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HSE Form: HSF -07-04

Risk Assessment
Maintenance Original Issue: 20-Aug-2017

Department Maintenance Risk Assessment Number 02/17/v00
Activity Sheaves replacement Assessment By Ali Ali Ahmad STSs Specialist
Issuing Date 20-Aug-2017 Approved BY Revery Johnson Asset Manager
Assessment Date 20-Aug-2017 Approval Date 20-Aug-2017

L Likelihood
S Severity
RL Risk Level
Risk Evaluation:

Initial Risk Level Control Measures Residual Risk Responsibility
S/N Significant Hazards Level
Keep all tools in the
close and safe area.
1. Being hit by falling tools, lashing gear or 4 4 16 Safety helmet. 1 4 4 Supervisor and others.
other object. Close and clear the area
under the crane.
2. Injuries due to falling from height 3 5 15 Safety harness 1 5 5 Supervisor.
The only senior
technician is allowed to
3. Injuries due to Wire rope slip from 3 4 12 tighten wire rope clamp. 1 4 4 Supervisor and welder
lashing gears. Qualified person Welding and others
inspects clamp bolts
Close and clear the
area under the service
4. Injuries due to Falling of suspended load crane.
while using a service crane.
4 5 15 Inspect service crane 1 5 5
Supervisor and others
before commence the
Before the job starts
check that emergency
button is working.
Inform all workers
5. Injuries due to Miscommunication 4 5 20 before any movement 1 5 5 Supervisor.
and before the next

Only qualified people are
allowed to drive a moving
Clear the area around any
6. Being hit or stuck by a moving object 3 4 12 moving object. 1 4 4 Supervisor and others
Inform all staff before any
movement and be sure
that all are in a safe
Use a proper hand gloves.
Use emergency push
7. Hand Injuries 4 4 16 button before start 1 4 4 Supervisor and others
removing or assembling
Good housekeeping.
Clear work area of all
8. Fires from Hot work process 3 5 15 Fire extinguishers and 1 5 5 Welder
fire blanket required.
Comply with site hot work
Make sure that the jack
is aligned and to the
sheave axis before
start pressing.
9. Injuries due to fault jack position during 3 4 12 Use flat, thick and 1 4 4 Supervisor
Pressing. strong steel plate
between the jack and
the pin and make sure
that it is in the right

Before using jacks,
check all hoses and
fittings for any oil
Jacks and cylinders
must be under
10. Injuries due to pressurized fluid 3 4 12 Scheduled PM, and the 1 4 4 Supervisor and others
relief valve must
inspect before using
During using jacks
make sure that all staff
in a safe position.
The supervisor must
check that the shaft is
11. Injuries due to blast off sheaves bearing 3 4 12 moving and not stuck 1 4 4 Supervisor
Cover. during pressing by jack.

Process/Work Activity Detail:

This H&S risk assessment caters for the hazards presented by sheaves replacement activities for hoist, catenary and boom ropes.
This procedure does not cover other hazards that may be present on specific jobs such as hot work process.