mayor several planning boards and CHALT Founder Tom Henkel We have a PAC called the Maria Palmer, Ed Harrison Henkel said Hemminger
Pam Hemminger as well task force committees for said these concerns were root- Chapel Hill Leadership Legal and George Cianciolo. wasnt able to achieve as many
as council members Jessica the town of Chapel Hill and ed in council plans to develop Action Committee and were Greene and Cianciolo have goals without a majority of
Anderson and Nancy Oates in her experience with town the Ephesus-Fordham area. raising money for activities confirmed they will not CHALT-endorsed candidates.
the 2015 local elections. policy led her to become one Members promote afford- that members of CHALT run for re-election. Snow Thats the main thing
Three of four candidates of the founding members of able housing for all socio- will undertake to support the said having two seats with- were looking for, to get new
CHALT endorsed won seats CHALT. economic statuses, a healthy candidates that we endorse, out incumbents running members of the Council that
in town council elections two We used to have a thought- and natural environment he said. We will do some creates an opportunity to will go along with Pams lead-
years ago, and CHALT will ful Council that weighed con- and more commercial and advertising and we will prepare elect a majority of CHALT- ership, Henkel said.
endorse candidates for the sequences and made decisions industrial tax revenue. John materials for door-to-door can- endorsed candidates in city@dailytarheel.com

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EXTRAS: Box: $1/day Bold: $3/day BR = Bedroom BA = Bath mo = month hr = hour wk = week W/D = washer/dryer OBO = or best offer AC = air conditioning w/ = with LR = living room prior to publication

Business Child Care Wanted Child Care Wanted Help Wanted
6yo girls. 3 days/week, 2:45 to 6:30. Must be
13-year old girl. We are looking for energetic
experience cycles of nature. Physically demand-
NEED EXTRA $$$ Work part-time between reliable & have good driving record. edesjar@ and compassionate candidates with an interest ing work with established contractor. Drivers
classes from your phone! If you are on FB you gmail.com in special education and autism. Experience license required. Full-time, part-time. $14/hr.
might as well get paid for it. Email for details: preferred but not required. Email Tricia at tri- Andrew Bryan, 919-929-9913.
AFTER-SCHOOL SITTER- CARRBORO After- ciawildman@yahoo.com for details.
school childcare needed for a funny, energetic,
kindhearted 10 year old boy! We are looking AFTER SCHOOL CARE 10 & 12YO girls. Walk-
Livery is seeking part time event coordinators
If August 25th is Your Birthday...
Child Care Wanted for someone who is fun and responsible to help ing distance from UNC. Only respond if avail- to work on site at our events (sporting events, Good fortune blesses your income and finances
with homework and transportation to soccer, 3 able M, Tues & Wed from 2:45-6. Use our car weddings, etcetera), work is primarily on this year. Steady efforts beautify your home. Take a
SITTER FOR SW DURHAM FAMILY School-aged days per week after-school (2:45-6ish). Please but clean driving record required. Start Aug Saturdays, with some work also available on new tack with your work and health this summer.
kids. Morning & afternoon hours available. contact me with any questions. Thank you! 28. Email stephanieengel@rocketmail.com. Sundays and weekday evenings, requires work
$15/hr. Must have own car, excellent driving
Recharge, and discover something new about
919-428-8416. $12-15/hour depending on experience. 919- available for every home football and basket- yourself. A spiritual challenge next winter animates
record and references. nicki.hastings@yahoo. 918-7744 ball game at UNC, hospitality experience is a
com. SEEKING AFTERNOON CHILD CARE 10 hours/ plus, minimum GPA 3.2, pay $14-16 per hour you. Follow your heart.
week for our sons ages 2 and 5 years starting
CHILDCARE Afterschool care in Carrboro. M-Th
(just 2 days OK). 2:45-6:15. 10 yr old girl with
Aug-Sept. 2017. Please email hobbsknutson@ For Rent commensurate with experience, please email
resume to jennifermcmorrow@carolinalivery.
gmail.com. Net for more information
autism. Need warm, fun, comfortable with spe- FURN PRI ENTRY/BATH SM ROOM Walk-UNC, To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging.
cial needs. Text Carol @ 919-539-0000. Roosevelt/Franklin, 9-12mo, $310, dorm frig,
LIFE SKILLS TUTOR includes utilities, cable/internet, no cooking/ Parking
ITALIAN BABYSITTER NEEDED native Ital- Aries (March 21-April 19)
ian speaking babysitter for my 8 year old girl NEEDED pet/smoking, FOR RESPONSE, must state situa- Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
and 7 year old boy. We are walking distance Help an active 17 year-old boy with Autism
tion, verifiable year-major. aptinhome@gmail. LOOKING FOR A PARKING SPOT? We have Today is a 9 -- Youre especially lucky Today is an 8 -- Youre especially
from campus. I am flexible with day and time. in Durham, Chapel Hill develop leisure and
com parking spaces available off of Franklin Street in love and games, with Venus in Leo popular this month. Venus in Leo fa-
near Jiffy Lube. $250/semester. Call 919-968- for a month. Travels and studies get vors group activities. Communication
Contact brook@nonpareilevents.com or text academic skills, practice language, learn social, MOVE-IN READY Summer Flash Sale on 2 & 3 4321.
415-407-4885 self help and independent skills, get exercise Bedrooms! One month free rent if you move farther with less effort, with Saturn channels flow with greater velocity
and go on community and social outings. Seek- in before 8/21! Granite, Stainless Steel, Sports direct. and ease now that Saturn is direct.
AFTER SCHOOL CARE: Hangout with a fun 6th
grade girl and help with homework three or
ing a tutor who will keep him engaged and Simulator, Pool, Yoga, 24hr Fitness. Rooms
have fun doing activities such as swimming, Taurus (April 20-May 20) Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
four afternoons a week (3:30-5:00). In Chapel WORK FOR RENT: Studio apt. with kitchen ROOM FOR RENT in historic home in Forest Hills
Hill (3 miles from campus). $12/hr. neal.caren@
cooking, and singing. Experience preferred, but
and W/D, 3 miles from campus on 10 acres
Today is an 8 -- Transform your Today is an 8 -- Assume more profes-
neighborhood in Durham. Large, elegant room,
extensive training is provided. Supervision for
in exchange for helping a 180-pound doctor private bathroom. No pets or smoking. 15 min
home this month, with Venus in Leo. sional responsibility this month, with
ABA certification is available. This is a great op- Shower your family with love. Shared Venus in Leo, for work close to your
portunity for individuals to be part of a strong who just had a stroke. 10 hrs/wk for 1 per- from UNC campus by car. References needed.
NANNY WANTED Chapel Hill, near Briar Cha-
son. Health or senior care professionals pre- biondfury18@gmail.com 919-381-6884 finances grow with Saturn direct. heart. With Saturn direct, financial
pel. Saturday and Sunday 6am-1, plus two behavior-based home intervention program. A Discipline earns higher returns.
10-25 hour commitment for a minimum of 1 ferred. Call 919-967-3221 or 919-302-8187. discipline leads to savings growth.
weekday afternoons/evenings Please email.
rachel.nelms@gmail.com or call 919-885-8642 year. jillgoldstein63@gmail.com. Services Gemini (May 21-June 20) Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
PART-TIME NANNY for 7 and 9 year-old girls. AFTER SCHOOL CARE for a 13-year-old. Pick Help Wanted AFTERRSCHOOL CARE Looking for afterschool Today is an 8 -- Youre espe- Today is a 9 -- Venus in Leo favors
North Chatham County, 15min south of UNC. up from school 3-4 afternoons/week, help care for 5 year old girl, M-F 3:30-5pm. Also in- cially creative with words, sound travel and exploration. Study,
Pick up from Perry Harrison school, help with with homework, walk dogs and drive to GYMNASTICS INSTRUCTOR: Chapel Hill Gym- and images, with Venus in Leo.
nastics is seeking energetic, enthusiastic in-
volves driving older brother to practices daily. research and investigate a subject
homework, transport to/from activities. Mon- activities. Must have a car, $15/hr, dste- Must have own car. Would be open to two Compromise comes easier now that you love. Self-discipline provides
Fri 2:55-6pm, ideally, but willing to share vens2@nc.rr.com. structors to teach classes and summer camps.
Applicants with knowledge of gymnastics ter-
people splitting the position, but we need care Saturn is direct. Launch collaborative satisfying results, with Saturn direct
between two caregivers if needed. Must have for the entire school year. 919-236-3002 ventures.
own transportation. minology and progression skills preferred. Send in your sign.
a resume to hr@chapelhillgymnastics.com.
DRIVER Seeking driver for child old enough for a part-time nanny with experience with
high functioning ASD kids for our 11 yo son ARE YOU PATIENT, reliable, and caring?
Sublets Cancer (June 21-July 22) Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
to babysit too young to drive. Start immedi- Today is a 9 -- This month, with Ve- Today is a 9 -- Grow shared accounts
ately for school year. Drive home from school (ASD) and 5 yo (daughter). Were looking for Seeking committed people to work with a STUDIO FOR RENT IMMEDIATELY Private Stu-
someone to pick them up 3-5 days a week
nus in Leo, can get lucrative. Service with passion. Get into a lucrative
weekdays 3:15-3:30pm $15/day. Chapel Hill. 27 year old young man with autism. Help in dio in home, excellent neighborhood, Elliott projects surge forward with Saturn
after school and get them set up at home participating in activities in the community, road, 10min to UNC Duke, near CHTransit
groove together, with Venus in Leo.
Requires reliable car, good driving record, ref- direct. Discipline with health goals
erences. Email resume. 919-824-5912 (homework, chores, etc) starting late July - developing leisure skills, assisting individual Trader Joes Cable WiFi Furnished Parking $775/ Complete old projects with Saturn
rest of the year and forward. Occasionally in living in his own home, meal preparation, mo; call 919-960-3614 produces outsize results. direct. An emotional barrier dissolves.
PART TIME CHILD CARE needed for 3 yr old girl longer times if available! 919-593-0682 grocery shopping, household tasks and per-
several afternoons per week 12-1pm to 3-4pm Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
beginning late Aug through school year. Days/ CHILD CARE NEEDED: 1-6 p.m. Monday, 2:30-6
sonal care. Flexible hours, 25-40 hrs/week.
Email dvf0922@gmail.com
Tutoring Wanted Today is a 9 -- Try a new style. For Today is an 8 -- Partnerships flow
times flexible. Car required. akgrubbs@hot- p.m. Thursday and Friday for 11yo and 13yo, the next month, with Venus in your with greater ease and affection, with
mail.com, 703-855-4533 HOMEWORK HELP/TUTOR Wanted for gregari-
close to campus. Must have car and good driv- VETERINARY CAREER OPPORTUNITY! VCA Le- ous fifth grade girl. 2 or 3 times per week, 2:45 sign, youre especially irresistible. Venus in Leo for a month. Teamwork
AFTERSCHOOL NANNY NEEDED for 5 yo girl; ing record. Must like dogs. $13/hour. Please gion Road Animal Hospital is seeking P/T and - 3:45 M/W or for a hour between 2:45 and 4:30 Now that Saturn is direct, your comes easier with Saturn direct.
M-F, 2:15 pick up at school and care at our contact at eoconnell0306@gmail.com. F/T Veterinary Assistants to join our team. To T/Th. $20/hr. Southern Village. sarahshapard@ practice pays off. Network and collaborate.
home or other adventures until 5pm with some learn more about this opportunity, please ap- gmail.com
flexibility. asilecraep@gmail.com or 919-593-
9 years-old girls after school. Beginning late
ply in person at 1703 Legion Road Chapel Hill,
TUTORING: LOOKING for a tutor for my junior
Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
4233 NC 27517. Today is an 8 -- Find beauty in tran- Today is a 9 -- Balance a busy sched-
August. Looking for someone responsible, high school son for US History and Physical
RECYCLE ME PLEASE! kind and active. Must have transportation GYMNASTICS INSTRUCTOR: Bull City Gym- Sciences for a total of about 3 hrs/wk on week quil moments, with Venus in Leo. ule with rest, good food and exercise,
and be safe driver. Contact to learn more: nastics of Durham has full time and part-time nights and week end. Please send your resume Keep secrets and confidences. Home with Venus in Leo. Now that Saturn
kgmanuel@gmail.com 917-604-4260 positions available for energetic, enthusiastic to snr_19063@yahoo.com. projects surge ahead with Saturn is direct, career challenges seem to
Help others lead an instructors. Applicants with knowledge of direct. Adapt to domestic changes. dissolve.
independent and fulfilling life! gymnastics terminology and progression skills SAT/ACT TUTOR $30/HR
Full-time and Part-time positions BABYSITTER needed for our 10 year old daugh- preferred, must be available 2-4 days/wk. 3:30-
ter at our home seven miles outside Carrboro. 7:30pm, some weekends. Send a resume to Tutor wanted for high school senior boy to
available helping individuals with Thursday evenings 5:30-9. Must have own car, (c) 2016 TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES, INC.
hr@bullcitygymnastics.com. prep for SATs and ACTs. Once or twice a week.
intellectual and developmental references and like dogs. $15/hour. Weekend Please email anne.yoder@duke.edu
disabilities. This opportunity is hours also available. babysitterreply@gmail. HIRING NOW: CATERING. Server, bartender
GREAT if youre interested in
gaining experience related to
com and supervisor positions for all home UNC
football and basketball games. Catering expe- Wanted To Rent
AFTERSCHOOL CARE - Mon & Wed 2:30-7 for rience NOT necessary. Please email resume to
your major/degree in nursing, delightful 10yo girl. school pickup, afternoon SEMI-RETIRED PROFESSOR SEEKS inexpensive
psychology, sociology, OT/PT, or rockytopunc1@gmail.com if interested. Perfect rooms to rent for eating, sleeping and study.
play, activities, homework. Easygoing, fun, cre- job for students!
other human service fields. ative, missing her college age sisters and ready Call 919-308-1500
On the job training is provided. for fun. $15/hr 919-219-8180 EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT NEEDED by screen-
Various shifts available!
Entry-level pay starting
AFTER SCHOOL CARE: After school care for two
writer, artist, and producer in Durham/Chapel
Hill area. Must be computer savvy on current
boys (7 & 10) needed on Mon and Wed (2:30-
up to $11 per hour. 5:30). Prepare snacks and help with homework.
apple software, references required, journalism FREE IN DTH CLASSIFIEDS!
To apply visit us at and editing experience preferred. Will be tran-
Car not needed. $15/hr. eoshaugh@bu.edu or scribing documents and text. Can contact at
jobs.rsi-nc.org 617-512-6724 biondfury18@gmail.com. 919-381-6884 QUESTIONS? 962-0252
The Daily Tar Heel From Page One Friday, August 25, 2017 5
LOVELOCK secret gift at the wedding,
as her sister teared up at the
She said the locks dont
Margo MacIntyre, a cura-
I just feel like this is something that is so in
FROM PAGE 1 announcement. need to exclusively represent tor for the Coker Arboretum, the Carolina spirit.
LaBordes own two to rep- The couple also received marriage. said she knows little about
LaBorde also encour- the gate.
Monique LaBorde
resent her two big loves at a small photo of the lock to
Carolina, and one, the first remember the symbol. aged friends to place locks in The locks started appear- A recent graduate from UNC
one, for her sisters mar- At the wedding, LaBorde remembrance of unrequited ing, and a few are added from
riage. said many other Carolina loves and crushes throughout time to time, MacIntyre said. said. tion of locks has continued to
This initial lock still sits graduates were similarly college. Lewis, LaBordes partner, LaBorde said she only grow says something about
on the top left corner of the touched by the display. It takes so much energy said those in the campus knew the first few people who the Carolina community, she
gate, with June 11, 2016, They were all like, Wow, and so much pining, she said. garden have been great about added locks to the gate. said.
her sisters wedding date, this is a great idea, we gotta Youre allowed to have some- leaving the locks up so far, Big locks, or weird I just feel like this is
engraved. go back and do that, why thing to represent that or to and supporting students engraved locks, theres one something that is so in the
I put theirs on first, just didnt we think of that? memorialize all that you went wanting to leave that mark. with a double heart I have Carolina spirit, she said.
basically, because they were she said. So that was really through at UNC. The couple visited the love no idea who those people are, (Its) something that is a
the first big Carolina love in cute. But LaBorde said shes lock gate on one of their first she said. little bit bold, a little bit amo-
my life at the time, LaBorde Now a couple years later, afraid the gate of locks wont dates, Lewis said. Some locks signed with rous.
said of the couple, whom she LaBorde said she hopes last long in the arboretum Its awesome to see the Sharpie during Homecoming University Desk staff writ-
said are avid UNC fans and to return to add a lock for and if she ever adds a later lock gate grow from just weekend have begun to fade er Nicole Booth contributed
alums. her and her current part- love lock, that it might be Moniques locks to around away, LaBorde said. reporting to this story.
LaBorde revealed the ner Brennan Lewis, a UNC taken down by the adminis- 20 or 30 locks now, they The fact that the collec- university@dailytarheel.com

PRICE I guess this event really is a reminder too of cause and transform the
trajectory of events to some-
FROM PAGE 1 how people can make a difference. thing that we all wanted to
(Rep. Price) understood get to.
immediately how impor-
Jim Lapides Many thanks and con-
tant (the grant) was and Cure HHT board member gratulations were lauded
the healthcare savings that upon Rep. Price for his role
could occur with this project, solved. the disease. With symptoms in securing funding from the
Clancy said. What we have been able of HHT being similar to CDC. However, upon accept-
The money will aim to to achieve with Mr. Prices those of hemophilia, outfit- ing his award from Cure
help overcome some of the support is a big deal, Dr. ting hemophilia centers to HHT, Price had only humble
most common obstacles Kasturi. If you ask me from treat HHT to increase HHT words.
faced by those afflicted by a provider and patient per- patients access to care is one Its inspiring to be among
HHT. These include HHTs spective what were the two way the grant will help treat you, to see what youve
late diagnosis which, even biggest needs in HHT today, HHT. achieved and to see what the
as a lifetime disease, is com- it would be, one, awareness, Cure HHT board mem- promise might be over the
monly not diagnosed until a not just awareness on the ber Jim Lapides, who is an horizon, he said. Health care
patients late 20s. patients side, but awareness HHT patient himself, said generally is a basic human
According to Cure HHT, on the providers side and treatment helped him live a need, and its something that
around 90 percent of HHT access to care, Dr. Kasturi better life. a civilized country should put
patients are undiagnosed. said. I guess this event really is at the top of the list in terms
With Rep. Prices assistance With only 25 HHT- a reminder too of how peo- of what we aspire all of our
in securing funding from specific centers in North ple can make a difference, fellow citizens to have access
the CDC, those problems America, accessing treatment Lapides said. Extraordinary to. DISCOVER A
are one step closer to being is difficult for those with people can champion a university@dailytarheel.com GENEROUS
BE LOUD graduate who plays the bari-
tone saxophone for the Boom
We recognized a gap in care for teen and
FROM PAGE 1 Unit Brass Band, had similar young adult cancer patients
manager of Drivin N Cryin, notions.
The Splinter Group, who
Niklaus Steiner
said the band believes its all
is producing the show, had us director of the UNC Center for Global Initiatives
for a good cause. The U.S. Armys Health Professions Scholarship
In addition, he expressed play at their holiday party this Program (HPSP) offers qualified medical, dental
his love for performing at past year, and Lane Wurster gram and we are glad to be a start our show off-stage and and veterinary students full tuition for a graduate-
Cats Cradle. reached out to me and said, part of it. if at all possible, we work our level degree at the school of your choice. Youll
Each band will have its own way through the crowd. receive a monthly stipend and payment for books,
We have a long history We have this event coming up. equipment and academic fees, as well as the
of playing at Cats Cradle, Its a great fundraiser for kids unique set and introduction. Nielsen said Drivin N potential to grow as a leader.
Nielsen said. I think Cats and young adults with cancer, We have a mini-set of four Cryin doesnt do a set list but
Cradle was what perked us and I said, Absolutely! Sign us songs that we always open always plays the audiences
up in the first place, but then up, he said. My wife actually with, Bollinger said. The favorite songs. To learn more, visit
we heard more about what works at Duke Hospital at the intro is always an original, and If you travel with us and healthcare.goarmy.com/ix39, or
the charity was and what the cancer center there, so Im all because we are a brass band see three of our shows, you visit your local U.S. Army
Recruiting Office
actual foundation was for, about anything for kids with and we kind of toe the line will never see the same show,
and that made us want to do cancer. I didnt even know between a parade band and a he said.
it even more. about it until he approached stage band, we parade into the @krupakaneria
Brannon Bollinger, a UNC me, and its a fantastic pro- venue during our intro. We arts@dailytarheel.com 2014. Paid for by the United States Army.
All rights reserved.

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off FREE
Vehicle Maintenance Check-Up
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Wipers Belts Coolant Battery
With this coupon. Valid on product only when in-
stalled at Meineke. Discount applies to regular retail Spark Plugs Free Tire Rotation & More FREE 407 E. Main St.,
pricing. Valid on most cars & light trucks. Not valid
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T Carrboro, NC
present coupon at time of estimate. Expires 9/12/17. warranty work. Expires 9/12/17. 919-933-6888
The final Pam
Our city editor sat and
chatted with Chapel Hill
games Mayor Pam Hemminger.
See pg. 2 for story.
2015 The Mepham Group. All rights reserved.

Level: 1 2 3 4 UNControlled
A student organization
shares the untold history
Complete the grid of the University. Visit our
so each row, column
website for story.
and 3-by-3 box (in
bold borders) contains
every digit 1 to 9. Still as a statue
Solution to Students have kept a
last puzzle 24-hour presence around
Silent Sam since Tuesday
night. See front for story.

Sports! Sports!
Sports Friday is here,
and our writers know the
volleyball players to watch
this year. See pg. 3 for story.

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Across 63 Noodle variety 24 Adidas alternatives 44 Closes, as a wound

1 Song one cant 64 Upscale 25 More than a peck 49 Like some cold
perform? 65 Cut with a beam 26 Old counters symptoms
5 Walk through puddles 66 Await a decision 27 Great guy? 50 Pimply
10 Mosuls home 28 Chaise place 51 Indicacin de afecto
14 On the water Down 29 Fire starter 52 Sacred chests
15 Princess Toadstools 1 Ultimate Fighting 31 Common state capital 53 Arizona river
rescuer Championship features 54 The Dukes of
16 Run into, maybe president White 32 Moon of Uranus Hazzard deputy
17 Online gaming tyro 2 Biennial games org. 33 Parkinsons drug 55 Top-shelf
18 Salem residents 3 Fair-hiring agcy. 35 Rustic stop 56 Support staff member
20 Rudely confront 4 Mediterranean salad 36 Life of Pi director 57 Monopoly token
espionage supervisors? 5 Hit hard Lee replaced by a cat in
22 OPEC member 6 Prix de __ de 41 Wow! 2013
23 Guzzler Triomphe: annual 42 Grammarians 58 Object to
24 Holy verse horse race concern 59 Nuke
27 Letters by the shore 7 Oft-twisted cookie 43 Legatos opposite, in
30 __ wave 8 Leo, for one mus.
34 Agreement on the 9 Hilarious sorts
ratio of innies to 10 More than silly
outies? 11 Down-to-earth
37 Quote from a goat 12 Coulter and Curry
38 Absent 13 Liq. measures
39 O Sole __ 19 Campus org. for
40 Ones meekly entering future ensigns
debits and credits? 21 Cousin of Danl?
45 Embezzles
46 Trike rider
47 Big name in
electric cars
48 Somerhalder of
The Vampire
50 Org. that helps
you find a way
51 High praise at a
59 Pinpoints
60 Apple talker
61 Seeks
62 With no other
6 Friday, August 25, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

Established 1893, 124 years of editorial freedom

You might not see that as historically hateful
can cause individuals to feel intimidated.
Mike Lee, On the Durham County BOE banning oppressive symbols
EDITORIAL CARTOON by the Editorial Board, opinion@dailytarheel.com
If North Carolina was located in the north, it
wouldve been a union soldier on the memo-
Emily Yue rial. Simple geography, not hate.
Opinion Editor
Al, on town reactions to a rally against Silent Sam
Senior journalism and studio art
major from Huntersville, N.C.
Email: emyue@live.unc.edu
LETTERS TO live, study and work on our
campus are not permitted.


Remove Silent Sam in
Sure, its nice to have
a somewhat quiet atmo-
sphere where faculty, staff

to our a dignified way

and students can meet.
There are other ways to
go about this. Lets put up

Dear Fellow Tar Heels, signs and respect each oth-
I am a veteran of the sit- ers space like good citizens
ins for civil rights here in of any community.

Chapel Hill during the 1963 If faculty are still both-
to 64 academic year. ered by the presence of
I was arrested on six students, then perhaps
counts of trespassing they would be better

he opinion section of and resisting arrest and served meeting in their
The Daily Tar Heel spent almost a month in offices or any number of
functions as a sounding
board for what the public has
EDITORIAL the Chapel Hill jail at the
corner of Columbia and
seminar rooms or lounges
located throughout UNCs

Were all (still) rushing

to say and as a platform for Rosemary Streets. campus.
great student writers to freely I am also a native North The UNC College of
express themselves. Carolinian and thus, a Arts and Sciences claims
This years editorial board is native southerner. As Student Focus among its
a group of 15 UNC undergrad-
uate and graduate students At the beginning of sexy vacations. What
comes next is a choreo-
new notebooks and con-
struction dust perfectly set
southerners, my wife and
I once walked the heart-
Guiding Principles, assert-
ing, we put students first
who meet twice a week to dis-
cuss issues they find important
the school year, we graphed dance of half- the stage for forging new breaking path of Picketts
Charge at Gettysburg,
and foremostthey are our
reason for being.
hugs, animated smiles and bonds.
to the community. are all rushing. introductions. The first year of college
right up to the split rail Clearly, the new policy

In their applications, poten- fence where so many is incongruous with this
tial board members were asked alking down If one were to strip comes with a big dose of young men from North Guiding Principle.
to critique former opinion East Franklin away the dances, soror- social energy its a magi- Carolina died about a
pieces from the DTH. This Street, one cant ity traditions and color- cal time and most first- hundred years before our Dr. William Sturkey
years newcomers were people help but notice the sorori- coordinated outfits, one year students are excited sit-ins. Assistant Professor of
who constructively took apart ties practicing for rush would find that sorority to start with a clean slate. The combination of History
past editorials with fresh the process of accept- rushing at its core is no For students later in their these two identities makes
insights and better ideas. ing new members that different than any other college career, there may the issue of Silent Sam an Dog-walking and
Some of the most memora- includes meet-and-greets, social ritual. not be the same energy. excruciating one for me. thinking about Sam
ble DTH editorials have been matching t-shirts, as well At the start of the But its not too late! For some time, my pref-
written to hold the schools as morale-boosting dances school year, we are all Take advantage of this erence would have been to TO THE EDITOR:
administrators accountable, to leave the statue in place but Just about every day my
and cheers. rushing. time to introduce yourself
argue that sexual assault is an to pair it with an equally dog Lucy and I walk on to
issue of public health, to call At first glance, these The first week at UNC your neighbors. You never large and impressive monu- campus, where she is as
for better napping locations on rituals can seem odd to can be especially stress- know who will make a ment to the students of adored by female students
campus, to attack the art of a an outsider interested ful for new students. difference in your college Lincoln High School with as I am ignored.
cappella, to defend endangered onlookers can be found Thinking back on our first career. whom I sat. Lately I have been
salamanders and to honestly sitting on the sundial by week at Carolina, we felt We encourage our fel- The Lincoln students meditating on Silent Sam,
examine what students love the planetarium to watch it important to issue a low Tar Heels to resist were the bravest and most always on the watch for
and cannot love about their the spectacle. But is soror- reminder that trying to fit natural groupings to inspiring people I ever met, Yankees, commemorat-
University. ity rush really that weird? in is a universal impulse. reach out and explore the and it was an honor to be in ing what many in the
Tyler Fleming, the DTHs Moseying around a We all yearn to be diverse people and oppor- jail with them. South laughably used to
editor-in-chief, Zaynab Nasif, grungy house party, one accepted so we engage in tunities that Carolina has But now I believe call the War of Northern
the assistant opinion editor both that Sam should be Aggression.
cant help but notice that rituals to feel like a part to offer. Dont shy away
and I also serve as board mem- removed in a dignified way In the past few days,
the social rituals there of our communities. Now from discomfort. Embrace to some other location on linear and collateral
Our jobs include facilitat- are also pretty predict- is when solidifying old the social rituals and dont campus, and that the mon- descendants of General
ing the discussions, assigning able. Most interactions friendships and creating gripe about other groups ument to the young civil Lee like me have been
editorials and editing them to start with an enthusiastic, new groups is front-and- traditions. The values at rights activists should also coming out of the wood-
fit our papers (justifiably) high How was your summer?! center in our minds. Its the core are the same. be erected. work to say that it is time
standards without compromis- The expected response only natural that we gravi- Your friends at Carolina Monuments are not for public monuments to
ing the voices or values of our is almost always positive tate towards people who will be your family so merely historical markers the cause of slavery and
opinion writers. tales of path-defining seem familiar. dont be afraid to find but also honor our cen- racism to go.
Zaynab assists me in read- summer internships and The smell of fresh grass, them and hold on tight. tral values, which should We are right, of course,
ing every letter to the editor include most our shared but why do we think our
that we receive. value and dignity as Tar voices count more than
This year, we promise to Heels and as Americans. yours?
prioritize topical and timely
letters that best reflect the
COLUMN Charles L. Thompson
Nevertheless, I now add
mine to the tumult.

community we care so much Class of 65 Go and go soon, Sam,
about. All points of view are you have outlived whatever
welcome. All stories are worth Lounge restrictions usefulness you had, and are
a listen, or a read. are faculty elitism probably tired of serving as
All of us are human, and
have valuable lived experiences An attack on the Civil Rights Center is an attack on the people. TO THE EDITOR:
the butt of all those genera-
tions of stale jokes.

and perspectives that belong in The new restrictions on But go preferably as
our newspaper. he UNC Civil Rights black community. A settle- student usage of the Anne a result of an orderly
But the opinion page isnt Center is under attack. ment was reached to build Queen Faculty Commons campus-curated process, in
only reserved for editorials. Founded in 2001 by an elementary school on the in the Campus Y is a gross which the state legislature
The roster for this years col- Julius Chambers, a black property instead. In Johnson example of faculty elitism clearly has no constructive
umnists includes some exciting attorney who survived fire- v. Fleming, the center filed and privilege. role to play.
new and returning personali- bomb attacks in the 1960s and won a fair housing law- As many students will
ties that I cant wait for you to and 1970s while fighting for suit on behalf of the Johnson soon learn, the UNC Office Christopher Lee Ringwalt
meet in print. equality, the center plays a Angum Check family against an estate of Faculty Governance Injury Prevention
Look forward to experi- pivotal role in protecting company that refused to rent recently implemented a Research Center
Reclaiming Her Time
encing Derek Fultons sense marginalized people. to the them because of their policy banning students
The North Carolina Junior philosophy and African race. In Everett et al. v. Pitt
of humor in the weekly You studies major from Bali, Camer- from using the lounge Show the Civil Wars
Asked For It satirical advice General Assembly, with County Board of Education, between the hours of 8 a.m.
oon and Greenbelt, M.D. full range on campus
column, humming thoughtful- a politicized Board of the center worked with to 5 p.m., unless escorted or
ly while reading Kirk Kovachs Governors and Board of community groups seeking invited by a faculty or staff TO THE EDITOR:
moderately annoyed views Trustees, have continued upholding civil rights, but to integrate schools in Pitt member. What to do with Silent
on campus culture, studying their attack on black and through silencing bodies County, a case first filed in This is, of course, ridic- Sam?
manifestos on the empower- brown people and poor that confront them when 2008. ulous considering that the Since he is standing as
ing force of nature that is the people of all races. they do obstruct justice. Yes, people are still fight- lounge is located directly representative as a civil
pop sensation Lorde from our These legislatures are BOG member Steve ing for integration and the next to the student- war soldier from UNC, add
resident mistress of quirk, zealously committed to Long stated that suing the year is not 1954. owned coffee shop The another stature nearby of
Evana Bodiker and seeing eliminating the Civil Rights state and its municipalities These cases demonstrate Meantime. a black Union soldier (also
other hot takes from the rest Centers ability to litigate violates the mission of the housing discrimination, Let that sink in. We from N.C.) as a comple-
of these passionate colum- under the narrative that edu- University. environmental racism and just banned students from ment.
nists. cation is not litigation. The mission page of UNC educational discrimination. using the room next to their You then have the full
My vision for the opinion For an institution that clearly says the University By advocating against own coffee shop. range of Civil War in N.C.
page is to offer the University prides itself on practical serves N.C., the U.S. and these issues (that we can all Faculty can now enjoy (Confederate/Unionist/
and the Chapel Hill commu- experience beyond the theo- the world through teaching, agree are issues), the Civil students serving them cof- Black/White).
nity facts and opinions that are retical classroom readings, research and public service. Rights Center is upholding fee and then arrogantly
timely, relevant and, above all, that angle doesnt hold much In other words, the UNCs mission and serving strut into a closed room Ronald Orr
accessible. weight. Sorry BOG. Universitys mission is to the people of our state. where the students who Durham
If you want to get in touch The Civil Rights Centers serve the people of this state Whether the entity
with me, or anyone on the litigation allows students and promote the values of obstructing justice is an
interested in public interest equity and equal treatment individual or governmental,
opinion desk, please dont
hesitate to reach out! law to gain direct practice under the law. the center plays an impor- SPEAK OUT
Submit a letter to the edi- and experience; therefore, The power of litigation tant role in checking the WRITING GUIDELINES
tor online at http://www. the motive of legislatures is strongly evident in the balance of power and pro- Please type. Handwritten letters will not be accepted.
dailytarheel.com/page/submit- goes beyond litigation itself. historical struggle for equal- tecting our most vulnerable Sign and date. No more than two people should sign letters.
letter-to-the-editor, or send This attack is about ideology ity. UNCs own law school citizens. Steve Long must be Students: Include your year, major and phone number.
us an email to opinion@dai- and who the parties involved would not be integrated if referring to another mission Faculty/staff: Include your department and phone number.
lytarheel.com and Ill get back in these cases are. wasnt sued by its first black that supports inequality and Edit: The DTH edits for space, clarity, accuracy and vulgarity. Limit
Litigation is a formal student, Floyd McKissick Sr., only people who can afford letters to 250 words.
to you as soon as possible with
the best that we can do moving lawsuit brought forth by a in 1957. political bribery in the SUBMISSION
forward. plaintiff addressing the vio- In ROCCA et al. v. form of campaign dona- Drop off or mail to our office at 151 E. Rosemary St., Chapel Hill,
Love, Emily lation of civil rights by the Brunswick County, commu- tions of course. NC 27514
defendant. The BOG wants nity efforts joined with the On Thursday, Aug. 31 at Email: opinion@dailytarheel.com
to ensure that the state of Civil Rights center to prevent 12:05 p.m. in the Pit: Wear
North Carolina is never Brunswick County from plac- orange and join the protest

8/28: LOCAVORE POLITICS EDITORS NOTE: Columns, cartoons and letters do not necessarily rep-
Alexander Peeples writes on found on the side of the ing an industrial waste site in to protect the Civil Rights resent the opinions of The Daily Tar Heel or its staff. Editorials reflect the
campus culture and politics. defendant not through a low-income, predominantly Center. opinions of The Daily Tar Heel editorial board, which comprises 10 board
members, the opinion assistant editor and editor and the editor-in-chief.