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The Women and Child Development Ministry is preparing a draft Bill that would entitle

housewives a monthly income from their husbands. Union Minister for Women and Child
Development Krishna Tirath said the proposal was aimed at empowering women.
No Prescribed mechanism exists.

The bill proposes that the salary should be paid by husband. This reinforces the
patriarchal notion that House Chore is womens forte and husband as Head of
Family are the OWNERS of Wife, and wives are their slaves / domest ic workers. It
demeans womens self respect and submits itself to the Feudalist -Patriarchal
definition of Role for Women
The Social definition of role of Women has to greater extent convinced Women to be
housewives. Child bearing, rearing and Family up-liftment has always been
considered to be womens role. The proposal of honoring house wives with salary
does not seek to re-define gender roles. It cannot be considered as empowerment of
Women, rather it is degradation of Women.
Working outside home helps Women to an extent from being dependent on men, and
this proposal may create an adverse effect among the minds of few women
convincing them to be home bound demanding salary from Husband. This would
again add to the burden to such Men and the Family relationship would turn out to be
a chaos
We may well observe that among poorer section, women do work outside the home
apart from the domestic labor forcing them to engage in dual labor. The Government
and the Patriarchal society has never thought of solutions to liberate Women from
this dual labor by equally honoring Womens right to be earn
The system of women receiving salary from her husband within his earning would
only convert the relationship into Owner-worker hierarchy rather than doing
anything good for women.

To liberate women from the clutches of House chore work, dual labor and Child rearing
Government should open up communal centers, common kitchen, common Laundry for
domestic work and open day care centers. This would help Women to work outside her
house and empower her to be self reliant