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National Socialist American Workers' Party

Heinrich Hoffmann IV

NSAWP Threatened With Arrest For Trying To Attend 1,000 Minister Rally


Washington DC National Socialist American Workers' Party (NSAWP) publicly announced

their intention to attend the 1,000 Minister Rally which was publicly promoted by Rev. Al
Sharpton and was to be held at the Dr. Martin Luther King statue in Washington DC on
Monday August 28, 2017. The intended goal was very clear and straightforward, they had
planned to attend the event, partake in the event, and respectfully meet with Rev. Sharpton to
discuss his refusal to denounce the violent acts of those whom claim to be part of Antifa.

Upon their arrival at West Potomac Park, NSAWP were informed by law enforcement that not
only were they prohibited from attending the event at the instruction of Rev. Sharpton, but if
they proceeded to attempt further entry into West Potomac Park, they would be arrested for
Disorderly Conduct. They were instructed to vacate the immediate area and return to their
hotels. Mr. Heinrich Hoffmann IV attempted to explain to the officer to no avail, that it was a
public event being held in a public park and the Constitution guarantees the right to assemble
at the location. The officer refused to change his instructions and again warned those with
NSAWP that they would be arrested if they didn't immediately vacate the park.

This was not only a violation of the United States Constitution but an abuse of power by the
Metropolitan Police Department. There were no threats of violence, no indication of any
physicality by the NSAWP nor any intention of causing a disturbance. The National Socialist
American Workers' Party had previously attempted to inquire about Rev. Sharpton's refusal to
disavow the physical violence by Antifa with no response and felt a face to face meeting might
allow both sides to intelligently discuss the situation but unfortunately that does not seem

The NSAWP demand the Metropolitan Police Department re-evaluate the manner in which
they handle public events, the manner in which they secure public parks, and the actions of
the officer whom illegally carried out the wishes of Rev. Sharpton. Furthermore, they demand
Rev. Sharpton apologize for ordering the NSAWP to be banned from the public event and ask
him to agree to a future meeting in which both sides may discuss the issues of racial violence
facing America.

We can not expect to find a peaceful means of resolving the issues we face when one
side refuses to sit down at the table. A refusal to participate in meaningful dialogue
concerning racial violence shows a silent approval of violent actions by Antifa, and any
approval of Antifa violence makes all parties guilty of said violence, even if they
happen to be a Reverend.
~ Heinrich Hoffmann IV