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The 1st Annual Santa Parade
It was Fraser Lakes first Christmas Light Parade
and it was bright and colourful and enjoyed by
everyone who took advantage of the route and
watched from the warmth of their living room.
The temperature was cold but the spirit was not.
The parade was a happy first for Fire Chief Joe
Pacheco who spearheaded the event within days of
his return to the post as Fire Chief. Thumbs up to
everyone who took part .

Local business makes

top 10 list
Congratulations to the Fraser Lake Corner Store
who has been named as one of the top 10 Semi-
Finalists Announced for 14th Annual Small Busi-
ness BC Awards. The Top 10 Semi-Finalists will
Seniors Christmas Dinner be given one month to provide their expert
great food, great company panel of judges a detailed application outlining
why they deserve to win the award. These appli-
cations will be used to decide the Top 5 Final-
ists, which will be announced on January 23,

Best Community Impact

presented by Vancity
Brook Public Relations Firm -
(above) Dimpy Lemire (93)
with friend Nettie Hilde- Cowichan Energy Alternatives -
brandt enjoying a get Duncan
together at the 10th Annual Fraser Lake Dollar Store and
Christmas Dinner at the
Legion sponsored by CIBC Corner Store - Fraser Lake
Good Times Games and Elec-
Live performance tronics - Prince Rupert
Greater Vancouver Lice Clinic -
Joel West will be performing Fri. Dec 16 at the Legion. Maple Ridge
Joel represented BC at the Road To Riverfest live per- Lighthouse Labs - Vancouver
formance competition. My Mountain Co-op - Terrace
He won the six-week regional playoffs held at the Treas- Rainbow's Roost - Kamloops
ure Cove Lounge last summer. Sea Hiker Swimming Inc. -
He is a talented singer/guitar player. Come out & enjoy Bowen Island
a night of live music and dance. Everyone welcome Tla'amin Convenience Store -
Tickets $15 at the door . 8pm to midnight. Powell River

Lifes Rules or to-do-isms

By Elaine Storey
In life there are teachings that come without guidelines. We
learn some jobs, sport techniques and behaviours without
formalized training, without a set of rules. We develop traits
and follow action almost by osmosis. We see it or hear it and
accept it as normal behaviour. Formalized education comes These fine folks are your Autumn Services Executive:
with a price tag and huge manuals and teachers to interpret From left Bonnie Plowman, Sarrah Storey, Anne Letz, Lori Hurry,
the data. You are tested on your ability to regurgitate what Elaine Storey and Dave Harper(not available Dianne Harder)
you heard or read, and presto, you go to the front of the
December 23rd
But there are many lessons in life that we generally dont Family Social & Dance
share. And depending on how and where we were raised, the At the Fraser Lake Arena
value of these lessons may have been lost or glossed over. For
example, if you were raised by a pack of wolves you proba-
bly didnt do any of the following To-do-isms because you Candy Canes
simply did not know they existed. Snacks
Goody Bags
-Always let dishes drip dry. It was thought that drip-drying 4pm-7pm ~ Dance & Activities
was an excuse used by those too lazy to follow through with
Door Prizes 7pm ~ Charity Hockey Game
the last stage of dish cleaning. Bacterial analysis now confirms
that drying dishes with a cloth leaves contaminants on the Funded by:
dish surface and is strongly discouraged. Brought to you by:
-If you want a clean dry surface, sweep new snow off the
porch and walkway before anyone has tracked through it.
Sweeping after the fact always makes the job twice as long.
-You must rinse dirty dishes before you put them in the dish-
washer...I know the ads say there is a detergent that cuts
through all the grease, but not egg or cheese which harden
into place(not unlike snow on walkways)
Autumn Services would like to give a big THANK YOU to the Vanderhoof
-Make your bed every day just do it, every day. and Districts Co-operative Association for their generous contribution to
-Place doilies right side up. And if when you are the doilie help grow the Friday Soup Program. Out of 111 applicants in Northern BC
police, you re permitted to straighten them, even at your 11 were chosen to help make more positive changes in their communities!
best friends place.
-Towels must be folded the same way and stacked with the
curved side facing out.
-Wet facecloths must be hung to dry, otherwise the damp-
ness attracts earwigs and they party in the dark under the
-You must clean the house before going on holiday in case
the sister-in-law or other family members are required to
find your will or other documents in your absence.. Yes,
even the bottom of the fry pans.
-The kitchen sink must be cleaned before you load it with
dirty dishes.
From Left General Manager Allan Bieganski, Sarrah Storey, Bud Pye.
-Bathrooms should always be stocked with at least one more President of the Vanderhoof and District Cooperative Association,
roll of TP other than the one you are using. Anne Letz President Autumn Services and Elaine Storey receiving a
cheque from the Co-op Community Support Fund.


By Elaine Storey
On a recent seniors bus trip from Fraser disappeared, everyone resigned themselves er Wayne Shenk, the Houston couple ad-
Lake to Prince George, a true act of kind- to the facts of the matter. mitted they had already made plans to stop
ness was revealed. by Fraser Lake the next day on their way
No witnesses stepped up to offer a resolu-
home and track down the owner.
For eighteen passengers on board the bus tion but one kind Samaritan online did
that departed Fraser Lake at 9:00 a.m. on offer to help pay for the purchases lost! It The 2016 Seniors shopping trip to Prince
November 30th, there was little thought wasn't until the group were placing their George will long be remembered as the
of how the day may present itself. dinner orders at the Bon Voyage Restau- one when a couple of Good Samaritans
rant, an few hours later, that Doris re- took centre stage and turned a fun outing
The relaxing two hour drive ended with
ceived a call to her cell phone from a num- into an awesome tale of loss and recovery.
everyone being safely delivered to their
ber she didn't recognize. With only 6
initial stop Pine Center Mall. The mall
minutes of life on her phone, she waved
proved to be an excellent location for
Sarrah over to assist with the call.
many and after a few hours of power shop-
ping, the driver returned to gather every- As luck would have it, a wonderful couple
one and ferry them to their next stop - from Houston were travelling to Walmart
Walmart. With much of the Christmas and happened to see two bags in the mid-
caboodle stored in the cargo storage space, dle of the road by the underpass off High-
the driver headed for the Walmart shop- way 16 to the Walmart mall. As the bus
ping area a few kilometers away. made the sharp left turn, the cargo latch
somehow released and two parcels flew
After everyone disembarked, the driver
out and landed on the road. Reacting to
noticed a latch on the storage compart-
the found parcels, the driver pulled over
ment was no longer secured properly.
and stopped, running into traffic to re-
After bringing this to the attention of the
trieve the bags before they were run over
passengers, it was determined that Marga-
and possibly damaged.
ret and Doris were missing a bag.
As luck would have it, Doris had written
One bag was a black suitcase used to store
her name and cell phone number on her
some purchases, and the other a white
bag. The two Good Samaritans Rose and
trolley bag. Both bags were full of gifts just
Vern Grelson did the right thing when
freshly purchased from stores in the mall.
they found them, they picked it up off the
Feeling responsible for the loss, the bus
busy roadway and made arrangements to
driver reimbursed both passengers a finan-
return it.
cial compensation for the contents of their
lost bags and offered to drive them back in The couple were finished their shopping
to re-shop one day. There was much spec- for the day and were looking for a spot to
ulation about what could have happened to eat supper when
the bags, but there was no concrete evi- Sarrah called the
dence indicating how only two of the bags couple back they
had disappeared. offered to deliver
Sarrah Storey of Autumn Services who had
the bags in 5 The Groom Room
minutes and Ashley McMaster
organized the trip and rode along as coor-
brought them right Certified Pet Groomer
dinator, posted on the Hell Yeah Prince
up to the Bon Voy-
George site about their plight. While there
age Restaurant. Call and book today
were many what ifs offered, no reasona-
Phone 250-699-2875
ble version seemed likely. The two pack- Entering the Res- From a simple bath and tidy
ages had been placed in the cargo hold and taurant to a round to a gorgeous new hair cut, 500 Foote Road
now they were missing. of applause, and Your dog will always
Leave looking PO Box 134
their dinner was Fabulous! Fraser Lake BC V0J 1S0
After completing their shopping at
paid for by the
Walmart, and discussing all possible sce-
wonderful bus driv-
narios of how two and only two bags had
By Elaine Storey
Recognition for local When many teenagers are hanging out or doing homework on weekends, local
Hockey Official teen Vaughn Semmler can be found at the hockey rink wearing a black striped
jersey and using a whistle to make her point.
On a typical weekend, Vaughn who is 15 years old, may referee a couple of
Atom or Initiation games or on a tournament weekend, she s been known to
ref most of the games. Which in real terms is spending 13 hours in your skates
and up to 20 hours in the arena.
In November Vaughn was recognized by the North West District Minor Hock-
ey Association as Official of the Month.
Reffing games whenever asked is one of the criteria that most Exemplifies
Vaughns dedication. Dan Nickel, President North West District Hockey Asso-
ciation said the monthly award is a way to say Thank You to the officials and
recognize that refs do lots for their Associations.
Vaughn was presented a BC Hockey bag which had a few things inside like a
toque and shin tights.
FLMHA R.I.C. Mike Chapman nominated Vaughn for the award saying,
FL Minor Hockey Association Vaughn shows great leadership skills in and off the ice. She is a great role mod-
RefereeIn-Chief Mike Chapman, el for the younger officials. She is there whenever she is needed. When there is
Referee Vaughn Semmler and a tournament, Vaughn does a lot of games. She averages 8 games on tourna-
FLMHA President Josh Weber ment weekends.
Photo submitted
There werent enough girls to field a girls midget team this year so Vaughn
decided to referee instead. And for that, the association and all the players are
happy she continues to be involved in their favourite game - hockey.

S The Fraser Lake and District

U Chamber of Commerce S
P membership and executive H
would like to wish everyone
a safe and joyful holiday season.
O May 2017 bring good health P
R and prosperity.
The Chamber will again be L
recognizing those community O
L members that express holiday spirit
O by decorating their yards and house C
C for the holiday season. A
Judging will take place
December 23rd L
L so be sure you are all lit up..
Support Local. Shop Local. Support Local. Shop Local
The Phraser Connector is on-line. READ IT @

Old Super Valu location update

As many people in the community probably noticed in Novem-
ber there was a crew in town removing equipment from the old
Super Valu location. The Equipment was owned by Loblaws and
they have a mandate that after a certain amount of time passes
and a location remains vacant, they remove all equipment that
includes everything from the shelving to the freezers and coolers.
Merry Christmas to all
In the Fraser Lake location the equipment was old and unrelia-
Have a Safe and
ble and completely inefficient. Given the state of the equipment prosperous
this was the best solution for the owner and any prospective gro-
cery store provider. The store now has a new coat of paint and
New Year
the floors have been stripped of years of build up under the freez- from
ers and coolers and waxed. It is now an attractive location and
ready for a clean start.
Fraser Lake Sawmills
While there is no new tenant in the wings there still remains a
level of interest from some parties. I can also assure you that the Silverbar Kennels
owner and myself have and will continue to work diligently to All Breed Boarding & Grooming
find a new tenant for the location. If you have any questions on Wishing everyone
the location please feel free to contact me. a Merry Christmas
& Happy New Year
KENNELS Caring for your pets when you cant for
Mark Parker over 35 years. Not retiring
Fraser Lake Shopping Center McDowell Rd, anytime soon, would miss it too much.
Endako Call Elke for an appointment
or reservation at 250-699-6455

Fraser Lake Community Health Centre

Following is the current list of providers and the dates they are at the facility for December .
(dates are subject to change)
Dr Shannon Douglas Monday & Thursday
Dr Tim Bowen-Roberts Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
Ginny Burns-Nurse Practitioner Tuesday to Friday
To Book appointment
Dr Gerry McFetridge Dec 5 to 16 Call:
Medical Clinic open Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm 250.699-6225
Ambulatory Outpatient Monday to Friday 9:30 am - 5:00 pm Closed 12:001:00 daily
Lab open Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 10:30 am
Xray open Monday & Wednesday 9:00 am 3:30 pm/ Thursday 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Public Healthall inquiries call 250-699-6225

Endako This & That by Audrey Read

The community was saddened by the death of Jim Brooks on November 29, 2016. Jim has lived in the area for many years and made many friends
who will morn him. RIP in peace Jim.

The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects it to change and the realist adjusts the sails!

Did you notice along about December 1st for just a very few minutes for the first two days there was that strange shinny ball way up in the
sky? Then the bright light lasted for, WOW nearly twenty minutes on the third and by golly the fourth really outdid itself...It is known as the
SUN! It shone so brightly I could hardly believe it! Hadn't seen it for so darn long I almost had to call the neighbours to see what it was!

The Endako Hall Association held their A.G.M. with the following members being elected: President: Kiona Armatage, Vice Predisent: Dave
Johnson, Treasurer: Lorraine Turnbull, Secretary: Elka Webber. Directore: Sylvia Litke, Krysten Mielty, Donna Eisert, Richard Cannon,Ruth
Pfister. Fund Raiser: Audrey Read. Plans for a children's party for Dec. 18 are well underway as well as a coffee house being planned in the
near future. The next meeting is January 16, 2017, hope to see you there. We welcomed the Endako Snowmobile Club to become part of our
society, welcome folks! Should get some new energy and ideas in the outfit and start having some events taking place again!

Phyllis Horner and I went to the Fraser Lake Christmas dinner for seniors at the Legion. What a lovely meal, sing-a-long and gifts. Meeting many
people we haven't seen for awhile was very enjoyable too. Merry Christmas one and all!

Happy Birthday to Shannon Turnbull on reaching a "milestone birthday!" And...you were shocked about your "surprise party" weren't you! LOL!
Now you know how it feels! Imagine FIFTY years young, I don't know how in thunder my kids got so darn old? I'd better check into that I think,
maybe someone is changing the dates on their birth certificates? LOL My little great grand daughter Paisley also celebrated her birthday at the
same party, her first, how time flies when we are having fun aye! What a lovely party. As usual your cake decorating was out of this world Isabell!
And the "country decorations" were..WOW! Wonderful job Ashlee!

By gingo this cold weather sure brings a fella to attention when you step outside doesn't it! Glad I got most of my outdoor lights up when it was
still reasonably warm!

Our congratulations to Kiona Armatage and Lyle Litke on the birth of their son, Ryley Mark Stanley Litke who presented himself on October 6,
2016 weighing in at seven pounds fourteen ounces and just shy of twenty inches long. A little brother for Cameron and also a first grandchild to
Mark & Darlene Armatage as well as (old hands) grand parents Neil & Sylvia Litke. Congratulations to all!

The grads brought my wood for me, hard working bunch of kids....AND parents! They'd like to thank Fraser Lake Sawmills and the various con-
tractors who kindly donated truck loads of logs for them to cut up and deliver, great community spirit. Thank you!

Went to P.G. the other day, got my glasses lined up again, then I went to Burns Lake and was trying on some sweaters, put my glasses on the
chair in the dressing room....and...promptly SAT ON THEM!... Sometimes I do the CRAZIEST things! LOL Boy I tell you, "Life in the fast lane
sure can be exciting can't it!"

Our sincere condolences to the Serle family. Bill passes away October 16 after a lengthly illness. Rest in peace Bill, your family and friends are
going to miss you.

A very Happy Birthday to Connie Rye...A lovely cake was served at Autumn Services with many friends in attendance. I also hear the Red Hat
gals treated you to a great meal too. (Gordon & I were going to crash that party but it was too darn cold!) Hope the year ahead is a wonderful one
for you in every way, may you be blessed with good health all year long.

Did you know that the secret to having it all....IS TO BELIEVE YOU DO! Wishing each and everyone of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and
the great 2017.

The North Central Better at Home Program

Help is available for seniors who need support with light housekeeping, light yard
work, home visits, transportation, snow removal, grocery deliveries and friendly
visiting. Call Sarrah at 250-699-1681 or the Centre 250-699-0056
Call for more information or drop into Autumn Services and pick up a
pamphlet that explains the services in detail.

January 2017
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
CLOSED Saturday December 24th to Monday January 3rd, 2017..Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Happy New closed OPEN Soup & Bun
Year 10 am-2pm Coffee group

8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Soup & Bun
Coffee group

15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Soup & Bun
Coffee group

22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Soup & Bun
Coffee group

29 30 31
as we do, how important this programme is for Our final Soup & a Bun for this year is on
Presidents our community. This money will enable us at 23rd Dec before we close for the Christmas
Report Autumn Services to grow the soup programme Holidays. We will be closed from 24th Dec
By Anne Letz into a long-term sustainable service. until January 2nd 2017.
Should there be anyone who would like to join I would like to take this opportunity to say that
December was another us for soup on Fridays but cant get themselves if anyone has any ideas or concerns regarding
busy and rewarding to Autumn Services then please dont hesitate what we do or any programmes that you would
month. to call us at 250. 699-0056 and someone will like to see at A.S. then please email me at
The big news is that we pick you up and return you home when you annieletz@gmail.com.
applied for a grant from the Vanderhoof and are ready to go.
Districts Cooperative Association for our Fri- Also on December 7th we held our first Fun So with that, I and all the members of the
day Soup and a Bun programme, and were Bingo from 1pm 3 pm, it was a lot of fun. Autumn Services Executive -Bonnie, Lori, Dave,
overwhelmed and very grateful to learn we Thank you to Mike Walsh for being our Caller Dianne, Elaine & Sarrah & Sandra and
were one of the eleven groups to receive fund- -what a great job he did.
ing from this new Community Initiative. Life-Time members May & Eileen would
The next Indoor Market is on the 16th Decem-
On December 7 , Co-op General Manager
ber with of course Soup and a Bun for $5.00. like to wish all our friends and families
Allan Bieganski, President of the Board of Di- Please dont forget our Christmas Dinner on a safe and Merry Christmas
rectors Bud Pye, and Marketing Coordinator Sunday December 18th @ 5pm, all are wel- and all the very best for 2017.
Renee Dyck came to Fraser Lake and presented come. If you haven't signed up to bring a vege- See you in the New Year.
us with a $10,000 cheque. table dish, please bring dessert. Members of
A huge thank you to the Vanderhoof & Dis- A.S. will be cooking the turkey, gravy and
tricts Co-operative - they obviously recognised dressing.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Bobby & Lori Hurry of the Fraser Lake Corner Store
Christmas Specials include: Mix & Match Lays, Doritos, Tostitos 2 for $7
2L Pepsi ..2 for $4 supplies 1L Dairyland Eggnog $2.99, Grade A Turkeys $2.49/lb
last until Coming this week! Yule Logs & Rum Balls
2L Coke ..2 for $4 Dec 24
Pepsi/Coke 8 packs $3.99 or 2 for $7
Signature Creations
Martineau Plumbing & Heating would like to wish
Licensed Gas Fitter & Plumber
Merry Christmas
95% High Efficient Furnace Replacement and Happy New Year
HotWaterTank Replacement to one and all! Shop at 205
Taluk Cres.
Call Wayne Martineau Thanks for shopping local! Fraser Lake
Phone 250.699-6597 Call 250.699
Cell 250.699-1384 -6445/1204

Bobby & Lori Hurry

would like to thank
everyone for their likes
and nice notes.
OPEN From our family
late nights to yours
Merry Christmas to all
This Christmas give the gift of and Drive Safe
and Play Safer.
LOOKING GOOD We were able to donate
Get $125 gift certificates $102.00 from the coffee
program to the FL Crisis
@ Lash n Nail...For only $100 Centre for the 2016
Flexible hours for your convenience! Christmas Hampers
10th Annual Seniors Christmas Party
For ten years there has been a full course sit-down
Christmas dinner served at the Legion. The group who
organize it have managed to keep it sustainable thanks to
community support and ticket donations received at the
This year 136 seniors (over 65) once again filled the
room to capacity and enjoyed a wonderful meal pre-
pared by the Legion kitchen staff and volunteers. Cathy
Harder, Legion president was there merely to coordi-
nate the event that appeared to be carried out seamless-
ly with cooks slicing, volunteers pouring, and elves serv-
ing. Organizer Darlene Thiessen is instrumental in put-
ting the event on and from year to year as the senior
numbers grow and the coordinator numbers dwindle, it
becomes a bigger task. While she doesnt begrudge the
work involved, she recognizes the event has almost out-
grown the building. Its so important for the seniors.
This is the one event they hate to miss. This year, more
turkeys were ordered, and once all the help staff had
eaten, about 160 meals were served.

FLESSS student helpers: Alyssa Deon, Shae Semmler, Layla Ostrom,

James Brophy, Stephanie McLean, Hanna Edel, Kelli Evans, Sarah Mac-
Arthur, Kyle Boreland, Kyla Vanwerkhoven, Jesse Provost, Ethan From left: Ted, Dianne, Joe, Kathy, Jason, Christy, Lucas
Lank, Elizabeth Schulz

Scott MacDougall,
Mayor Lindstrom,
Ian Grady...chatting
about how soon they
too, will be sitting at
the Seniors table

Right: Fran,
Pat, & Anna

Below: Betty,
Doris & Matt

AUTUMN SERVICES The Sparks enjoyed a night of singing Christmas

Carols at Silver Birch Lodge
Tickets are still available
for our raffle - $1 each.
There are 8 baskets to choose from:
Christmas, Babies, Girls, Boys, Men's,
Women's, Horse-lovers, and the Gar-
deners basket.
Tickets are available at Autumn
Services until Dec 23rd and will be
brought over for the Community
Social &
Tickets that
$1 each

Water Treatment Systems

March 31st, 2017

Drink only the best
For bottled water, pick up, or delivery
Call 699-6688

Christmas Hours
Mon to Fri
And have a 9:00 to 5:30
safe holiday OPEN Sat
season 9:00 to 5:00
Ace is the PLACE
Thank-You Christmas hours:
for for Christmas shopping... Dec 24 9-noon
Closed Dec 25 & 26
Choosing -kids toys, Christmas lights, paint Open December
to shop light bulbs, dog toys, coffee, 27, 28,29
locally sheets, cleaning supplies, nails, Closed Dec 30 & 31
Closed Jan 1 & 2
filters, brooms, kitchen cabinets, OPEN REGULAR
shovels, gloves, floor mats
and more

40 Cougar Street, Fraser Lake

Fraser Lake Building Center


Free ads on this page Community page

Endako Hall Association
Annual General Meeting
NOVEMBER 28, 2016 $25 for a half hour lesson,
$50 for a full hour and the first
AT 7:00 P.M. lesson (30 mins is free!)
To be held at the Endako Community Hall And I am able to come to
EVERYONE WELCOME, PLEASE ATTEND! peoples houses to do the
THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT MEETING lessons. Call or text Jay at

FORT FRASER In search of a set of BUNK BEDS

Looking for a set of bunkbeds
Reasonably priced
For all your gatherings
For summer cabin.
Kitchen meetings $20
Hall meetings/classes $35 $50
Call 250-699-6369
Funerals $100 Or leave message
Dinners $125
Dances, weddings $200
Singleton Art Gallery
Two-day weekend $250
Fully equipped kitchen & free Open by chance
WiFi or by Appointment
For information & bookings: In Endako
Phone: Colleen DeLong 13505 McMaster Road
250.690-7570 or email
Call 1.250-713-8169
For appointment

Guess who just had a birthday?

Connie Rye blowing out the
candles on her half and half cake
featuring Chocolate butterflies

Early Childhood Development

All activities to start in January 2017
January 5th Lego day at Library 3:15 4:30 (F.L)
January 10th Playgroup begins 10 am to 11:30 am (Ft Fr)
January 10th Cruisers & Crawlers 2 pm to 3 pm (F.L.)
January 10th Gym time 3pm to 4pm (F.L.)
January 12th Storytime 10:30 am to 11:30 am (F.L.) with
a short gym-time prior for those who want to come early
Call Lynn Clark for more info



Autumn Services is the home of

the Phraser Connector, your 100%
volunteer run local paper!
Sponsored in part by the
Nechako Literacy Committee

312 McMillan Avenue

Po Box #557
Fraser Lake BC
V0J 1S0
Phone: (250) 699-0056
Or (250) 699-1023

FAC E B O O K 25th Christmas Dinner
We are looking for a seniors or widowers that would
To read the Phraser Connector on-line: like to help open Autumn Services on Christmas
Day for those people alone or needing to socialize.
www.phraserconnector.wordpress.com We will provide the turkey, potatoes and carrots and
even put the turkey in the oven! The Centre will open at 3pm and those of you
AD RATES that want to come down can come and help make dinner together and stay as
long as you like. Christmas can sometimes be a hard time of year and this could
Phraser Connector is distributed be helpful to those that are isolated, bored, lonely or would like to enjoy the
FREE once a month to day with a group of people celebrating the Christmas Season! Call the centre
1480 area mail boxes by December 23rd 250-699-0056 to sign up or sign up at the centre so we
know how much to buy. This will be 100% volunteer run, community members
Business Card 5.3cm x 9.3cm - $30 per insert are welcome to give food or snacks, maybe they would like a gift or door priz-
3 x Business Card size - $75 per insert es? Giving back makes the heart happy! If anyone wants to help let us know!
1/4 Page size 6 cm x 19 cm - $105 per insert
1/2 Page 12cm x19cm - $185 per insert
Full page 24cm x 19cm - $375 per insert
Ask about our rates for non-profits
To advertise email: Seasons Greetings & Happy New Year
to the residents of Area D
Dont forget to call
Autumn Services 250-699-0056 from Director Mark Parker
for all your
Copying & Designing needs!! of the Regional District of Bulkley Nechako
Book a Birthday Party,
Meeting or Baby Shower!