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Housing Sectore

Housing Sector:

Design and arrangement of architecture plans, design of engineering and technical, estimation and
order of characteristics (90) government project and request of government departments.

Permanent attention of 45 government projects inside and out side of country (Afghanistan all

Development in the field of standards, headquarters and construction codes of architects parts,
engineering and networks (different system of fire, automatic sprinkler, continual and automatic silencer).

Pipe stands, transmissible silencers, alerts and detectors and alert fire, immediately alert, the smoke
control, fire command center, contact center parking fire and loading easier for passengers.

Residential units and sleep, special facilities and dirt lateral loads, building plan, intercourse of fixed
loads, temporary and snow, dirt lateral loads, raining, spate and earthquake.

Work progress of Salangha plan

Work on 15th block of borough housing

Construction of the remaining work on 22th block of macroyan 4th

Construction of second stage Sardar Muhammad Dawod Khan school

Product of marble, fraction gravel, oxygen, iron concrete for applicants including hospitals

Soil testing and complete maps of blocks part A Khushal khan

Stonework of citation walls Kabul sea side in Pool Artal

Work progress on comprehensive Sharif mosque of Qandahar

Work progress on 21th block of macroyan

work progress for consolidate Repair Chancellery

activities which is planed for next five months

start work of 8th blocks of 9 residential Constitutes

permanent care of 45 government plan

Monitoring and evaluation of development plans according linear graph of plan

Architecture design, engineering, technical and order of names characteristics of plans of other
government offices complement sketches of 16th religious structures and historical of Ghazni city and 10
kilometer survey Kabul Qandahar highway

Progress in the field of standards order, terms and construction codes of architecture parts, engineering
and networks (fire protection systems, automatic sprinkler, intermittent and automatic silencer, pipe stand,
silencer which are transferable, warnings and detectors and fire warning, urgent warring, smoke
controller, fire command center for ease of connection fire center parking.
Downloads of passengers, residential units and sleep, special facilities and dirt lateral loads, building
plan intercourse of fixed loads, temporary and snow, dirt lateral loads, raining, spate and earthquake.)

Complete plan and design of architectures and engineering maps of primary school of tropic and cold
regions, tropic and cold clinic of provinces: Qandahar, Hearat and Mazar e sharif, design of detailed plan
adaption 5000 residential units of Nengarhar province and 1000 residential units in Gardiz province.

Major problems and challenges:

Lack of technical and managerial capacity especially in urban sector intention major requirements of

Lack of attention toward downers and international society for providing expenditure of urban

Why was not timely budget allocation of ministry from ministry of finance

Lack of equipment and transport for resolution and requirement of ministry in the field of urban

Designs proposal:

Create capacity by organizing workshops, training, burses, and employment of consultants

Especial attention of donors and international society for supply costs of urban development sectors

Lack of Approval of budget on time (in start of every fiscal year) from ministry of finance.

Receive of budget for the purpose of providing equipment, vehicles and equipment requirement for
solving the needs of ministry in urban development field


As it is clear from the purpose of mention programmed accomplishments and compilation of them are
include expenditure of budget and short term plans to fund programs housing for next 3 years is
predicated for 6.25 million Afghani.

The total suggested budget of ministry for all purposes and programs for three nest years is estimated
(12.1) milliard Afghani and the urban development ministry wants that the mention amount of money will
be provide from ministry of finance, in order that planed targets will be realized .

Prepared by : Information and public affairs deparment of MUDA