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Based from the multiple intelligence test made, the type which got the highest score in the

result of my test is the Interpersonal Intelligence. I consider myself as interpersonal intelligent

because I thrive in social interactions with different kinds of people. Sometimes I am good at
reading, empathize and understanding others because I am sensitive. I am also good at working
with others and have many friends.
Mans behavior is influenced by two forces: heredity and environment. Human intelligence is
shaped by both internal genetic factors and external environmental circumstances. The biological
or psychological characteristics which are transmitted by the parents to their off-springs are known
by the name of heredity. While environmental influences come in different packages - family,
ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender, and education.
My parents are very sociable. They know many contacts that every time we need others help,
they will say Oh, I have a friend, he/she can help us, or Oh, we have a relative who can help us
because the families of my mom and dad are very big. My mom has 7 siblings, many cousins, many
aunts and uncles, etc. Then my dad has 15 siblings. And also because of their occupation. My
mom was a moneylender and my dad is a tricycle driver. Thats why they know many people in our
community and also in our provinces Quezon and Isabela. For me, I inherit that kind of
characteristic because every time I need something from others, I know people who can help me.
Or if my friend needs something, I will tell him/her that Oh I know someone who can help you.
Because I know many people, I can asked them if I need information from them, or I can refer them
to my other friends. I am also welcome in meeting a new friend especially if that person is a friend
of my friend.
In terms of environment, I can relate the result of the multiple intelligence test to my education.
When I was in Elementary, Id like to be a teacher someday. Being an interpersonal intelligent
means a person also possess sense of leadership. When I was in senior high school, I became a
leader in our Science Camp. And my team won as 1st Place. Then in college at NCST, I became
the class president for 3 consecutive semesters. Also, I became a P.R.O. in our course
organization, and became a President in other organization which is Elite Math Society. When I
was the P.R.O., I was the one who always spread the announcements. Then when I was a
president in Elite Math Society, I created a free tutorial in math for everyone who is a member of
our organization. I have dealt with different people who were eager to learn mathematics especially
those who have math subjects. And now, I transferred in CvSU, as an irregular student, I need to
be friendly and sociable, or else I will become loner until I graduate.
But of course, you can never be friends with everyone. Thats why for me, being an
interpersonal intelligent does not mean I am a friend of everybody but means I have many friends
and can deal with many people but not all types of people, of course, because it is impossible. And
also, I have a sense of leadership that can manage other people.