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Target: South Austin

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2017-2018 Deadlines
W. Charles Akins High School Austin, Texas Everything that Concerns You Volume 16 Issue 6 May 24, 2017
each issue for students at Akins High Distributed - Oct. 4
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13 Reasons Why Student Spending

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tional 2,700 copies to the homes of ev- Ads Due - Nov. 3
Augmented Reality Makeup Tutorial
P.5 Eliana Gutierrez
p.6 Alejandra Arguello
ery Akins student. We have also have a Distributed - Nov. 15
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Winner Winner
Freshman Casey Coffman won $500 from A+ Federal Credit Union for designing the debit card that will be given to customers at the Akins branch.
Casey Coffman
ions section and on our front and back Distributed - Feb. 14
Bank opens branch on campus next school year pages. Your ad will be placed on high
A+ Federal Credit Union partners with school creating internship opportunity
Raidy Zanjeel
Staff Writer
but Akins is the first within Austin ISD to
host a branch.
LeTicia Piper, A+s high school branch
Students will work two hours per day
so itll be double block (class) at the end
of the day, business teacher Andrew He-
Credit unions are not profit driven,
Piper said. Accounts have fewer fees, low-
er loan rates, and typically higher dividend
interest pages filled with award-wining Ads Due - March 30
photography, writing and graphic
Students needing cash or wanting to manager, said the credit union has a com- benstreit said. Theyll also work on the rates on funds that are on deposit.

Distributed - April 11
deposit their paycheck will not have to go mitment to education because it was weekend (Saturdays) at a branch near by To help generate interest in the new
any further than the front of the school to founded by teachers. She said the bank and they get paid $10.50 an hour to start. bank, A+ hosted a design contest for the
take care of their regular banking needs branches provide them with a unique op- Students working at the bank will go debit card that will be given out to cus-
starting next school year.

designs. Publication dates subject to

portunity to serve its members through through a regular hiring process by the A+ tomers of the Akins branch. Students in
Thats because the A+ Federal Cred- financial literacy education. personnel office so they will have to apply graphic design classes submitted various
it Union will be opening a bank branch The partnership will allow students to just like a normal job. Hebenstreit said he designs, which were reviewed by campus,
on campus that will focus on serving the participate and work in the bank. Students expects to have three students interning district and bank officials to select the
Akins campus and greater community. will be taking banking and business class- with A+ next year. winner.
Akins administrators said they are pleased

change without notice.

es. Some students will be selected to work Bank representatives said they hope the Freshman Casey Coffman won the
to see the bank becoming a reality because as bank tellers at the bank after school and convenient location of the branch will at- contest and $500. Coffman said he is ex-
the project has been in the works for more on the weekends. tract new customers and help young peo- cited to know that his design will be used

Ads Due - May 11

than 10 years. Students will work for two hours ev- ple learn about the advantages of banking for years on the debit cards.
A+ already operates campus based bank eryday, getting paid for the work they do, with a credit union, which is set up as a Its cool that theyre going to use it,
branches at six other Austin area schools, working a total of 16 to 20 hours a week. non-profit organization. Coffman said. It was fun to do.

Distributed - May 23
Learning System

Austin ISD introduces new classroom connection program Free layout and sizing!!
Bethany Bissell dent work, and the TEAMS integration will be very
News Editor helpful in his class.
With the gradebook tie-in and Turnitin, Ill be using
Although the term Learning Management System BLEND next year for sure, Brooks said.
may seem like some kind of foreign educationese, it actu- Anderson High School and its vertical team pilot-
ally describes services like Google Classroom or Schoolo- ed both Canvas and BLEND schoolwide. The students
gy that are becoming increasingly common in schools all and staff at these schools used the program and provided
over the country. feedback in order to ensure that BLEND was without
And soon, Austin ISD will have its own system called outstanding errors before it went to the entire district. Ju-
BLEND available to all schools starting in August. Akins nior Isabel Leggett, who uses Canvas for OnRamps Pre
teachers are currently being trained to use the system.

Advertise with
Calculus and English, said she had found a few problems
However, administrators in the districts Technology In- with the software.
tegration office say that this system will do much more It times you out after a certain amount of time, even if
than the typical LMS, and thats why they are calling it a youre still using it. Leggett said. It gets annoying.
Learning Positioning System. Bown-Anderson said that she expects there to be an
BLEND is adapted from LMS Canvas, which is com- obstacle in students and teachers adapting to the new
monly used at universities. BLEND goes beyond the software. She said that students are likely to pick it up
typical LMS, however, said Erin Bown-Anderson, AISD more easily than teachers, and from there students can act
director of Technology Integration. as ambassadors to help teachers with the program.
The idea of an LPS is taking that same idea of an I think part of the beauty of it is that we dont know
LMS, but really kind of pushing it forward to say, How is all the ways that teachers and students are going to in-
TEAMS, and allows teachers to design assignments in
using the system going to give us more information about

The Eagles Eye

new ways that allows them to aid student learning more novate within the system, Bown-Anderson said. Were
where we are learning and how to get where we want to actually counting on the fact that our students and our
effectively. English teacher Alan Brooks said that the in-
go? Bown-Anderson said. teachers are really incredible and theyre going to discover
clusion of a district license for TurItIn.com, a program
BLEND gives students access to a calendar of their ways of using it that we havent even imagined.
that runs analytics for and checks for plagiarism in stu-
assignments for every class, a gradebook integrated with

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