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Faculty : Engineering and Science Unit Code : UEME3112

Course : Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Unit Title : Fluid Mechanics II
Year/ : 2/1, 2/2, 3/1 Lecturer : Dr. Jaslyn Low FS
Semester Mr. Lee Sze Shin
Session : 2017/05

Tutorial No. ( 5 )
1. At a certain section of a developed turbulent plane water jet, the maximum velocity is 3 m/s and
the mass flow is 800 kg/s per meter of width. At 2 m further downstream, estimate

(i) the jet width;

(ii) the maximum velocity;

(iii) the mass flow.

2. Air at 20C and 1 atm jets out at 0.001 kg/s from a 4-mm diameter orifice into the still air. At 1 m
downstream, estimate

(i) the maximum velocity;

(ii) the jet width;

(iii) the turbulent viscosity.

3. A long cylinder with a diameter of 5 m is placed vertically in the ocean where the water current is
60 m/s flowing around the cylinder. Assume that the drag coefficient of the cylinder is 0.5. At 1 km
downstream of the cylinder, estimate

(i) the wake width;

(ii) the wake velocity defect.