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Materials Engineering, Structural Integrity & Mechanical

INESCO is an engineering company specialized in the field of structural integrity and mechanical and
materials engineering, which allows advanced services in these fields to be offered to diverse sectors, but
mainly in the nuclear energy, petrochemical and Oil&Gas industries.

INESCO is at the forefront of prevention and control of structural and mechanical failures for the nuclear,
Oil&Gas, fossil, and pipeline industries.

INESCO undertakes monitoring, materials evaluations, aging analysis, remaining life assessments,
damage tolerance, and stress and failure analysis. Our expert staff, timely, accurate and reliable analysis
made INESCO a global leader in these services.

Structural analysis
The INESCO engineers are experts in structural and
Pipe stress analysis
stress analysis. Analitycal techniques, international
Detailed stress analysis
codes, powerful computational software and the
Component design
experience of many years in this field are the tools
Structural analysis
used to solve all the problems of our customers
ASME design calculation
from a wide range of fields.

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Structural integrity assessments
Structural integrity assessments is the area that
Root Case Failure analysis
makes INESCO a world leader. Expert consultants in
In service assessments
this field help our clients to find solutions to their
problems or to avoid repeating them. In the last few
years, more than 200 critical cases have been solved
by INESCO on many type of components and



0.8 2c=5 mm
2c = 1/4 circunferencia

2c = 1/2 circunferencia
0.6 2c = circunferencia completa



0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 L 1 1.2 1.4 1.6

Mechanical characterization

Mechanical tests (tensile, compression, flexure) A wide variety of mechanical and fracture tests
Fatigue tests (S-N curves, da/dN) are undertaken at INESCO. Our Material Testing
Fracture tests (KIc, J, CTOD, Charpy) and Metallurgical Laboratory performs a wide
Stress corrosion tests range of tests, with accurate and timely results.
Small punch test

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Numerical simulation (i): Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Mechanical analysis INESCO provides linear-elastic and non-linear structural and

stress analyses for many components and systems. Finite
Thermal analysis
element analysis is one of the tools used for this service,
Thermo-mechanical analysis
especially for complex structures and conditions, and
Pipe stress
detailed analyses. Weld overlay and/or crack propagation
Welding process
simulations are examples of our extensive skills in this area.
Fracture and fatigue analysis

Numerical simulation (ii): Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

INESCO provides CFD analysis to industrial customers as a
Fluid/gas behavior powerful design tool for the accurate prediction and analysis
Fluid structure interaction of the fluid flow and its interaction with the structures and
Thermal stratification analysis components. Conservative analyses are eliminated from our
CFD assessments.

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Monitoring - Aging Management
Real-time monitoring systems that automatically
Monitoring systems - data acquisition
track transients, that is, variations in the load and
Fatigue analysis - monitoring aging environmental conditions, has been proven to be a
management powerful tool for the aging management of the
Corrosion analysis - monitoring aging components and structures.
An in-depth knowledge of the real degradation of
Software development for aging analysis
our structure is the best way to achieve an effective
aging managament.

Software development

Structural integrity software (VINDIO): fracture, fatigue INESCO develops ad-hoc software tools for
and corrosion assessments our clients that allow mechanical problems
Corrosion Loss Thin Areas software (VINDIO LTA) and fracture and/or fatigue assessments to be
Ad-hoc structural software

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On Site Training
INESCO provides custom training courses in
Fatigue mechanics courses structural integrity assesments and fracture
Failure analysis training mechanics. The teachers/instructors are
Ad-hoc structural integrity courses professionals with many years of experience in this

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