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Jurassic World

Year: 2015

Country: USA

Directed by: Colin Trevorrow

Cast: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent DOnofrio, Ty

Simpkins, Nick Robinson, Omar Sy, BD Wong y Irrfan Khan

Jurassic World is the fourth film of Jurassic Park series
This story is set twenty two years after the first accident with dinosaurs in the first island called Island Nublar. A big
group of people have build a new park with the ultimate in technology over the old park; Owen Grady and Claire
Dearing are part of that group. Owen is the trainer of the Velociraptors and Claire is the manager of the operations
about the park.
After some years in operation the theme park is not so attractive and interesting for people because nowadays they
are accustomed to coexist with the dinosaurs, so the responsibles of the park decide to create a new dinosaurs more
powerful than the T-rex called Indominus.
Claire gets tickets for her nephews Zach and Gray in order to visit her. However, the aunt Claire is too busy to care of
his nephews so her assistant is responsable, but the brothers get to escape from her.
Claire is looking for supervisors for the cage of the new dianosaur and call to Owen and when they arrive, they realize
that the dinosaur has escaped, the alert is sent to locate the animal and Owner and the cages guard enter and find
her, so they try to escape and open the back door but the dinosaur gets to escape after to eat one of the guards.
The managers of the park decide to focus all the visitants on the center of the island and chase the animal but she is
very intelligent and destroy her GPS herselft
The big dinosaur kill all that she found and try to kill the brothers but they get to escape and find the old park and
take an old jeep. Claire and Owen serch for they and find their when are in the wall of the centre of the park. Another
team is looking for the dinosaur in a helicopter but they has an accident and break the cage of ptesaurs escape and
eat some of the people that was in the center, including the assistant that was care of the brothers.
Owen try to capture the Indominus rex with help of the velociraptors but the Indominus having raptos DNA,
communicate with the raptors and turns them against Owen.
Then the four characters are persecuted by the Indominus and Claire let to the T-rex escape and the Rex and the
Indominus fight, The T-rex is losing but the raptors help him and get that the Mosasaurus eats the Indominus.
The survivors are evacuated and the island is abandoned. Zach and Gray find their parents, while Owen and Claire
stay together.


The new films has a incredible conection with the fist one and make to the fans to feel greateful because is a good
adaptation and a congruent film.

We can see memoral places like the entrance that is so similar to the first one and the old center of the park where
the first characters were chase by the raptors.

Definitely there are some interesting dinosaurs and the technology that we can watch is very incredible, without
make mention of the graphics that are so powerful.

The story is typical nothing very amazing but entreternible.

I recomender this film to pass the time and if you are from 90s you will remember a good phase.