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Name: Wayne David C.

Course/Yr/Sec/Major/Sched: BSEd 3-3 (PhySci)(TFri, 4:00-5:30pm)

Reaction Paper about Marcelo H. Del Pilars Dasalan at Tocsohan

History has a pattern of repeating itself. Marcelo H. Del Pilars Dasalan at Tocsohan

is a satire on the friars hypocrisy, greed, and licentiousness which consists of parodies

of the Sign of the Cross, the Act of Contrition, the Lords Prayer, the Hail Mary, and The

Ten Commandments of God. Upon reading this piece of Del Pilar, I cant help but wonder,

are the Spaniards that desperate? Desperate enough to use the Divine Right Theory to

take over the Philippines. In other words, they used God for their own selfish desires.

They used God as a weapon of destruction. They used God as the medium to make

people follow them and consider as Gods. Quite intriguing, right? Lets talk about this

topic in a 21st Century point of view.

As a 21st Century person, I must say some of the things the Roman Catholic Church

did back then do not exist anymore, well, at least thats what I know. However, some

practices still exist. Like for example, back then, friars ask for some compensation when

Filipinos wanted a burial, wedding, and even baptism. Well, now it still happens. Del Pilar

said in his Sampung Utos ng mga Fraile, in the 5th Commandment, it states Do not die

if you do not have money for burial. This is a perfect example that even when youre not

any more physically present in this world, you still need money to die. You still need

money to pay the funeral services, and of course, you need to pay the priest for his

grateful act of blessing the spirit of your lost loved one. So grateful, right? And lets not

forget weddings. So this one is indirectly telling us that To gratify a couples love to God,
you must need money. And mind you, there are a lot of couples out there that is still not

married due to insufficient money. Of all the things that we do, it always concerns the

word money. Without it, maybe were just lying there in the streets asking for some of it.

I cant help but ask myself. Who really is the real God here, the one who is up there? Or

money? Money which we have always adored our whole lives. Let us not fool ourselves

and thus let us be the judge of our own trial.

Religion does not matter. It only existed to create order however the sad thing is,

instead of creating order, the Spaniards used it to create chaos to us, Filipino people.

Honestly, I dont believe in religion anymore. For me, may you be a Muslim, Christian,

Buddhist, Hindu or an Atheist it does not matter to me because at the end of the day, if

you respect me, then Ill respect you. Simple as that. The Golden Rule. It is not religion

which I believe in. It is the relationship with God called FAITH.