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Physics Worksheet- Practical Electricity 1 Grade: 10

01) In a mains plug, which wire, live, neutral or earth,

a) has a brown covering

b) is a safe wire
c) goes alternative + and
d) has a blue covering
e) has a yellow and green covering
f) forms part of the circuit but is at zero voltage

02) What is fuse, and how does it work?

03) Why should always be in the live wire rather than the neutral?

04) Why do some appliances not have an earth wire?

05) Work out whether the plug for each appliance on below should be fitted with a 3A, 5A or a 13 A fuse.

Supply voltage: 230 V

Appliance power

Hair drier 1500 W

Drill 400 W
Iron 1200 W
Table lamp 60 W

06) What is the purpose of circuit breaker?

07) If an accident occurs someone is electrocuted, what two things must you do before giving help?

08) Someone decides to replace six 60 W filament bulbs with six 15 W low-energy bulbs. If energy costs 10 p
per unit and the bulbs are used, on average, for 4 hours per day, what will be the annual saving be?

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09) The diagram below shows the inside of a three -pin plug.

a) What is the name of pin A?

b) What is the name of pin B?

c) What is the colur of the wire connected to the Earth pin?

d) Explain why there is an Earth pin?

e) What is D?

10) If electrical energy costs 7p per kWh, calculate the cost of running the following:
a) A 3 kW fire for 6 hours.
b) A 102 kW hair drier for 30 minutes.
c) A 100 W bulb for 10 hours.

11) a) There are three commonly available fuses that can be used in a three-pin mains plug. These are rated at
3A, 5 A and 13 A. Electricity from the mains is supplied at 240 V.
Which of these three fuses would be suitable for use with each of the following appliances?

i) A bulb rated at 60 W.
ii) A TV set rated at 600 W.
iii) A hair drier rated at 1.1 kW.
iv) A kettle rated at 2 kW.
b) Explain what happens to a fuse if too much current passes through the circuit.

12) In the diagram below, show how you will connect the kettle to the mains. You should incorporate a switch
and a fuse in the circuit as well.

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