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Jim has these symptoms of a mild tremor and bradykinesia, which is when your movements

have become slow; he also has a mild intention tremor in his arm and rigidity of his limbs and trunk. Jim
has these symptoms because there is there is a loss of dopamine in his brain, which is used to send a
chemical message to neurons. When dopamine is decrease then it causes the brain activity to be
abnormal. Parkinsons disease could also happen because of specific gene mutations, making the risk of
Parkinsons disease to be at a higher rate. Also environmental triggers, like certain toxins or other
environmental factors could increase the risk of getting Parkinsons disease.

What treatments that could help Jim would be the most common one known as Levodopa,
which helps the body metabolizes to produce dopamine. Levodopa is sometimes used with carbidopa
which then to help suppress nausea and other possible side effects. But levodopa could lose its
effectiveness over time. There is also dopamine agonists, unlike levodopa it doesnt change into
dopamine but mimics dopamine effects in the brain. These arent as affective as levodopa, but they tend
to last longer in the long run. There are many other drugs like, MAO-B inhibitors, COMT inhibitors,
Anticholinergics, and Amantadine, which all help with the symptoms of Parkinsons disease. If drugs or
medications arent working then there are other options like, deep brain stimulation, where electrodes
are implanted in the specific part in the brain and connected to a generator implanted in the chest that
sends electrical pulses to the brain causing the symptoms to reduce.

In conclusion, Jim is an old man who works as a professor in a university, who believes that he
might be under a lot of stress. This would probably explain why that his hands and arm would shake
after taking the antihypertension drug called Serpalan; and also why he had an odd twitch in his
shoulder leading to a tremor in his right arm and leg. After his vacation his handwriting became worse,
and problem doing things with his hands. When then deduce from his symptoms that Jim probably has
Parkinsons disease so the treatments that are most common for the disease would be Levodopa or
dopamine agonists. If drugs dont work then he could undergo surgery with the process called deep
brain stimulation.