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Dr.K.Manikanda Subramaniam, M.E., PhD,

HoD/Mechatronics Engineering

I understand that Mr.Prakash Babu is applying for admission to your Masters program in

Mechanical Engineering. As his teacher, I know him for the past two years and has taught him Computer

Applications in Design, Supply Chain Management and CAD laboratory during the Master of Engineering

program at Coimbatore Institute of Engineering and Technology; I know him as a dedicated student,
who was very regular in submission of his assignments, an intelligent student with a great amount of

sincerity and dedication to his work. He is excellent at grasping things and has an outstanding analytical

ability, which was reflected in his practical work. His inquisitiveness showed in the intriguing and

intelligent queries posed by him, has revealed the creative capacity of his mind. He has a zeal for

understanding the essence of the subject, not just as an academic formality but also through his urge to

thoroughly assimilate the fundamentals.

He has an open mind and is receptive to new ideas. He is willing to put in extra efforts to update

himself in the latest developments in his field. He is also eager to shoulder additional responsibilities

entrusted on him. I am fully confident that his flair for application of concepts and penchant for

innovative technologies would make him an apt research scholar. Additionally he also has good

communication skills, high motivation and a sense of maturity in presenting his ideas.

I am confident that he will do extremely well in his chosen field of education. I, therefore, strongly

recommend him as a potential graduate student for your esteemed institute.

Yours Truly

Dr.K.Manikanda Subramaniam, M.E., PhD,

HoD/Mechatronics Engineering.

To admission committee,

I am very pleased to write this recommendation on behalf of Mr.Prakash Babu.

He has been a student of M.E Engineering Design classes in Coimbatore Institute of

Engineering and Technology for the academic year_________. As the Head and professor of
Mechanical Engineering Department at Coimbatore Institute of Engineering and Technology
College, I work with many students who have substantial knowledge in Engineering Design.
Each year I notice that only a few outstanding students offer unique perspective and really
embrace their learning of the subject matter. Mr.Prakash Babu is one among such students who
have consistently shown such a strong desire to learn that I was simply unable to turn down his
request for recommendation.

He is an exceptional student with excellent grades resulted from diligent work habits. At
numerous occasions, he would contact me after class and try to understand concepts behind
various design aspects which were required to analyze problematic situations, and to develop and
argue his own views with regard to the issue in question. Also, he has contributed astutely to
class-room discussions that always outshined his intellectual might.

With deep questioning mind, task orientation and strong technical knowledge, his
motivation stood out amongst his peer students. He asked most penetrating questions about the
subject being discussed and explicated his ideas with effortless impromptu grace. During
discussion of case studies, he was highly effectual in applying the course material in analyzing
the problematic situations. He explained his views very concisely and gave analytical arguments
that were both clear and persuasive.
He evinced oral articulateness in the discussion sections of case studies that were an
integral part of our course. He displayed good leadership skills when involved in group projects.
During several team case studies, he took charge of the team. He was aware of strengths and
limitations of his team members and assigned task accordingly. He achieved highest grade for
the case and were commended for his depth of analysis as a team. He is very well liked and
respected by both peers and his professors.

Mr.Prakash Babu still continues to impress me with his knowledge, skill and dedication
to his work. Im sure you will find him to be a student whose talents will only shine further
through your graduate program. It is my sincere hope that you will accept his application to your
university with full financial assistance. Please feel free to contact me if you require further

Yours truly,
Head of Department, XXXXXX
College Name XXXXXX