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A lot of people confuse the term evolution with natural selection.

Do you know the difference between them? Lets see . . . . hunting dog

Wild animals naturally have lots of variety in their Natural selection is the same as selective breeding,
genes. For example, in dogs there is variety with regard except that the selecting of genes is done by nature,
to how long their coat is, how big their ears are, how rather than by people. For example, Arctic wolves live in Arctic wolf
long their legs are, how big they grow, what colour their the very cold climate beyond the Arctic circle. They have
fur is, and so on. There is lots of variety. The variation thick coats, small, round ears and short legs so they dont have wings because their DNA does not contain any
in appearance resides in the dogs genes. The different lose body heat. The cold climate has selected the genes information for making wings or using wings.
characteristics that show up in a litter of puppies most suitable for dogs that live there. In hot Africa, African
demonstrate the in-built variety. hunting dogs have large ears, and very light coats. An African For the theory of evolution to work, such as
hunting dog could not live near the Arcticit would be too in microbes evolving into humans (goo-to-you
People have been breeding dogs for thousands of coldthe dogs would die out. In these examples the climate evolution), it requires massive amounts of new
years to select for particular traits, that is, particular has selected from the natural variety of genes to produce information to be added to the genes of the microbes.
genes. By continually breeding small dogs together, we dogs that can survive in very different types of climate. The addition of new genetic information that specifies
can end up with small short-legged dogs like Jack Russells. These are examples of natural selection. how to make some complex new feature has never been
Or, by continually seen to occur naturally. Evolutionary teaching asks us to
breeding larger dogs believe that this is occurring all around us, but this is
A cold climate can favour
together, people have existing genes for long hair
Medium length fur clearly false. Natural selection can only select from the
ended up with bigger (L), eliminating genes for existing genes that are already in the animals. We have
dogs like Labradors. short hair (S). never seen the natural addition of brand new functional
Such natural selection
The natural variety of creates nothing new, but
genes to animals DNA.
the genes has been destroys information (the LS LS
selected (by omitting S gene).
So, can you tell the difference
Jack Russell those dogs for breeding Long fur (survive cold) Medium fur & Short fur (die out)
between evolution and
purposes that do not
have the characteristics natural selection?
one wants) so that Labradors no longer have genes for
growing short legs. And Jack Russells no longer have LL LL LS SS
Natural selection works on existing information
genes for long legs. Those genes have been selected out already in the genes. Evolution from microbes to
by careful breeding. Some of the natural variety has been All dogs with long fur (cold adapted)
humans requires the addition of new information to the
lost from the dogs genes. genes. When you see a report on TV about evolution
having occurred, it will in fact not be evolution,
The modern Labrador probably arose in Canada about because no new genetic information has been added to
200 years ago. Jack Russells were developed in the 1800s the animals DNA. Instead, what has happened is that
in England, by a man named John Russell, for fox hunting. LL LL LL LL LL natural selection has taken place on the genes that
In all cases of specialised breeds of dogs, the natural already existed in the animals DNA, or sometimes on
variety of their genes has been reduced. The genes have defective genes that have lost information through
been selected, by Now lets think about evolution. Imagine a dog that, copying mistakes (called mutations). Mutations dont
selective breeding. Labrador in addition to having its four legs, also has a pair of wings add information, even when they are beneficialsee:
Selective breeding can coming out of its back. For that to happen, a whole new set
also be reversed; for of information would have to be added to the dogs DNA
example, if we bred information about how to manufacture feathers, and how
a Jack Russell and a to make the special bones that support the feathers; also Next time you hear a report about evolution
Labrador together, we new information in the dogs brain about what the wings happening, ask this question: Have they actually
would get a dog that has are for and how to use them. Adding such new information to demonstrated the addition of new information into the
lots more variety in its existing animals DNA has never been seen to occur naturally. animals DNA? If not, then it is just natural selection
genes. Dogs always reproduce dogs, not flying dogs. Dogs dont being mistakenly called evolution.
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